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  1. He aint under pressure to do anything yet, the club will be lenient, with the transfer ban that hampered our re-building, hell i saw loads of positives tonight, Kante and kovacic were really good tonight
  2. I hope Roman goes 'Bat sh*t-ape crazy", and sues the feck out of Eufa for double standards, the miserable feckers!!
  3. Utd were as ropey as f**k till that Pen, plus the woodwork prevented at least parity at half time, i think we will do all right!!
  4. Kepa Dave Zouma Christensen Emerson Jorginho Kante Pedro Mount Pulisic Bats
  5. Apparently he arrived for pre season a stone overweight, and Perez has distanced himself from the signing, We knew it wouldn't be easy, but boy has Eden got to come up with the goods, Bale couldn't fill the Ronaldo void, so over to you Mr H..
  6. And those Horrible Madrid fans are so reckon Fickle, Haz needs to start the season well, or the fans will quickly wonder what the fuss was about
  7. Welcome to Real Madrid Eden, a comprehensive thrashing by their bitter City rivals, 7-3 is 7-3 in any form of competition
  8. Might as well join the glad handing, Welcome to the ultimate pro, and Chelseas best ever player, 'shine that light Lamps'
  9. Cech has been quoted as saying Lampard is among a host of candidates for the vacant Cfc job
  10. "Fait waiters on the starboard side, starboard side, starboard side" ???
  11. Maybe their not selling the project to lamps' liking?
  12. And he is an intellect, sharp as a tack, sees the media for what they are, like you i can't wait to see the positivity Lamps will definitely bring

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