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  1. Well yet again no masterful tactical switch that changes a match into our favour. Today he was hampered by injuries but his final like for like switch just played right into the oppositions gameplan. Sarri's play is one dimensional, if plan A doesn't work,pray to St Jude...its never worked for me either!
  2. Until we fix our defence we will struggle. Two ridiculous goals to give away again...its not like its unknown Burnley are particularly strong on set pieces! As for our manager being a master tactician .THIS WAS A MUST WIN GAME, we were struggling to break them down USE TWO STRIKERS!!!!!
  3. No complacency tonight. This is our biggest opportunity to pile pressure onto our rivals. Every player needs to come off that pitch knowing they've given their all. Sarri too needs to show if things are turning pear shaped he has the balls to change the match tactically in our favour. No excuses , this is a must win game.
  4. I'm still not convinced Sarri can alter a game tactically when needed. He has one way of playing, when it works like in the first half its a joy to watch, when the system fails though it's spectacular.
  5. Horrendous second half. We lack balls when it's needed, no mental strength. No captain on the field of any leaders. The number of goals we concede from the left and corners needs rectifying. As for the second halves of games, what the duck does Sarri say to the team at half time,we are serially bad between the 46th and 60th minutes. This down to the coach to install the right attitude.
  6. Another goal conceded at the start of the second half and from the left. edit and another.
  7. Professional performance so far. We've quite rightly targetted this competition as a priority. A couple more goals please and then perhaps give Cahill the farewell he deserves.
  8. That is good incisive attacking football without spending a fortune.
  9. That was completely different. There was no substitute keeper and only two players to pick from, of which only one could have been used. United had already used there substitution. It was the physio that was wanting Sealey to come off, Fergie was quite happy for him to be kept on.
  10. My biggest fear is that Sarri will waste the Hazard money on Higuian. He's yards off the pace and looks exactly like the player I feared we'd get before we signed him. Send him back to Italy and remember the golden rule, ' players playing in England for the first time over 30 have a very poor record of being a success' You can count on one hand the ones who have succeeded.
  11. I'd not realised that previously, that is shocking. The total lack of bodies in the penalty area though, means we are constantly looking for the perfect pass to score a goal.
  12. Not sure what he says at half time, but we start the second halves of games very poorly. Is this the manager or a lack of a vocal presence on the field?
  13. We were outworked all over the pitch today. That said we are architects of our own failure, their first goal was started by a passage of play from our free kick when we gave it away needlessly. The second goal was a wonderstrike but Jorginho was slow to sense the danger. We had several good situations afterwards and failed to capitilise. Is Higuain the most unfit top flight footballer around?

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