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  1. You can picture them licking their badges, Money money money money moneh,
  2. I was gutted when Mutu fell foul of the 'Party powder', he looked a real player, which he was....
  3. Thats about the same as he has actually scored, or thereabouts...
  4. Was very good today, was playing as a legitimate Right winger today, but i didn't see much of Timo paying off lukaku, he was being played in by midfielders mostly, Tuchel needs to get lukaku playing like a forward with Timo and his pace exploiting the gaps, not seen any evidence of that yet, but Timo needs to play, he adds so much offensively as a runner and finisher...
  5. Even before Werner scored he was my man of the match, unlucky to have his header DQ, and some top saves prevented a good hatrick, never stopped running and trying, a big difference to lukaku who was basically anonymous...
  6. So did Man City, lukaku was supposed to finish all the chances that Werner spurned, where are the chances, i know its a bit knee -jerk, but other teams will now take solace at how easy it is to keep us quiet??
  7. I'm sitting here ranting at my non-plussed mrs, that this is like watching Barcelona, (Death by a million pointless passes) but without Messi, absolute tosh is my conclusion, Zero creativity in the middle of the park, just the safe boring chess like side to side passing........Lukaku trying to pin his centre half, is rubbish, he doesn't play like this for Belgium ,or in fact Inter last season, wt actual f**k has happened..
  8. look playing Kante, Jorginho and Kova showed our hand, i like on paper Werner and Rom, but no real pressure on there defence allowed them to play it around them two with ease, really missed Mounts intensity in pressing, and Rom and Werner having no clear cut shots or even chances was a big big concern...
  9. Totally unhappy about scenario of Rudi maybe not signing an extension, pay him what he’s worth, he’s started season magnificently..
  10. I wonder when Werner will get a full game playing off him, he brings more to the table than Ziyech, and Rom will have even more space to operate in, don’t want to see him as that Big no9, he’s bette than that, and as an aside, why do we still hesitate to cross when we can, make them defend the box, and we can get more chances, than a million little triangles to nowheresville!!
  11. Omg has hell froze over, you would back Henderson to score more, lol, his 1st SB goal
  12. We need Timo to stretch them, and Jorgi to add some control, not being Harsh on Saul, first game, better debut than say Torres, lol
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