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  1. Believe me, Roman will be sharpening that Axe, when did we last look this clueless, All XI are top internationalsas well, i'm lost for words, WEST HAM FFS
  2. Frank proving a brilliant player, clueless at this level, don't smash me, watch this game for his ideas, and his ideas alone...
  3. Squint your Eyes, and out of the misty tunnel, emerge JT,frank, n Drogs..
  4. Good riposte mate, something constructive to get into, Our play is so static, side to side to side, watch how often Azpi or Pulisic are in acres of space, and only occasionally do we ping that JT-esque 60yd ball, we have pace, wide pull them to the line all the time, thats how they Utilise TAA, and Robertson?
  5. And if they score in the first 5 minutes, hold on o your seat, i aint being negative, i'm watching the game unfold into a predictable style, we may well hold on, but change something Frank..
  6. Well just watch how the play stops, and West Ham can get 10 behind the ball, we have the players to play like Liverpool, the fact we don't and Can't??
  7. Because Zouma can do f**k all except trap the ball and pass backwards, one of the big reasons there is no fluency, Frank didn't play in a team like this, why does he accept this pragmatic sh*t......
  8. This is a must win Game, and Frank above any other game this season, will not want to get mugged on our own turf!!
  9. 7 quality finishes, henderson for 5 minutes resembled a Scoring Gerrard
  10. I detest the scouse, but Frankie boy show your boys this for clinical finishing, 4 quality finishes...
  11. I bet his odds for th tin tack are shortening, starting to look a bit bereft of ideas...
  12. No knee jerking, that was the worst of the worst 2nd halves you may have the displeasure to watch, Werner was 2/10 and i'm being generous, all of a sudden Lamps has a problem to lift this lot, Wolves looked like they had a couple of extra players, the Gaps were alarmingly large, we looked clueless!
  13. An £80 million purchase for Rice, would of been better, unless he bulks up a bit, or discovers his inner Ballack, he might not cut it for us, i really want him to succeed, he looks elegant on the ball, when he has time, its time he's not been given, hence his hospital balls he was dishing against Everton
  14. Could this possibly be a player that is just not suited to 100mph style of the more agricultural PL, he could still be WC, in the less hectic Bundesliga or La liga ?
  15. Terrible use of subs tonight, should of put Timo through th middle, and made the midfield change 10 minutes earlier
  16. Guti, great call, exceptional player as well
  17. When strikers come here they struggle, maybe its the PL, because in the Bundesliga Werner was definitely nearing World class status, only behind Lewa for goals, and the national teams first pick Striker?
  18. Now if Tammy could head a ball like Mortata...
  19. When the f**k did Sky Sports become a Tottenham w**k fest, Two great goals, but boring mourinho style football ffs Neville shut the f**k up...
  20. Defoe on his 800th game, a better bet than that sulky twat Morellos
  21. He was super prolific in the bundesliga, so im not worried about him in front of goal, just needs a couple to get going
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