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  1. I honestly thought we would be rampant for players, seeing as we missed the summer out, and platitudes from Frank about unsure if we'll buy, not sure who is around to strengthen the team, again the silence from above is deafening
  2. to be a yoonited fan, and to realise tonight you are 30 points behind the Scousers, how they have fallen..
  3. We're giving pelters to Kepa, but Rodriguez rocket went straight through De Gea, maybe its a Spanish thing atm
  4. Ha, we had plenty of games where we were f**king awful under Mourinho but his post game comments suggested we played well. You don't air your dirty laundry in public. We certainly did, but i am baffled to think Frank thought it was ok, he's to smart to peddle the same answers, so maybe a curve ball, to leave everyone head scratching.
  5. That is definitely not what Klopp, Pep, Red nose, Mou, or any experienced coach would say, Franks honeymoon period is coming to a very naughty end, lets see what you got Frankie boy
  6. I'm lost for words, i think Tammy is excellent, but he never convinces me he can score in bunches, i am amazed if this is how Frank is coaching the team, i've being saying for seasons now, we seem to have an affliction to crossing early, (Reece honourable exception), willian frustrates the sh*te outta me, Kante is way off form, and never a wide attacking player, or wherever it is he plays, Where was the drive to get at them from the captain?, i'm truly shocked that this is the team managed by a true world of a player, this isn't his team yet, so he gets a few more passes, Kepa can f**k off out of Chelsea, A dominant Centre midfielder, who can play with Kova, an Equal to Tammy, not an understudy to him, Let willian go, get in Sancho, or Zaha, and make Rudiger captain+ plus as many videos of JT Marshalling and driving the team on.....Rant over, ((glad Newcastle conceded 2 in 94 and 96 or my life would be hell at work tomorrow))........
  7. That really was very poor, no urgency, then a lucky Dave goal, and a sickener by Bellenderin, wow when we going to learn
  8. Loving hearing Chelsea fans singing the 'Fabregas is magic" song to the Arse
  9. Just about to post exactly that, just saved a Pen as well
  10. To be ultra fair to Mount, its very rare to shoot without taking a touch, Just check out Frankie and Stevie G, probably the best at long range goals, the touch to set up, its how quick you shoot after, go on you Youtubers check em out.
  11. Is it shoe horning Kante into the team, because he doesn't offer the Attacking prowess of Kova, or the ball playing of Gorginho, he really should be our springboard from in front of the back four.
  12. Good job we have Cech overseeing stuff, he'd surely identify a dodgy stopper!
  13. The hard part for frank is knowing who to drop or replace with new players, what does he need to change things, i would play Kovacic and Jorginho, as Kante isn't adding to the teams chemistry atm.

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