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  1. Ake can play either on the centre or left of back 3. Whenever he's been given a chance this season, he has put in mature performances. Assuming Luiz and Cahill don't go anywhere and with Andreas back, we have ample depth in the 3 CB positions. Van Dijk makes absolutely no sense to me. It's the wing back positions we need reinforcements, on both wings.
  2. I think Rooney has had a stellar career, even if he retires tomorrow. It doesn't matter when you get spent but how much you've played and won. That's why I believe this protecting argument is just clutching at straws. Jose only plays star players and proven names. This is his style and we have to accept that.
  3. I see his inclusion and Mikel's exclusion as the biggest reasons for the upturn of our form since Rafa took over.
  4. I've stood by Torres and defended him in every possible way but now he's indefensible. Maybe he's finally given up?
  5. Cisse? What has he done this season? Scoring a few goals for half a season in English football makes him better than Torres? Suarez? How many goals has he scored? His shots to goals ratio would make Heskey look good. We need also understand that Torres, with all his individual flaws, has created a great understanding with our three attacking mids. That accounts for something? For those who are advocating bringing Sturridge in to replace Torres, have you considered the slight possibility that Studge's selfish attitude, shooting at every opportunity may upset his teammates? There are a lot of variables to be considered than just whether Torres sucks donkey's ass or not. Which is why this thread is such a farce.
  6. The problem here is the continued expectation that Torres would be back to being the player he was at Liverpool. I had given up that hope long ago and now I see him as a player who is among the top 5 strikers in the league and is leading our line quite all right. We need to stop making statements like - "The Torres of old would have buried that chance". He is not the Torres of old and he will never be. How many strikers in the league are better than him? RVP, Aguero, Tevez? Maybe one or two more depending on your personal preferences. But not a hell lot more. He is still certainly a top 4 team striker.
  7. That was when the move was seen as a gamble on the part of Newcastle given his previous injury record. That would not be the case anymore. Given his decent injury record and more than decent goal scoring record in the last couple of seasons along with a humble transfer fee, I doubt he would take anything other than a good 3-4 years contract with a good pay package.
  8. Not to mention the potential increase in the already bulging fan base of the club in emerging markets.
  9. Hernandez would make great sense. For both parties. At United he is behind Rooney, RVP and Welbeck, all of them being sort of untouchables, at least the first two. Here he just has Torres and Sturridge to compete with and we cant really say either is untouchable.
  10. http://www.football365.com/news/21554/7929700/-Moura-To-United-Deal-Off-Says-Agent
  11. Sturridge was behind many strikers/forwards in the Bolton squad too but managed to break in because of sheer quality. These guys need time on the pitch no doubt but they also have to prove themselves better than strikers in the lower teams right about now in order to stand any chance of getting ahead of world class strikers which a team like Chelsea will always have.
  12. At least he played him, unlike RDM.
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