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  1. Agreed we were totally at it today. Rudiger arguing about an award of a free kick against him near the end summed up our attitude today. Ruthless.
  2. The problem is that they have made no attempt to give themselves a chance to stay in the division. Content to get promoted, accept relegation and live off parachute payments.
  3. Conor will ironically have learned far more under Allardyce than Billy has in his loan and has now kicked on accordingly. This loan really does need to be cut short for the good of Billy's career, be it with us or even a decent Championship team.
  4. He looked good today playing in a position that is more natural to him. Now needs to kick on and make the position his own. He has the talent.
  5. The only thing Billy will learn from his loan with this shower of sh*t is to become a loser. Revoke the loan in January.
  6. He had a very good game as did so many today. Only so much room in a post. I could have also mentioned Reece who was equally outstanding. Jorgi got the mention as I don't normally throw praise to him!
  7. The Cobham Aces We were 'at it' from the off... outstanding display Hat trick for Mason who can't score 😁. Chilwell can't stop scoring Callum ore at home in his natural posituion ,RLC a good cameo Jorgi made us tick early doors Havertz is the only question mark GET BILLY AWAY FROM THIS FARKING LOAN Top of the League
  8. Three goals all from academy products, together with Chalobah, they all are within the squad on merit. We now have an identity as a team. Well done to the staff at Cobham.
  9. Easy win , very professional Good movement by Christensen for his first goal and a finish to match Nice finish by Havertz after a good run by CHO Injuries a worry , let’s hope they turn out to be minor Only the second side in CL history to score two penalties against two different keepers
  10. If it was 50/50 it wasn’t a clear and obvious mistake. The problem with VAR is we are now getting an official miles away refereeing. When he told the German ref to go to the screen it’s telling him in his view as a fellow professional he has made a mistake. It’s very hard then for the on pitch ref to overrule VAR, even though it has overstepped it’s interpretation.
  11. Typically Liverpool get a days extra rest before our game with them.
  12. Reports suggesting we are going to recall Billy in January after another none playing day.
  13. He reminds me of Yaya with his powerful running and is deceptively very quick.
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