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  1. Ruptured Achilles is one of worst injuries a footballer can get. It will take time to get his explosive pace back, some never fully recover. Fingers crossed.
  2. Naive second half. Poor game management coupled with not being clinical enough.
  3. Good half. Earlier today I read on another thread that some were advocating selling Kante. Really?
  4. Valencia winning, a must win as it stands now
  5. It never ceases to amaze how many top professional players can't take a decent corner kick.
  6. charierre

    Nathan Ake

    He would be an interesting acquisition, fulfilling the one requirement we are short of at CB ...predominately left side. Can cover left back too. Question though is he sufficiently dominant to take us to the next level?
  7. I defended him last week but yesterdays cameo felt like it left us a man light for the final 20 mins. He seems reluctant to get involved, I do wonder if his mindset is to initially protect his injured leg. Pity they don't do short term loans anymore of a month or so in the lower divisions to help boost his confidence. He will come good again, just will take a little longer than we have hoped.
  8. + a striker to take the weight from Tammy whilst he develops.
  9. Lamps just said about Kepa pass. If he completes that simple pass goal 3 doesn't occur.
  10. Floated ball into the 6 yd box for the first, he should be clearing all in front of him for that and a comedy of errors for the third, get the simple pass out correct and the errors afterwards doesn't happen. Apart from that he did ok I suppose.
  11. Piss poor performance, far too many errors in defensive areas and for some reason we have decided to try to walk the ball in. Central defenders and keeper need to seriously look at themselves and the Azpi experiment at LB isn't working. Not a great cameo from CHO who needs to step up a bit when coming on from the bench. January window approaches and some of our players should be worried for their places.

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