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  1. If we do get him. It’s imperative we keep Timo, he will be such an outlet and provider of goals for him,Arsenal defended woefully against his pace today..
  2. I would be happy with a front 3 of ........Timo...............Ings ...........Havertz
  3. i hope he goes to Citeh, cos i doubt Kane is going to get his move if they do, resulting in one unhappy Spuds Striker?
  4. We aint geting Jack, i was all over this idea last summer.....but no, havertz is a better player anyway..
  5. I posted this elsewhere, boy it made me chuckle "Brilliant sarcasm on football 365, about City mainly and clickbait journalism, one of the best, relating to Grealish, with the mind-blowing headline, "Grealish big city move", cos he was spotted in Dubrovnik, a big city.
  6. Dave is playing.. Not (Sorry my mistake)
  7. Log onto CFC website, absolutely free, and Wee pat Commentating
  8. Cheers live and free if you log on or in
  9. I'd say try Sky Sports News atm
  10. If i was a betting man (Which occasionally i am) Chelsea even proposing the idea of selling TA, now OG has also gone, leads to me to surmise, something nearly concrete is in the offing, we aint that stupid? We have panic bought before, but we did have alternatives, Maybe TT knows Werner is going to smash it this season....
  11. Not with Chelsea saying they will listen o offers for TA, all over SSN btw
  12. All over media, we will listen to offers for TA, some sort of footballing Suicide if we draw a blank in who we are after?
  13. I haven't seen Man City strengthen yet, and they have lost Aguero?
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