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  1. charierre

    That Sterling Incident

    @mclovin83 nailed it. Let the club and the law decide what offence has been committed, if racist behaviour has occurred I hope the strictest penalties will be dealt out.
  2. Only just watched the match, f**k me we won. Thought we were a tad fortunate first half but took our chance well. Second half I never felt in danger Luiz, Azpi and Kante were superb but this was a good team performance all switched on and giving a reaction to Wednesday. The team and manager did well, important now we treat the next league match with the same intensity.
  3. charierre

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Scouse twats get another offside goal , how many is that this season?
  4. charierre

    Random Rumours

    It doesn't apply to young players.
  5. Will miss this game as I'm going to see Dara O'Briein, hoping to keep away from the result and record it to view later.
  6. charierre

    Alvaro Morata

    Will you release the full unabridged version after the 9pm watershed Davey?
  7. charierre

    Danny Drinkwater

    Reece James has by all accounts had a very successful loan at Wigan, hopefully he will get integrated into the squad as he has all the attributes that Sarri will be looking for in a right back.
  8. There was a time when we had 5 captains on the pitch all prepared to put a shift in and gee the rest up when needed. Today there are no obvious candidates. When you look at the spine of the team Kepa(young and inexperienced) Luiz/Christensen, Jorginho/Fabregas, Morata its hardly Cech,Terry, Lampard, Drogba.
  9. I think if you took the game overall he probably should have got at least a point having really dominated . Score a second and we win this easy but our reaction in the final 30 mins was very poor which really denied us getting our deserved point.
  10. Morata's looked a penalty all day long or it was one of the best dives ever.
  11. charierre


    I take your point but even when you are a kid first playing competitive games you are told play to the whistle. Throwing his arms up into the air and stopping cos he didn't get a foul called( not for the first time either). He doesn't lose the ball, the rest doesn't happen. No narratives, todays game is littered with players either feigning injury or trying to referee the game themselves, when they get caught out don't expect sympathy. Willian in losing the ball as he did caught the whole of the defence on their heals with little time to re adjust. Yes Jon Moss could have given a cheap foul but to be honest the way he had refereed the rest of the game should have suggested to Willian he wasn't going to get the decision. Simple lesson play to the whistle, similar to Alonso feigning injury the other week against ManU that also resulted in a goal. https://hoofoot.com/?match=Wolves_2_-_1_Chelsea_2018_12_05 Just looking at the goal (5mins 5 secs onwards) and try clicking one frame at a time around the moment Willian got 'fouled' there was a pass on(sarriball) just before he lost it that would have sent us on a counter attack but one thing I hadn't noticed Azpi appears to be pulling his socks up and not looking at the game at the time of dispossession.
  12. charierre


    I thought he started well but went on a decline after he cocked his first chance up from there on he was poor. As for the second goal I'd make him run around the training pitch with 50kg bag of rock salt on his shoulders.
  13. charierre

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    @Nibs have to agree,some of the better young players have to be given game time. The one thing they will give us 'legs' which can only aid a pressing game. Yes they may cock up a couple of times,gradually though they learn the game.Serious brownie points could be earned by a coach prepared to take a gamble that succeeded. How many past players state 'the manager gave me the shirt for five of so games and told to earn it' who then went on to become greats? One thing I wouldn't expect from a young player is him stopping and throwing his arms in the air cos someone out an arm on his shoulder. As a sidenote did anyone see the excellent documentary last night on BT, 'Too good to go down' ? About the relegation of ManU in 1974 and the rebuild under Tommy Doc. Worth a watch to those interested in football in general, a couple of brief Chelsea clips in it too.
  14. Biggest disappointment last night was that there was no reaction to first conceding and then going behind. The substitutes made no difference , no urgency in our play the team collectively went into its shell. No captain on the pitch leading, no tactical switches from the sidelines. We became a rudderless ship having been in control of the match for large periods and really should have been three up by the the time of the collapse. We were beaten by a very average team who were lacking their best player but prepared to roll their sleeves and battle for the win. There now has to be a reaction from everyone, manager and players alike. We were simply not good enough last night.
  15. charierre

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Have they annexed Austria again?