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  1. 2 minutes ago, Argo said:

    But he's been here 18 months, the reality is we should be seeing his ideas, there's a fine line between showing deserved patience and lowering standards (look at Arsenal and the insane excuses their fans make for Arteta as a prime example, they're even talking themselves into thinking Rob Holding extending his contract is a good thing). Come win, draw or lose we should be seeing an identity on the pitch that makes us turn round and say "okay, frustrating results but we can see what he's building towards and the projected end product is good". Last season (and the year before) I defended almost every bad result because I liked the idea of where we were going, I saw a sustainable blueprint so I could easily ration most results as part of the process and move on. I was even pretty chill about the possibility of losing top four late on because the excitement of where I believed we were heading over-rid that fear. I strongly believed our problems were more down to players not good enough in too many crucial areas, we've upgraded on pretty much all of those deadwood players with top quality options and haven't improved as an overall team outside of set pieces (we were already good defensively in general play, our GA record was down to 1 every 2 shot on target trickling in, if we were genuinely poor defensively I dread to think how many goals we'd have conceded).

    Yeah we maybe playing 2/3 times a week a fair bit but we had a heavy schedule last season aswell with not many free midweeks, I think Sarri had one free midweek all season from September onwards (for perspective, Lampard has had three in the last month including the last two weeks).

    So to bring on that point further, now Lampard has had those two free midweeks in the training ground then surely we've now got to start seeing a tactical result on the pitch? Coordinated pressing, clever movement, good combinations and varied approach play, there's coaches in this league that are coaxing those things from sh*t players, we've got the third best squad in the league. If we go to Fulham and see those things then I'd be happy on Saturday night even if we drop more points, I just want to see some hope that Lampard will turn this round because in my lifetime (and this includes pre Roman times) I've only twice seen us underperform so badly scaled for squad quality and that was Scolari's last couple of months (imagine if we kept him and not got Hiddink then Carlo) and ofcourse the Jose meltdown period (imagine if Roman decided to keep him based on what he done for us meaning we not only wouldn't have experienced that amazing season under Conte, United probably would have instead).

    Excellent post and read, sensible with some great and very salient points.

  2. 27 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

    Hardly his fault, I think I must be in the minority today but I was annoyed with how we played today. We’re playing a league 2 team and we still play it out wide, with the full backs pushing ahead of wingers, waiting for the ball to cross into box.

    I want to see us play some football through the middle, how hard can it be? If we did, Werner would have thrived imo. Constant crossing and keeping possession so opponents have time to park the bus and put the handbrake on, turn the engine off and read a book.

    Werner thrives on fast football imo, with his pace and we do anything but fast.

    You are not in the minority, i said during the match chat, that our possession based 'Barca' style pass pass pass with no end product allowed them to play with a back 5, or 3 centre backs, there was no room , someone said he'd be ideal the way Leicester or Utd are currently playing, a win is a win, but this aint helping in the long term, play just looks like 11 good players just winging it atm..

  3. 1 hour ago, evissy said:

    He really could take more role on the pitch. Many times he shares the responsibilities by making a short pass and runs away. 

    Anyway today was a good display of some of the qualities he posesses. He makes smart runs inside the box all game long. Players have to start picking his runs. He still fumbles with the ball and makes easy mistakes but you can see he needs time and run of games. 

    I predict we will see some great displays from him later in the season. 

    Fantasise about him in a team with Cesc and Hazard, Lamps will be desperate to unearth or nurture a future KDB

  4. Just now, dkw said:

    Past chelsea have struggled to get past all kinds of lower league teams in the Cup, even our best teams. Bradford stuffed us while we were top of the league, Barnsley beat us in 2008 plus plenty of others.

    All i'm saying is Chelsea are struggling atm, Werner must have had 3 chances in 70 minutes, i think 4-0 flatters at the moment, i so desperately want this crop of players to click, but as i said possession based football doesn't suit this particular bunch of players

  5. 20 minutes ago, dkw said:

    Ans a other teams have struggled during this season, but that's not the point. These last 2 seasons gave been totally different to every other, do you not believe this season has brought unique problems for Frank? He is getting barely any time l to coach the team, its basically game-fitness training-game-fitness training. All on the back of almost no pre season.

    I aint buying that, Lamps would have a set or strict way to play formulated by now, i just don't see a plan or a style, the amount of Personnel he's using, how can he have a settled team, play Werner one way, bring Giroud on, a different style, i did think this was a great game for Billy to show his worth, but it was a bit all mis mash, loads of possession, Past chelsea teams would of buried them, 4-0 a good score, but my eyes don't deceive me.
    I now hope we can kick on , this result might of gave us a bit of confidence..

  6. 2 minutes ago, CFCCAN said:

    He'd be better playing with Leicester or Utd, balls in front of him through the channels for him to run onto like Vardy and Rashford, not sideways passes behind him with a hope of a cross coming in.  Really don't see Frank's vision for this team at the moment and how he wants to play to the strengths of the players at his disposal. 

    Till he scored, he's playing against a back 3, you need a Shearer then, Chelsea and their front 3 of Werner, Hav, n Ziy, need to play that continental fast attacking, not this dirge of Barca pass pass pass,lamps never played in a Possession based team, how can't he see it doesn't suit our current players, except Jorginho...

  7. 13 minutes ago, Sindre said:

    He was outclassed tactically. I don't think anyone denies that. 

    Last year Lampard did the same (outclassed) Mourinho himself on two occassions though. So while something has gone very, very wrong against good sides this season we know he can do it from previous evidence.

    In the end I think those who wish for Lampard to replaced is going to get their wish though. The club won't lower it's standards for him and Top 4 has been the minimum requirement for years now. Can't reach that and you are sacked. And everyone can obviously see that we are in a terrible position to reach that goal this season with so many teams 6-10 points ahead of us.


    I Really don't want to see Frank become another Statistic, and it must pain him to think, why can't i get this lot to play like the Team he bossed for a decade, but i'm not sure he now knows what exactly to do, i'd hate to think he's lost the dressing room, but there must be some disquiet  with some of the players he doesn't select

  8. You just had to watch Pep manage from the touchline, always cajoling and talking and tweaking the system, Frank stood motionless heavy with thought and Worry, not sure if the players should of sorted it out on the pitch, Silva or Kante have played with some of the worlds best, they must of seen it going tits up, but are they not allowed to sort it on the field, or is that going against the Managers system, but  with no proper system or structure he's doomed?

  9. 9 minutes ago, mm24 said:

    Well if you're hoping that a 19 year old will save our season it just puts things into perspective.

    And what is a destroyer?

    He is as good an option as anything we have, if you're good enough, you're old enough, My destroyer, i'm not screaming for Rice, but Rice, or someone like Sergej Milinković-Savić would do, and desperately need Christensen to turn into a more Cahillesque type player, (Never going to be like JT)

  10. Well its starts from the back, (Not keeper), if you have a centre half who is rubbish on the ball, then his nervousness on the ball is there for the opposition to see, we cant get the ball to the midfield, we go right across the back 4 sometimes, we don't really play with width unless Alonso or James overlap, a midfield has no creativity, just functional players like Henderson used to be, Werner makes run after run, but no one can pick him out , CHO scored a good goal tonight, but City had switched off by then.
     Lampards problems are massive, Gilmour looks excellent on the ball, a younger fitter Jorginho, but he needs a Destroyer to give him the ball and let him dictate play, Mount is good but limited so far, Kova flatters to deceive, and Havertz will get better, but does he play as a 10 or the 8, quicken the passing ,stretch the opposition, and hope Gilmour or Havertz can find Werner and his runs.

  11. 6 minutes ago, big blue said:

    Hard to argue with the lampard out section  now, I will never call for a managers head, but its difficult to have faith in Lampard when he has no history on his resume to say we are backing a winning manager. 

    That being said, he has to get the full season, its that tight at the moment anything could happen. 

    The question is whether Roman thinks another manager would get better results from this set of players, and also whether Lampard is even a manager capable of winning the league. 

    I know we all like to mock ole and arteta, but both of them have better records in games against the traditional big 6 than Lampard. That is a bit of a red flag for me, because its points to the manager not being good enough, rather than the players, especially this season. 

    Big month coming up. Fulham, and then Leicester and Wolves, 2 good sides, that we will need to play well to win. 

    From the optimism in the summer, im pretty down beat at the moment.

    The only trouble is, its under his watch we bought in basically half a new team, and we look clueless, watch when Cit front 3 just stood there ground, and we couldn't get out, yes you beat that press, the you have a chance, i got dizzy watching the little 5yd triangles going nowhere?

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