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  1. Squeaky bum time now, liverpool hot on the tails of us and Le-incestshire....
  2. Wow the promo vid must of cost a fortune, I was expecting Austin Powers to appear, but that’s a great tune btw.. The Zombies, from Waaaaaaay back
  3. So we wanted a big striker on, and still we f**k about, dithering out wide
  4. First time i've seen this Smith Rowe, whats all the fuss about, he's dire, may look like KDB, and thats it.....
  5. Never actually thought id see Arsenal with 11 right behind the ball, this is from the great book of Pullis style defending, Rank sh*te
  6. Shame Billy got hooked, i thought he was better than Jorginho ?
  7. Alan smith, what a boring f**king commentator, the best thing about him is the skit on Soccer AM, Bore off, just like your Arsenal "Heres wun for ya roitttt, Arsenal are sh*ttt"
  8. Head down, Kai, fundamentals of keeping the shot down
  9. HA, i actually meant a smart suit, some smart Boss number lol, although they will have match day suits, by whoever..
  10. Big Q, do you think he’ll get ‘Suited n Booted for Wembley?
  11. I see his style very similar to Roy Keane, maybe not the box to box, but good movement, always wants the ball, can shield it well, and usually plays the correct pass.., the Metronome of the team
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