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  1. This player is going to be the Best player in the premier within 2 years, he looks so like Lamps in his early days, except far quicker, this is going to get him stacks of goals, especially learning from the very best GS mid ever..
  2. I've only seen him once but first impressions are Gilmour is going to be golden, Scotland have a midfielder in the Strachan mould.
  3. For Lords sake the kid is just overcoming a severe injury, when he's fully match fit i'll accept that sort of nailing............. expectant fans eh!
  4. Gilmour looks like a Baby Mount, that big (Anjorin) dude in MF he looks some player, CHO back, Batman looked sharp, Barclay full of class, good good display
  5. A bit harsh Fella, he's only managed 6 PL games ffs, his call for Mount and Kante, spot on, neither really showed any weakness in their game, if Daves goal had of stood, no one would be uttering anything but praise for Lamps, because in all honesty we would of gone on to well beat them Dippers
  6. I like that 3 at the back, Kante back to add a bit more in midfield, i think we could do them.
  7. Again i still think they are comparable, Muller was silky skilful, never looked like it was an effort, also extremely good 1 in 3 strike rate, for some one who wasn't an out n out striker, i just couldn't think of anyone with mounts appearance that so resembled another player.
  8. Bollocks mate, Müller was a fabulous player, check him out when he was 20, when he destroyed England in a world cup game and for Bayern and the national side, Mount has a lot to do to prove, but boy he has started well
  9. Watching Young Mason yesterday, he reminds me of a young Thomas Müller, and what career he had, his slight frame non stop energy and unerring eye for a goal, the kid is going to be a superstar for us.
  10. We showed a lot of Naivety today, but Tammy is only going to get better, impressed again with Kovacic, not sure at all zouma is Chelsea class, and that doesn't include his unfortunate OG
  11. He must of sort of lost a bit of love for The Team and the Bridge, nothing is stopping him just going as Roman the owner, rocking up to watch his team, and them leaving the country till he fancies it again?
  12. Nothing better for Mason than train under the master Goalscoring Midfielder, He's quicker than Frank was, but so far he looks the absolute bollocks of a player, its a real skillset to be like Frank, Gerrard and Scholes, KTBFFH
  13. He aint under pressure to do anything yet, the club will be lenient, with the transfer ban that hampered our re-building, hell i saw loads of positives tonight, Kante and kovacic were really good tonight
  14. I hope Roman goes 'Bat sh*t-ape crazy", and sues the feck out of Eufa for double standards, the miserable feckers!!

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