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  1. Good win ,deserved, difficult match with them defending deep.
  2. We need to move the ball faster, make use of CHO more and stop giving possession away with careless passes.
  3. Congratulations Mason , first start tonight. Hope he has a great game.
  4. Dominant, we look dangerous in attack again. Willian with a 'negotiating new contract' performance MOTM.
  5. Good result, controlled the game. Now to sort the corner defending out.
  6. Time to revert to a four . I'd take James off and bring Hudson Odoi on.
  7. Our senior players need to step up. Lots of sloppy passes when in good positions, flicks that don't come off. As for their goal, conceding that once in a season is poor, conceding the same goal nearly every match is ridiculous.
  8. Corners are like a clear chance , we cannot defend.
  9. Qualifies for Canada by birth and Nigeria too. England will have to make a decision sooner rather than later, then again he may fancy representing his home country at its own World Cup.
  10. Good overall performance, we do though need to finish more of the chances we are creating. Not too many chances given in our box, so a satisfying afternoon. Tomori is looking very good, reminds me of a young Des Walker...You'll never beat Tomori!
  11. Agreed. Gilmore came on really strong especially when there was more youth playing

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