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  1. It’s on Twitch ‘arsenalpresser’
  2. I had this kit as a kid. I always liked us in this along with blue shorts with yellow stripe and yellow socks.
  3. Good workout We do need to have a proper clear out … far to many very average players on the books Broja looked lively , will he stay or be given a beneficial loan ? RLC. may have given TT food for thought Tammy looked to have bulked up a bit New season, new promise
  4. The kind of player who would do well at Newcastle. St James Park right in the middle of a great party city.
  5. Should have yellow socks like in 1970
  6. It’s on YouTube search live stream
  7. I'm hoping for a big season from Callum. He's a year more mature now( crucial in the development of young players) . Had 12 months to get over his bad injury and now trust the repair of his tendon. Hoping TT plays him on the left and gives him a run of games to cement his position in the side.
  8. Spurs had a good turnout that night 😉
  9. White skinners must be around 1973. Had a pair of those myself, they made you instantly able to be picked out as you left the ground as I found out at Blackburn.
  10. Musiala changed agents and was never going to sign a new contract for us once Bayern came in for him. As for Lamps part in it , not sure he had much say as Derby manager. 'Musiala left just before Frank Lampard arrived' https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/bayern-jamal-musiala-chelsea-departure-23560965 A bigger concern though is that Livromento , Bate and Peart-Harris have refused to sign new deals. Livromento can leave in January for a development fee of 500k. I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt leave on a similar deal to Lamptey as he no doubt will have a string of suitors. The three have now been relegated to training with the u16s.
  11. At least we know Liverpool are f**ked this year if they see Henderson as a leader
  12. Good assessment. Taking Rice off was just plain stupid, he was the best midfield player on the night.
  13. That was a clusterf**k. Southgate got it wrong tonight. Why have players take penalties cold?
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