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  1. I won't fall out with anyone on their views so accept mine, Mourinho as i've said before no, absolutely no, we must have very short memories to realise the carnage he caused twice, Arrogant to the core, petty minded, and lost his way here and horrendously at Utd, a team he goaded us with by saying, i'm at the biggest club i belong here, or words to that effect, im off to Peru in the morning and the rainforest will hide me from this Chelsea turmoil. "Hasta la proxima vez mis amigos"
  2. Ok Ok all you doom merchants, i agree he wasn't very good when here last time, but he really upped his game for Milan, and had some great reviews, remember how good he was at monaco, he just needs to re-apply himself when given an opportunity, and i bet my house he'd score more than Kovamiss!!!!
  3. Glad you understand it all, hoping this sane explanation is the outcome, well done fella
  4. Mine Alisson Walker Van dijk De ligt Roberson De Brunye Kante Mane Messi Mbappe Hazard
  5. We shouldn't of got burnt by going back a 2nd time, at that proved totally horrendous, going back a third time, we have very short memories, and just like an instant fix, it'll go tits up again, then what,......"Win, sack, employ, repeat"
  6. So if RM wanted him and would pay for him, Hazard should of signed a new contract, with the proviso we'd let him go this summer for £150 million+
  7. Mourinho, No, no, no, no, fecking no, no, no, what sort of joke circus are we becoming, he totally f**ked up his dream job at utd, just remember when he said i'm at my dream club, or words similar, he has properly soured his milk with us...
  8. The reason the fans turned on him simply was his boring style of play, our run of unbeaten games-defeats show it isn't just winning, He just didn't ingratiate himself to us v much like the Spanish waiter
  9. i agree wholeheartedly with the comments, but none answered my Q, what are we definitively doing IE CAS, we need word, and some sort of communication as to chelseas plan
  10. Still no word from the club, this silence is killing me....
  11. He said based on no inside information, he thinks he'll be gone?
  12. Cesc reckons he'll be gone
  13. Eidur was equally full of accolades, saying he is the modern version of Zola
  14. Cech is one class act, immaculate interview by the big fella
  15. Good to see Roman as well, even if Dave nearly blanked him with the trophy, lol

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