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  1. They're far from poor, in fact they're well organized all across the pitch and unlike us are quite dangerous and clinical going forward. Bruno Fernandes has probably been the signing of the season and the bastard keeps delivering, as much as I hate to admit that, he's been more effective so far than all of our big money signings put together. Their counter is very good, Rashford, James and Cavani have been in great form as of late, and midfield even without Pogba is working well. Their playing style isn't as attractive as City's or Pool's but they're effective and difficult to beat. Of course, we have a chance, but it's not going to be easy, far from it.
  2. Everything's there but that final pass. If only we had Fabregas in place of Jorginho.
  3. I actually like the lineup, looks well-balanced. Given who we have available and current form, I'd have gone with something similar.
  4. It's five subs in the CL this season, right? Don't know if it'll help us but certainly gives TT more room for maneuver, if he decides to change things around as the game progresses. As for the actual match, Atletico are clear favourites, they're top of La Liga, top squad with a very experienced manager and they have been there before and know what it takes to win these kind of games. Still, there's always a chance for upset, a monumental effort on our part and a bit of luck can swing the outcome our way.
  5. To me, the worst part so far has been not the lack of quality but rather his attitude. It's understandable if a player struggles in his first season in a new league, but Ziyech looks like he couldn't give a rat's arse, which is odd for someone who is yet to establish himself in a new club. The guy's just a lazy. Say what you want about someone like Werner, who's also struggling, but his effort is never in question.
  6. How dare you. Don't you know this is one of the essential characteristics of the regista. His finger pointing skill is sublime.
  7. I think it had happened long before Tuchel arrived on the scene, though. I know a few Lampard fans are still bitter about his dismissal and happy to put down TT any chance they get but, to be fair, these issues were present long before Tuchel turned up at Cobham, in fact they were the biggest reason Frank was let go. Tuchel has to find a way to make it work but just like Lamps who inherited somebody else's side which he couldn't initially improve through transfer market due to the ban, TT is basically trying to make do with what he's got after taking over halfway through the season, only unlike Frank he didn't have time to implement his ideas effectively, let alone improve the squad through the transfer market. It's not his fault all our new arrivals? except for Silva, have been struggling to make any impact and the rest of the squad lacks individual quality to various degrees.
  8. To be fair, he was asked specifically to explain that particular decision, for obvious reasons. He talked about other things too, it's not as if he spent his whole post match interview berating CHO.
  9. Tuchel on why he subbed CHO: "In a game that it is hard to create chances, you need to rely on counter-pressing to maybe force errors, to get a second ball and get an easy chance. For that, you need to be totally on and totally sharp. I didn't feel this from Callum today." "He missed chances to counter-press, lost some easy balls. I had the feeling he was never really into the game. You know I trust him a lot because he plays every game for us but today I was close to him and I don't know, maybe it was unfair but I didn't get the feeling today that I normally get from him because he can be decisive. It was a hard decision but nothing that will stick between us or stick for long. Tomorrow it will be forgotten and we will prepare for Atletico." "Everyone has to understand that I make decisions to win games and there is no problem that he (Hudson-Odoi) makes mistakes, has a bad game, or does a miss, but we can't lack energy even 10% or 5%. It's not possible. "I know what he can give, it's why I trust him a lot. He knows exactly what I demand from him and when he doesn't reach this level, it means a hard decision like today. There is no need to think in old-fashioned terms that this is the worst thing that can ever happen, no" "So it's on him to improve because we need him in some games from the bench, to hang in a different way. So now it's forgotten and he has to step up, learn from it, swallow it, and there's no problem."
  10. None of what you said contradicts my view of him though. Is he a goal scoring threat? No. Is he a creative attacking outlet? Also no. How many goals/assists does he have to his name in his CFC career so far? I agree that he was probably our best midfielder recently, but it's more of a proof of how unspectacular and weak our midfield has been rather than how effective a midfielder Kovacic is.
  11. There's some truth to what you're saying but what is Kovacic's value in that midfield? He doesn't create chances with his passing, neither is he a goal scoring threat. He's basically a more elegant version of Kante, a workhorse with some good technical abolity, but quite limited, if you think about it.
  12. Werner's been absolutely shocking. Sure, he runs a lot, but his techinical ability is horrendous.
  13. https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/chelsea-coach-low-tuchel-target-first-season-stamford-bridge/tgp5rhro3jgt1bw33ugkio57e Chelsea’s assistant coach Zsolt Low says Thomas Tuchel and his staff are aiming for a top-four finish in their first season at Stamford Bridge. Low, who worked under Tuchel in his previous job at Paris Saint-Germain, also admitted they didn’t expect to find a new club until the summer but couldn’t turn down the opportunity of taking over at Chelsea. Low, speaking to M1 in his native Hungary, said: “We didn’t arrive with the goal of winning the title in these few months. “It would be a brilliant performance to be able to finish in the top four, which the club would be happy with. "It's amazingly difficult to win against any team, not only to be prepared against sensational players, but the very best coaches are also working in the Premier League." Why did Tuchel take the Chelsea job? “We thought we would rest for at least half a year and spend time with our family and then possibly prepare for a new club in the summer,” Low said. “Life thought differently. “If it weren’t for Chelsea calling us, we might have preferred to rest. But Chelsea is an exceptional professional challenge, a sensational club with a fantastic set of players in the best league in the world. “Such an opportunity may not have been possible in the summer, so we took on the task with all the difficulties.”
  14. Yeah. it was a great press conference, I'm well impressed. Fluent English, confident, personable, very respectful towards Frank, said all he right things. Reiterated that there's no need to read anything into his starting eleven vs Wolves, said he wen't with experience because of the timing and lack of preparation. Was very pleased with intensity of training and attitude of players. Was very complimentary about Mount and Kante, and said nice things about Billy, too. It's a pity he doesn't have more time to prepare the team but I'm very excited to see what he can do with our group of players, Starts at around 08:29
  15. How dare you to use this German impostor as your avatar? You hereby are excluded from the Frank Lampard Fan Club.
  16. The man had one training session with the team. One. If you lot demanded more time and patience for Frank after season and a half, surely Tuchel deserves more than a day to be properly judged.
  17. Here's another example why people shouldn't put too much trust in whatever BS journos report on a regular basis. This is for people who take Matt Law's word as gospel.
  18. I am actually excited to see what Tuchel can do with the talent we've got. We know the squad needs further improvement but there's no question we could play a whole lot better than we did recently.
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