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  1. Who celebrated it, i was writing it, as i was watching the game, even if they're not our own team, football is emotive, or why the f**k are you watching and commenting
  2. Trouble is the Radio is about 15 second delay
  3. And Carjacker is commentating, his voice grates to the very marrow
  4. Carjacker had better not be co commentating, the biased gimp i couldn't bear no more fecking 'Bobbee Furmeeeeenyo', i really detest that bloke
  5. I can honestly see him cash his chips in figuratively, why wouldn't his love for England her diminished, treated by the gov't like an unproven criminal, reckon he'll buy some top italian team tbh
  6. Another counter attack goal, Very Torresesque for Atleti or Scousers, showing bags of pace, and a cool finish he aint sh*t, just our style didn't suit him, and he didn't suit us, he looks like that player we signed from Real madrid.

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