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  1. Another player who stepped up tonight, we need our more experienced players to do just that and show the younger players how to 'go the extra mile'
  2. Tonight he was quality, lots of energy and lasted the 120 mins. Surprised he didn't take a penalty.
  3. I think we rolled out his twin on Sunday, tonight he was fantastic, great energy, interceptions, tackles and quality on the ball and he wasn't match fit!
  4. Unlucky Blues, we played well, had chances to win but yet again fine margins...
  5. After Sunday Frank had to be more pragmatic. This is the right approach for Liverpool,no matter who is in the squad. Start with experience and bring the younger players later if required.
  6. Stick him a team with two banks of four and a low block and he'll look a decent player. Similar to Cahill last year he will struggle in team that requires the central defenders to be very comfortable on the ball. I also think shifting him to being the left sided centre half will have increased his vulnerability.
  7. We could do without this game, time is needed on the training pitch. That said it could be a useful exercise to moderate our approach against pacey opponents.
  8. The goal frame is always considered to be the goal keepers last line of defence. Tammy had a clear shot on goal with time to aim, fine margins...
  9. Four mistakes all result in goals, the league at the top level is very unforgiving. On another day we may grab a few goals but the reality is we have to be more clinical.
  10. Tammy has a lot to learn at this level. Needs to improve his strength and hold up play, be prepared to gamble more in the penalty area and when clear chances come, put the ball in the net. Some may say he was unlucky hitting the post, top strikers score those chances and we have a different game on our hands.
  11. We've played well overall, good energy , created some good opportunities. We do though have a Zouma shaped hole in the defence, couple that with failing to make the most of our chances and it could be the one that got away.
  12. Love the banner for Lamps our past, our present, our future
  13. I prefer the odds of 12/5 to beat ManU on Sunday
  14. Can't disagree with anything you've said. If Luiz really wanted a move, its beyond me why we haven't said yes but you have 3 weeks to get yourself a club abroad. As it is we have given Arsenal just what they needed, a player capable of playing well in the centre of a three. £8 million is a pittance to receive on deadline day when the market moves in favour of the seller.

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