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  1. Official we now have to win our last two games, we f**ked up
  2. About time Taylor gave Bruno a penalty that was too close
  3. All the good work of the weekend, with results in our favour undone by complacency, overthinking the schedule ahead. Successful teams usually try to keep a settled team, as few changes as possible , win the game and rest players on the hour. Resting the keeper is nonsense, its why most no2s only see action in cup matches these days, reward for being patient. Most players prefer to play than train and the adrenalin of the goal keeps them focused. The ironic part about last night was that on entering the pitch we had '3 Finals' to play, win last night and we had as good as secured our first aim
  4. Gol remember before the match I commented on you saying it’s not a must win game. This scenario is exactly why I did. The moment you start making unnecessary changes like your keeper along with six others it sends out a message this game isn’t as important. It shouldn’t do as all are professional players but you see it time and again, a drop in intensity. This result was on the horizon, we outthought ourselves and now have made the job far more difficult. Small details.
  5. There is too much thought put into the games coming up instead of the game in front of you these days. Win tonight and we could have afforded rest to the champions league starting team. Now we need to play the first eleven in the remaining league games. The one thing we do know though is ManU won't lie down for the Scouse.
  6. Out of interest who would you have hooked at half time?
  7. Fair play to Tuchel admitting he f**ked up with selection.
  8. That was a clusterf**k, play your strongest side at this stage of the season. The wrong message went out to the team the moment we decided to change the keeper Once its apparent we have f**ked up with selection why bring on players who aren't match fit? We were guilty of thinking about the next match first Sorry Tommy this one is on you, another foreign coach that doesnt understand 'derbies' and why this was a final for Arsenal Havertz miss was ultimately costly, he really has to at least get it on target Jorgi has a brainfart , no fault of Kepa though again with a regular
  9. Last time Arsenal won at the Bridge, wonder what we won that season?
  10. We look like team of lightweight Larry’s. Very poor half compounded by the dreadful backpass. Looks like we’re guilty of thinking about the next matches instead of the job in hand.
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