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  1. Depends what identity you are after. Our accounts last year showed that doing without Champions League football severely hurt us financially. We simply can't afford a period without Champions League or we may find our promising youth players have grown into superstars at our rivals...a la Butch
  2. We play far to much within ourselves. No killer instinct. This should have been a far greater margin of victory.
  3. Pawson bent twat letting them have the corner after time after denying us similar in first half
  4. That would serve some of our lazy half arsed players right
  5. We've gradually worn ourselves down to their level this half.
  6. Hull are still in this cos of our lack of killer instinct
  7. Barkley should do better and release the ball earlier
  8. For all our possession, we haven't as yet tested the keeper enough.
  9. Spot on @Nibs. As soon as the Gooners got level , Torreira was falling down dead everytime someone breathed on him. We get a lead have a player injured and never wasted a second. Tammy could have broke the time up immediately as the ball went in but allowed the retake immediately. He then went down , we had four chances to kick the ball into row Z but chose to carry on playing. Very poor game management, we lack a leader on the pitch.
  10. The Kante slip was unfortunate but others helped contribute. There's an argument that Emerson and Kovacic on the edge of the box probably should have been 5 yds back, anticipating the clearing header. Martinelli had an awful lot of free space to run into and with only Kante covering. Once past Kante, Kepa made the job easier, he had time to get to the edge of his box and didn't stand tall, long enough.

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