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  1. I watched the extended highlights of the Barcelona game in 2005 last night on BT Sport. What a fantastic match that was it had everything. Six goals, lots of chances, world class saves and exorbitant celebrations at the end. Plus possibly my favorite goal scored against us by Ronaldinho.
  2. Those special Anfield European nights. Shutting up McManaman is the cherry on top. Alvaro takes the home record too, just as the fire alarm sounds.
  3. We looked a team today, so many good performances. Gilmour will get the headlines but Pedro had a very good game today.
  4. Having a centre forward that can hold the ball up and lay it off helps. The circumstances of his lack of pace has forced a change of tactics and this has no doubt helped in keeping the team more compact.
  5. Feels a bit like going back in time and having a young Butch in the team.
  6. Great performance , should be more in front in reality, but we don't half like to give the opposition a chance of getting back in the game. I'm looking at you two Zouma and Willian.
  7. Like all stats though closer inspection is required, Grimsby, Forest and Hull are three of his starts.
  8. he's got a comic strip type of name, a bit like Billys Boots
  9. Rudiger and Zouma the gift that keeps on giving
  10. How? he's stood up and can clearly see over Richarlison. He was wrong footed by the deflection and no way was he getting back with a dive.
  11. After our shambolic five mins we got what was a deserved point. Alonso is our best attacker. Our defending though as a team needs some serious questions, the gaps between midfield and defence are particularly alarming as is our pratically none existant set piece defending. This should be being rectified on the training pitch, it hasn't got any better in reality since day one of the season. Frank and his coaching staff need to be providing answers.

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