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  1. It’s a good night out in the city centre after the match too.
  2. https://news.paddypower.com/football/2021/10/12/breaking-messi-bids-tearful-goodbye-to-psg-ahead-of-newcastle-move-/ As for Lamps the only thing this job would do is guarantee a nice pay off in 12 to 18 months time. The first new manager will undoubtedly be a sacrificial lamb, his job will be to get the project underway, ready for a more experienced coach to come into place when silverware is more achievable.
  3. Good news. Wonder how long he will last this time?
  4. A few of our players are playing a level or so below capabilities. One of the hardest things to do for a player is to go again. That is have a successful season with an intense finish, a months rest and get straight back in at a similar intensity. SAF wrote that he would look a player in the eyes and know instinctively if he was up for another seasons fight, it is also noticeable his teams would improve dramatically after Christmas. Kai so far in his short career has been a half season player ,hopefully as he matures his whole game will become more consistent.
  5. I can't wait to see them in the directors box without their tunics. Think they'll find the banks of the Tyne a shade cooler than Ryihadh.
  6. https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/chelsea-ready-to-splash-out-on-kingstonian-trialist-bryant-akono-bilongo-4388541 Not often we pick up players from non league clubs these days, good to spread wealth to the lower leagues and possibly a dream come true for the player.
  7. His confidence must be soaring having the manager show faith in him. This is exactly how to bring young players on… now Thomas show CHO the same faith and reap the rewards.
  8. VAR and the linesman said onside …that’s good enough for me. I’m pretty sure Dean would have chalked it off if he could!
  9. Hoping his goal will kick start the one part of his he is missing. Great energy today again, his work rate is loved by the fans.
  10. Pity Timo’s goal was ruled out. His cross for the goal was bang on the money.
  11. Back to his best when he came on today. Great link play and of course energy. Keep it up son.
  12. Really good game today, showed good physicality and his driving runs especially in the first half were very good.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58667868 After match interview with Thomas. I do like his analysis, always honest and detailed. I think this sets him above other coaches.
  14. Important win Good overall performance, with a dodgy period in the second half The changes freshened the team up, all the players coming in contributed Chilwell had a good game despite his ludicrous challenge for the penalty RLC looks good again Chalobah again impressed, good anticipation for the goal Timo got a deserved goal, his performance was good Red card changed things VAR correct, Jorgi doing his Platoon impression Good to see Thomas using his squad, freshness is needed for a long season Top of League
  15. We’ve been at it today. Good first half performance, deserved lead, should be more.
  16. I want to see CHO really grasp the game today and show us what he’s made of. Similar to Demarai Gray at OT at present.
  17. Simply not good enough so far we have flattered to deceive this season…do we have the fire in our bellies to go again? This defines good squads Is Havertz going to be known for one goal…so far he has been gash this season Can Tuchel motivate this set of players again? We are awful to watch against teams with a low bloc Lots of questions to be answered. Saturday is now a huge game, a must win
  18. 65% of pointless possession. Zero creation and far too happy playing sideways and backwards. Alonso off CHO and RLC on for Kovacic.
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