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  1. My favorite city break, need legs like a mountain goat though to traverse the hills.
  2. I think at @Nibs was agreeing with you , if you read it back. 'hard to disagree with that'
  3. Mason, very good display given the early yellow. Should have backed himself with the chance but the rest of the performance he made lots of good decisions. Developing into a top talent.
  4. Give him a couple of years when his decision making improves we will have a very good player on our hands. He did well tonight after the early blow of the card , will be missed second leg.
  5. He played very well tonight, disciplined and used the ball well
  6. who the f*ck is this whose tweet you've posted Gol?
  7. The team that wanted to play deservedly won Dodgy start but we grew into the game Great goal from Giroud Christensen had a very good game CHO redeemed himself Kovacic managed to get some pointing done late on in preparation for the second leg Mount will be a 'big' miss for the second leg Kai Havertz does exist and clearly Pulisic has been regrowing his beard Suarez is still a cheating c*nt Good win for the new regime, now to make sure that it isn't wasted in three weeks time
  8. November and early December is an embarrassment to a few, given what was said three weeks later.
  9. Fernandinho would start every match bar for age
  10. I would say that whilst we have some very good players, a lot of them are ‘fair’ weather and are found looking for leaders on the pitch when things get hard. A good team can carry a couple of these during a match we though are trying to carry around seven. We lack a spine.
  11. This is correct and sloppy passing in the final third( not just by him) didn't help our cause at all. One our problems though is that our midfield isn't very good once it reaches the final third, no matter the combination.
  12. From a footballing side probably not, though from a human side the players do need some free time with their families. Fatigue both mentally and physically will have a massive effect in the final third of the season. It though would really help our cause in the final third if we still had a fully fit and functioning Hazard who took the weight away from our underperforming midfield attack wise.
  13. It starts with the coaches not having time at all on the training pitch in this strange season. Throw six new players into the mix and the dressing room dynamic changes. Injuries and lack of training time will impact on players forming relationships on the pitch. How many times do we see Werner calling for the through ball or over the top and it never materialise? Add to this our midfield is very easy to defend against, goals and chance creation from midfield is woeful.
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