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  1. I was wondering why after Lamps bigger him up in that cup win, why he was he binned off, for the ineffective, Jorgi or Kova, So much for being pro-active
  2. Fran kirby scored a goal, that Werner wants to watch, top of the table clash, good ol game, back on top
  3. I just wish we'd of had Anelka from a really young age, He was truly prolific, and an excellent silky finisher, best i have seen at chelsea since say JFH, just saying since we are bemoaning some our sh*ttier Strikers.. Of course theirs Didier, but he wasn't the most prolific
  4. Mismanaged totally by Liverpool, had a really bad injury, rushed back, never totally recovered, lost a good yd of pace, before that his numbers stack with any recent liverpool player, joint fastest to 50 liverpool PL Goals
  5. Morata would of been a world beater, if every chance was a Header, the boy was class in the Air
  6. I watched us closely tonight, something weird on that left wing, the ball was out there countless times, and we just seemed to play little triangle between Kova, Chilly and Pulisic, not sure what they are being coached
  7. Only cos his pace had been played out of him by the Scousers, he was absolutely electric at AM, and Liverpool...
  8. I know you're not blaming Fulham for that Dire straits of a performance, We aint no 'Sultans of swing'
  9. Come on frank 60 mins change it, change the Mrs, and go to a 3 at the back
  10. Fulham will just play 9 outfield players behind the ball, "Double 'Parker'-ing the bus", and We'll buzz about like lost Bees
  11. Is tomorrows games the absolute definition of a must win game, extraneous pressures starting be exerted
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