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  1. Energy, he leads the press well. First name on teamsheet now till the end of the season.
  2. yep I had my free fiver bet on him to score today. He must do better. He played very well though and was dangerous throughout.
  3. That was more like it, a dominant performance. A good professional display in the second half with few scares, mainly from the disruption with subs. Hopefully Kante isn't seriously injured. Zouma though looking awkward on the ball is our best defensive centre back and now has to start for the rest of the season. James grew into the game second half, our younger players do seem to have come back a little rustier than their more experienced counterparts. Pulisic is going to a very important player for us. Mount leads the press well and gives us energy. Barkley lulls opponents into a false sense of security. Most of the time he picks the wrong pass makes the wrong run etc but can pick out a peach of a pass just when your not expecting it. Took his goal well too. Willian takes a good spot kick.
  4. Is it online Philip? If so you have a web address please
  5. Jorghino is either carrying a knock or more likely on his way
  6. Conceding from 1 in 12 corners is shockingly bad and needs urgent attention. Helps also if our dumbwitted centre back doesn't give easy kicks away.
  7. We can argue all day about the merits of who should be playing, where they play and to what system. The simple fact is with 71% possession there is no way we should be conceding three goals, that is carelessness. The first goal conceded was ludicrous, we'd had the warning minutes previously and to concede the corner in the manner we did was criminal. Go in at half time one up and this game was won, Spammers were deflated. Yet again just after the break we failed to start, gave away careless possession and we're a goal down due to a lack of awareness at the back. The third goal was borderline kamikaze, it could be argued that Rudiger would have been better letting Yarmolenko have a run at goal rather than showing him onto his stronger left foot with the perfect angle. All these goals were preventable and should have been. Moving onto our attack or lack of it, Tammy is showing a distinct lack of awareness. He fails consistently to make the right runs, isn't spatially aware and doesn't open space for others to exploit. Can this be coached into him or do we just have to accept that he isn't going to be the striker we all hope for? Willian is back at his annoying self, good positions wasted with poor final ball selection. Pulisic again looked the brightest on the ball. Midfield whilst dominant failed to open up the defence enough though Kovacic had a decent first half and Mount gave us impetus when he came on. Top four will be hard now with the remaining fixtures, we still have the two point advantage but we could be now praying for City's demise. One thing for definite is we have to cut out though is the careless mistakes that are costing us points.
  8. Simply not good enough tonight. Wrong team picked at the start, anticipate the game better Frank. Giroud had to start. Defensively we had a shocker, Rudiger all over the place culminating in showing Yarmolenko in on his better left foot. Abraham not good enough tonight, he looks like a championship striker playing in a decent team. Terrible all around ultimately, we now possibly have to win at Anfield to get top four.
  9. Antonio has shown our centre forwards how to make a nuisance of yourself and dominate the centre backs by shear hard graft.
  10. Absolute joke, a point was minimum requirement, failed big time.
  11. Poor performance from Billy today.Never really looked at it from the start, possibly why he hasn't been getting the starts the last two games. Quite rightly hooked at HT. He will though learn a lot more from today than his previous MoM performances. Pro sport is a demanding life and you get your place in the team cos you deserve it not because your young. Good lesson given by Frank today, expectations are still very high for the young lad.

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