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  1. Absolute genius on the pitch. Labelled for his blatant handball against England though possibly scored the best ever world cup goal in the same match. I queued up all night for a ticket for the ManU v Barcelona match in 1984 to see him, only for him to have an average match on the night though he came close to scoring in the final minutes if I remember right. RIP Diego...possibly the greatest of all time.
  2. Excellent performance again last night. Great vision and pass for the first goal. He will only get better as he matures. Arguably the first name on teamsheet in midfield.
  3. Into the last 16 We started well but then decided to let them back into the game Tammy led the line well tonight, Werner is looking a bit jaded Mount again showed how good a player he is, great ball for the first goal Giroud nabs a vital goal at the end with a great header Now to win the group , looking like we may have to better the result in Seville
  4. Dominant performance and a result that was unexpectedly easy Clean sheet We look now to have good balance in the side and a clear preferred formation that suits the personnel that we have Only negative today was that we didn't score more Top of the league
  5. Why is it I always feel when we are so dominant in possession that we are the most dangerous to ourselves with complacency?
  6. First album Schools Out Alice Cooper. It came wrapped in a pair of paper knickers, the girl behind the counter gave me 50p off for letting her have them.
  7. A very good game again from Mount. Always making himself available for the ball, good forward runs capped with a goal that had Lamps all over it. In the England team merit now, will be one of the first names on teamsheet.
  8. RIP Ray Clemence. Decent keeper who played for two of our rivals.
  9. Sadly Quixall died today. Remember him playing for Oldham.
  10. He ran the show tonight from a deeper position. Very versatile player.
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