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  1. Again HNY to you S/Enders, sitting here in a Chelsea shirt, first i have worn for years, (unexpected Xmas present off the mrs, Awwww), Glad to see Werner down the middle, if he keeps missing sitters, if it only proves he is getting the chances ,the goals will come, (Get Anelka back as finishing Coach), CHO must wonder what he has to do to keep his place, nice to see Ziyech back, Dave and his 400th appearance, well done, Silva some solidity, and Zouma to practice his 10-15 y sideways-Backward passing😏
  2. IF Villa had say the investment we or Man city had, they could/would be massive, their fanbase in the Birminham area is huge.
  3. The only difference is Roman doesn't settle for a poor show, especially shelling out close to 1/4 of a Billion, and then the team has only sporadically looked good, hopefully Sir Frank can get a tune from his cohorts, but his and Jodies lack of PL experience is playing out to all the pundits and naysayers....
  4. The sense of Entitlement is bewildering, just because we have (imho) our greatest player doesn't make it that our team will be successful, just imagine the bewilderment when the wheels of the Anfield juggernaut fell off for 3 Decades. Lampard has shown glimpses of potential, but maybe the job is to much for him and Jodie, a much better and far more experienced manager (carlo) got mercilessly stabbed by Romans hitman at Everton. He's shown his limitations so far, because apart from actually seeing Pulisic Werner Ziyech, the much vaunted trio we want to see, the structure and actual style se
  5. AC wasn't the f**king reason, and maybe Lampard realises Zouma offers f**k all as a player, defender yes, but a ball player never, in fact only Chilwell or sometimes AC and silva try a more radical pass, the modern game is transitioning the ball quicker to midfield, not watching some 3D version of Pong Tennis across the back 4 ad finitum...
  6. At least Tuchel would know exactly how to try and get the best from Timo
  7. I like to remember when he was brilliant, in my mind Roman never bought the once Russia owned Ukriane (Ukrainian plaything)
  8. We are talking Pirlo- Shevchenko 2004 era
  9. Not pies again FFS, i haven't has a decent one since Ayresome park back in the 90s
  10. Huffed and puffed, Havertz looked very composed, Pulisic and Chilwell oozed class.
  11. Excellent first half, dominating play and not allowing Villa to settle, Grealish having a stinker, which is proof of our play..
  12. Havertz needs to study Grealish, and to watch how he dominates his Teams play, this is what i ultimately want him to become for us.
  13. You're good, and flattery might illicit a response, Ballacka ahhhh, back when we had wonderful midfielders
  14. And i don't want no Nazi breakfast heads saying it this and only this.......🤣
  15. Boy i'm missing a plate of that from my local cafe, as long as their is loads of Black pudding, and big fat mushrooms? Damn you Covid restrictions.
  16. To quote Bricktop, " You are on thin ****ing ice, my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks!"
  17. Tonight Matthew, 'I'll be steering clear of the 'Chelsea match Chat', for mine and your sanities....
  18. I Think 'Turbo Timo' needs to change to NOS, upgrade needed
  19. This is a Deja vu thread off the West ham game, and my points are even more pressing now, we were sh*te against them, this is whiteness off the scale, and Poch will be off to PSG, who now in the chelsea revolving door of Managers???
  20. I know, we are 3 nil down, lets bring on Havertz, and totally kill his confidence, WTFF Frankie?
  21. Yea that much is true, but this thread is hardly ever positive, even if we win handsomely, lol
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