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  1. CHO is 20 a full career in front of him, he has great potential but is very much still learning the game. He isn't yet at the level of an outstanding pro like Azpi. Judge him better when he is 23/24.
  2. Yep hoping he isn't a player who gets nosebleeds in the final third like our other central midfielders.
  3. Considering we added a Centre Forward who we needed and brought in depth for midfield. This is astounding. Just a pity we couldnt push the Kounde deal through for what could have been a perfect window. Just shows what bringing one player in does, yesterday before the Saul deal we looked a little short but now appear more balanced.
  4. 'Saul has long wanted to play further forward at Atletico, closer to that of a No 10, rather than a defensive midfield role which Simeone has preferred' I'm not totally convinced he will get his way on that wish.
  5. Good to hear he is willing to push himself. We want players who will challenge the established team members for their place in the starting eleven,that is the only way we improve as a group.
  6. Why should a young kid have easily beaten an experienced professional who is still playing at the top of his game to his position? The disrespect Azpi gets by this comment is astounding. I agree CHO could have done with a loan but the boss deemed him to be a vital squad member, that is good enough for me.
  7. Barcelona reportedly want DeJong from Sevilla will be interesting to see how they fare.
  8. Not getting him now doesn't make sense, we have clearly made room for him and as Gol says ,Tuchel has him earmarked. We have though a record of balancing the books after a successful season rather than pushing home our advantage so maybe the balance sheet is more important. None of us though can really complain after we spent last year on quality acquisitions that will only improve now as they mature.
  9. It should be remembered that CHO is only 20 and will improve training and playing alongside quality players. I agree a loan would do him good but in reality that should have happened 2 years ago. When I made the original comment it was with a permanent move away on offering. We now though are arguably coming out of this window with a slightly weaker squad than we went into it, yes Lukaku has been added but we have also lost a little depth, CHO will get more game time here this year if we have no more additions.
  10. we have though reduced the quality or would if CHO left. The original comment was made with RLC and Ampadu ( who I don't think is Chelsea quality) looking for loans
  11. Or like most other quick players…brain two steps behind legs.
  12. He heard there was a pissup going on there this weekend from his mate Liam from Manchester.
  13. Adama Traore linked again to us
  14. Leicester maybe Question is are we running the risk of leaving ourselves light on the home trained quota?
  15. Rumours Liverpool have made an offer
  16. Car ownership definitely increased towards the late 70s. Back in the 60s I used play football in the street, that road is now very busy and there is no way possible that we could recreate that now. The noticeable thing from the pic is that all the cars/vans are British.
  17. I like looking at the old cars when they are in the pics.
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