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  1. Willy Caballero: 5 Better than Kepa, could he have done better on the first goal maybe? Reece James: 4 Defenders first and foremost should be able to defend Reece at present looks like what he is a rookie. Some decent crosses though. Andreas Christensen: 8 Our best defender today Thiago Silva: 5 His mistake directly cost the second goal, expect better from an experienced player Marcos Alonso: 2 His mistake led to the first goal , lost his man for the third goal,not good enough. Shouldn't be starter in a back 4 give the shirt to Azpi when Chilwell unavailable
  2. Showed a lot of good touches today, involved in our best moves without being spectacular. Consistently taking up good positions between the lines and always showing for the ball. Ironically Frank's change of tactic after he assisted the second goal possibly took away the space he craves. He's going to be an important player for us once he becomes more acquainted to his teammates.
  3. Yet another good performance from Mason. Again he shows his versatility, Frank asks him to do a job he does it, first name on the teamsheet the rest are then added, only then is his position in the team sorted. Nice goal to cap his MoM performance today.
  4. Good comeback, this side has potential but we have to cut out the defensive brain farts Havertz is going to be a very important player for us Franks changes paid dividends though not sure his final tactical change when he brought on Giroud had the desired effect,we lost space to operate in the final third, one point gained though CHO did well again when moved across to the left Werner is in need of a goal This season is going to be fun but will have a lot of ups and downs
  5. Mount's biggest strength is, once you omit him from the side you notice his absence. He brings energy to the team, leads the press and allows the more flair players to flourish. He's young and still learning his trade, despite this he is a manager's dream,ask him to do a job he gets on with it with the same enthusiasm he has when playing his more preferred position.
  6. Enjoyable match Despite the emphatic scoreline we made a few mistakes and if some of the early chances had gone in who knows if we would have enjoyed it as much Barkley and Kovacic don't make a good pairing defensively Havertz had some good touches and took his goals like a proven goalscorer. He an Abraham look to have built some rapport CHO looked better on the left , conversely Emerson looked better at right wing Good first appearances by Silva and Chilwell Willy got his shot stopping in place not sure Kepa would have saved all of them
  7. Left out of tonights squad and rumours he is set to leave. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8764505/Antonio-Rudiger-brink-Chelsea-exit-left-squad-face-Barnsley.html Can't say I'm surprised to be honest. He has escaped a lot of flak for his poor performances with more being aimed at Christensen.
  8. Salter gate, Bloomfield Rd ...it's the kop
  9. Sorry you mustn't have understood his German he clearly says and has played a variety of positions. Yesterday he started at false 9 and also drifted right , he is a very fluid player.
  10. I'm not sure were this fallacy of him being played out of position has come from? At Leverkusen he played quite frequently in four or five positions.
  11. Moments change matches. The red card killed any chance of getting anything from the game, we were well in it till that moment Christensen is prone to switching off even when having a good game Zouma is our best central defender at present but isn't comfortable on the ball Thiago Alcantara is exactly the type of player I thought we would be getting when we spunked 50m on Jorginho With the keeper now having to stay on his line for penalties, put your bloody laces through the ball when you get a penalty kick Werner had some good touches and is mobile. Havertz had a few go
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