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  1. Whats really not sitting well with me, is we have a fabulous passing midfield, loads of goals from the front, and a dire way of playing at the back, the times yesterday i was screaming at the back 2, side to side to side, then when they work space, instead of stepping into it, and stride forward into said space, oh no its the ball, trap the ball, and pass sideways again, and again, when the other team sense we are crap on the ball, they just press and press, Frank knows we need a JT/ Riccy style of player partnership.
  2. About time, another striker, Aubameyang for 2 seasons
  3. Def different, Kante out hmmmmmm
  4. Back up striker, Get Aubameyang for the next 2 years Midfielder, Draxxler maybe, been a while since we had a decent German in the ranks Defenders, not sure.....
  5. SFL is now just assessing where to tweak the team, be very interesting to see who he brings in, the standards he'll want , and realises what a player needs to be a winner, i think he'd be an incredible task master, just because of the playing standards he set.
  6. Watching the BBC says it all, a Government backed Tory propaganda outlet.
  7. And Robben, and possibly tried to temper Hazard
  8. What a marriage made in heaven ,should start a book on how long he will last, Toxic f*cker, i really don't like the man at all, at least i won't have to put up with the sham of him on Sky sports, spouting utter sh*te.... Is there any footage of him naming clubs he wouldn't manage, I.E Spuds, i wonder how Poch feels seeing JM handed 15mill a year, what a joke that club have instantly just become..
  9. Mourinho in London, i wonder whether he mistakenly rocks up at Cobham by mistake😉
  10. I was trying to think of that kids name, also Piatek of AC milan
  11. This kid is going to be, and i choose my words carefully, As good as 'Ash'he has everything, just needs experience, he'll be regular England right back, because he can bloody defend...
  12. If you think that Frankie was a fabulous player, who played under some fabulous coaches, also being intelligent, articulate, and a great footballing brain, he was always destined to be a good un, next couple of years are going to be scintillating to watch under his stewardship.
  13. I absolutely love watching Kovacic play, a midfielder that can surge through the middle with pace and trickery, i'm racking my brains to think of one, Him ad Pulisic would be nightmares in a five a side. saying that some 1 to 1 finishing sessions with Lamps is a must😉
  14. I can see Hazard wanting to come back, especially if they get Sterling😉

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