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  1. Feel for the young lad but that was never a sending off ,referee reacting to the injury. As for Pawson always going to produce a red, he hasn’t even given a foul. Also why wasn’t Klopp booked for entering field of play?
  2. Didn’t’t see the first half just heard the radio commentary which appears to be a blessing Mendy looked assured though did flap at a couple of crosses Silva is a good defender, legs going but experience puts him in the right position time and again Set pieces caused us problems Kovacic scored and assisted ! Wow Lukaku two chances two goals …the striker has landed Saul appears to have had a mare… he will take a few games to get upto speed with the intensity. This can’t be understated Another three points, we are negotiating this tricky start quite well
  3. City have won the last four league cup trophies so it would be nice to take it from them as a prelude to taking the title from them too.
  4. Burnden Park. Been there quite a few times
  5. Brazilian health officials stopping the match tonight against Argentina. This will be an image that becomes iconic in years to come.
  6. He scores when he wants
  7. Romero gets his 67th goal in his 100th appearance. That’s phenomenal https://sportsinformer.co.uk/2021/09/05/video-chelsea-striker-romelu-lukaku-scores-with-typically-ruthless-finish-on-his-100th-appearance-for-belgium-2/
  8. Scored winner for Albania today.
  9. About £1500 per match some are contracted for a certain amount others not.
  10. Straight Red for France tonight
  11. great skill by Matip in avoiding a cast iron yellow
  12. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2017/07/04/the-young-generation Realistically, to break into a first team like ours you need to have played 150 to 200 games at senior level. Even someone like Eden Hazard had done that in France before coming to Chelsea so the reality is our young players will need to experience the same, which is almost three full seasons out on loan. If a player goes out at 18 or 19 years old, that means they will be 22 years old before being able to really compete for a regular place
  13. At some point you will accept that he is a mere kid still. Give him time to improve. He should have had a loan at 18 but he was badly advised. Very few young kids make it regularly into a top team at his age. There is an article that was on the club website by Neil Bath who explains the development of young players, if you get a chance give it a read, it is worth the effort.
  14. Refereeing used to be a vocation that many did for little reward alongside their own professions. The referees of today are quite handsomely paid towards their latter day counterparts. It should be remembered of course that many started their qualifications at the age of 14, gaining experience through the Sunday Leagues ( which are brutal to referee), various county leagues before they even get onto the very lower tiers of semi pro leagues... this takes a lot of dedication. Finally achieving their goal of the top leagues( if they are considered good enough) after maybe 20 years. That is quite an apprenticeship. As for why there isn't more diverse ethnicity within the top leagues probably has a very simple answer, not enough aspire to being a referee in their teenage years, the more academic students seeing their futures along established routes and careers with rewards obtained sooner. There is big shortage of people who are being trained for the position at grassroots level from all sectors, so anybody who feels they want to enter the profession the route is open. That said the rewards at the start are very scant, lots of learning in the classroom, safeguarding etc before they even step foot on a muddy pitch with little or no facilities and a crowd that will give you 'pelters' from the touchline. I can honestly say I wouldn't fancy it, how about yourself?
  15. CHO is 20 a full career in front of him, he has great potential but is very much still learning the game. He isn't yet at the level of an outstanding pro like Azpi. Judge him better when he is 23/24.
  16. Yep hoping he isn't a player who gets nosebleeds in the final third like our other central midfielders.
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