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  1. i like the look of young Nick Pope, he's just made to absolutely stunning saves against the Scousers, from Salah and Mane, he'd be brilliant for us...
  2. Jeez i hope you aint an accountant, those figures certainly don't balance, lol
  3. He is slowly beefing up as well, or he seems a bit bigger, which will only help him, he is a fine fine player
  4. We Need some physicality in Midfield, last 2 Games West ham and Palace have out muscled us..sergej milinkovic-savic would be exceptional, with Mount and Havertz..
  5. Do we think Frank should change Jody as our no2, or is he doing ok?
  6. He looks the part as the Scouse Keano, and there aren't many 'Tougher' midfielders, i'm saying we need to 'BEEF' up our middle its very very lightweight
  7. Do you 'Old shedders', just clickbait for fun, wake up an see the world, not just through 'Chelsea blue' tinted specs, Henderson would walk into our team, who apart from maybe Pulisic, and maybe Kante would get in the current Scouse team, and i doubt Pulisic would oust Mane!
  8. If you're to blind with hatred to recognise he has improved massively as a player, and is their midfield driver, but hey what do i know, only what i see....
  9. Although we have flare and possession based players, i fear we are out muscled, who is the 'Henderson' in our team, when the chips are down Azpi isn't the captain we need, Gilmour really needs maybe a year to grow into the position he is destined to fulfil, but not yet, RLC has the physicality of a Viera, but doesn't boss the middle like he should, the Lazio midfielder sergej milinkovic-savic would be ideal.
  10. Jorginho played like Cesc or Pirlo for those 10-15 minutes, sublime moving the ball and spraying it around like jackson Polack😉
  11. Wow that goal tonight, whats piece of stunning finishing, that was truly world class....
  12. There have been a few good 'Yanks' that have done quite well, but i'll leave that, Hazard came here with tremendous potential, Same as Pulisic, or we wouldn't of spunked the amount we did on him, as for Neymar, he's a phenomenal footie player when he's on it, and btw i thought CP at Dortmund was rather special as well, can't wait to see him link up with Timo, Hakim, and made Kai..
  13. Wtf, read what i wrote, and find out how good Damien Duff was for us, for four or five years, the only more exciting players in the world ahead of Hazard were Messi and Neymar, so if Pulisic attains his brilliance, we'll have one supreme player...

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