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  1. Wonder if Villa will go full strength and adopt similar tactics to a couple of weeks ago. It should be a trophy they target.
  2. Rudiger's movement for that goal was superb, together with Werner's pass suggests something that was practiced on the training pitch.
  3. Give him time, together with Mason and Rom they are trying to get used to each other’s runs. The international break hasn’t helped in developing relationships, couple this with coming off the back of a hard season with little rest in between. The team on the whole are still finding their way, which makes our results even more impressive.
  4. Kissing the badge, a player who is playing at the top of his game and now achieving the dream
  5. Football is 90mins, for 45 we were ineffective then decisive action by Thomas does the trick Kante changed everything suddenly we swamped them, Jorgi was pointing and Kova turned up too Thiagoal got us started and his defensive display in the first half was outstanding Good of Spuds to build us a new three point lane Six away London derby wins on the trot...London is Blue
  6. Ref blows 15 secs early when we are attacking
  7. What the f**k is Lukaku getting involved there, that was a chance
  8. We’ll have to cut the angles down for Kane shooting from outside the area.
  9. RIP Jimmy. I only really saw him at the backend of his career but was a fine goal scorer. Like @Stretford Ender I remember him scoring a hattrick in the mud against City. His Saturday programme with Ian StJohn in the 80s was must watch tv before going out for a match. I'm sure both sets of supporters today will give him a send off he deserves.
  10. I agree and Jorginho is a very important member of . As for the trophies for that season…no Hazard no trophies or third place.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10003777/Thomas-Tuchel-paid-housekeepers-son-heart-surgery-bought-villa.html
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9997897/England-star-Reece-James-posts-moment-robbers-raided-house.html Reece has had his Champions League medal stolen by some scum bags who burgled his house.
  13. Live score app and Irish VPN apparently works…no commentary
  14. Only Robben has better figures in a Chelsea shirt at his age
  15. The BT w**k fest has begun. ‘We should have little listen’
  16. Striker makes the difference Performance was all too similar to what we have seen previously against low block... we move the ball far too slowly and are more content with recirculating possession Good cross from Azpi for the goal from a very familiar position That run from Rudi got us going... be careful Toni you'll end up at the Pikeys Important we started on the right note( I'm not keen on celebrating previous achievements before a match), getting out of the group with minimum fuss is what its all about Tottenham you are next
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