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  1. Ballack & Blu

    That Sterling Incident

    The dude in the green jacket with fur collar actually phoned up Talksport, and explained or tried to that it was after 'STERLING HAD DONE LUIZ' i think, and the first time they had been able to vent, you are never going to stop the swearing at players with the atmosphere and the very tribal thing of giving it the other team, but Racist abuse no way......if proven. He said with the noise he never heard a racist remark!
  2. Ballack & Blu

    That Sterling Incident

    The Narrative i picked up was these were a group of older supporters, that were probably old school 'Boys' back in the 90s, where every team and ground was full of vitriol hatred and banter, but was part n parcel, fast track to the modern arena, young fans are going to be appalled by this type of Banter, (Abuse)
  3. Ballack & Blu

    That Sterling Incident

    Apparently on Sunday supplement saying the ground echoes to "He runs like a Girl, Raheem sterling he runs like a girl", epic chant..
  4. Ballack & Blu

    Christian Pulisic

    An Agüero type finisher to compliment our style of play against Man city 2nd half.
  5. Ballack & Blu

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri might of shown that he wants Skill and speed as his Striker, small, nippy as per Mertens of Napoli, stunning 2nd half shows what we can do, Pedro was immense with Dave on the right, Kova looked silky, Hazard last 60 minutes his usual mercurial brilliance, Willi still frustrating, Centre halfs, Rocks, kick on now boys...
  6. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    I hope he isn't looking at the stubbornness of Sarri to not play Kante in his rightful position, and he's looking at how chelsea are developing as a team with the distinct lack of goals up front, and then deciding im offski, Sarri has to find a new way of galvanising the talent or he may be a Scolari. 2
  7. Ballack & Blu

    Eden Hazard

    Interesting times ahead for both player and club, I'm beginning to reconcile myself to the fact Hazard will go, because i'm sure he would have signed by now, maybe we should let him go and be very very very thankful for the years of immense pleasure he has bought us, 100 million plus Marco Asensio is good business, get rid of Both Mor-Roud, bring back Tammy and spend what ever it takes on the best striker around, A Cavani or Immobile ?.
  8. Kante won the ball for our goal on sunday in the middle of the park
  9. Ballack & Blu

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    He is such a Buffoon, liverpool such a huge sea port, but there will be no PremierSHIP sailing into that harbour!!
  10. Ballack & Blu

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I put in a post that to get Kante back as a destroyer, and still have Jorginho play as the 'Architect', try playing a back 3, then a mid field of Barclay/Kova, Jorginho, RLC, and an attacking 3
  11. Ballack & Blu

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Surely a germ of playing idea should be apparent, if we have the wrong personnel playing how he wants, then we should worry about Kantes roll in the team, because he only comes to life in the middle of the park, he doesn't suit Right midfield, i'm hoping its still teething problems, but whole sale changes aren't going to happen or a new bunch of Sarri players aren't going to be brought in in the january window, top four is priority, but Arsenal in the mix will make things interesting
  12. Ballack & Blu

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    But Liverpool, Spurs, and Citeh are playing CL midweek, i think Jorginhos early season mojo has dimmed a bit, why we don't cross into the box at every opportunity instead of a million passes around the area baffles me, but Sarri knows best
  13. Ballack & Blu

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Those YT Vids are brilliant not one local accent, lol
  14. Ballack & Blu

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Fulham (PL 2018)

    Kepa for me