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  1. Honestly when he receives a pass, he looks like he has never seen a football, i'm struggling to remember ever seeing such a clueless player, he aint bad at clearing his line, but on the deck and a simple pass, amateurish at best, i think i could still give him a passing masterclass.
  2. Every game now, the once 'Golden boy player', will be under so much scrutiny, every man jack and sh*te journo, is out to watch him manage till he fails, i've hardly read a positive review of him, "Beware the ides of Stamford Bridge"
  3. And he Impressed greatly, reminded me of a Zidane style of play.
  4. But Jorginho and mount were excellent today, Jorgi orchestrating procedures, and the perpetual motion and energy, and a fair degree of skill, might not now necessitate Mount in at every opportunity..
  5. Wow a real 'Red hot Chilli' excellent performance, Ash would of been proud of that display.
  6. Now the lad played well today, very assured, and a lovely silky touch
  7. FFS, we look more compact, and we haven't conceded, little acorns and all that..
  8. Rudi to that shower of N London sh*te, they have never helped us out, so f**k right off
  9. Has there been an improvement since last season, on what i've seen know there hasn't, a 50% first team restructuring, is a very 'Ballsy' thing to do, and granted it needs time to bed in. Chilwell Werner Ziyech, were needed, if he gets Rice, how will he shoehorn all his assets in, if he plays 4,4,3 and the front 3 are Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech, you pick the midfield 3?
  10. I've watched enough football to have a nagging doubt on initial viewings, and of course he is new, but i didn't think he tore it up in the Bundesliga, but he's got lots of time to impress an old cynic like me.
  11. I really have my doubts bout this lad, sure he looks ok on the ball, and his laconic way is worrying, the premier league is like a cross between Essien/Lamps with a dash of Joe cole, he\ll get bullied by big ol defenders and meaty Midfielders because he looks quite lightweight, the comparison with Ballack is nowhere near, he was a beast, looks perfect for PSG, but so far 6.5/10 P.S I do want him to succeed, he seems very likeable, and talented.
  12. I love Frank to pieces, but all of a sudden he seems bereft of ideas, shake your back room staff around, Morris might of been good with the kids, but it aint helping us and Frank, i don't think i have watched a game and thought, yep we are at it West Brom was a steal of a point, and with the possession in the first half against the Spuds we should of buried them, he has some credit in the bank, but i fear for him, i really do, Remember Robbie and Carlo, Roman doesn't do Sentiment
  13. Bamford just scored the winner for Leeds, brilliant cross, check ut Harrisons cross and celebration before Bamford had even scored, classic goal
  14. One of the worst picks we do is put Azpi at left back, he bombs forward to the half way line then goes backwards, no left foot no crossing, play him at Rightback, and try the hulking James in midfield, He is powerful, paced, and skilful.
  15. The unfortunate thing for Frank is he is the first 'superstar' Chelsea player to take the reins, and he might be remembering to much, how good some of the teams were he played with, and expecting to much, Taking Kova off was a mistake, he was the only one picking the ball up and driving through midfield, Mount or Kante would of been my choice, kante should be playing right in frant of the back 4,Werner is wasted out wide, Havertz is settling ok, but looks very lightweight. I'd play 3 at the back Silva flanked by Christensen and Zouma/Rudiger.............What yesterday did prove, it aint all
  16. Always the Rocket, straight off the train, there used to be an 'Indian Restaurant right by the station, we always caught the stragglers going back on the late train, not always violence normally a chat and some cheery banter, i remember some london fan, cant remember team, cool as f**k, thumbed his lapel, and said, Take you a fackin manth to earn the cost of this coat, lol.....correct
  17. Up here in the midlands, and us from coventry, definitely followed the West ham/ Chelsea style thing especially between 83-85, Lacoste polos from the costa Brava, well saught after, Lois jeans, Early Nike. or Diadora borg Elites (Gold) a Trendy Cardigan, face scarves, with a tiny club crest attached, though that might of been 87ish West ham and their Kappa ski coats, and Chelsea in the Aquascutum or Burberry, always smart, probably had to travel to B'ham to get such rare gear.
  18. Great to see him score a hatrick tonight......But 1 He plays for Chelsea 2 He earns a colossal wage 3 I never saw him smile once, his first ever hatrick at top level, not even a trace of a smile, cheer up Kai, you could of gone to liverpool, or worse to Manure....
  19. He seriously looks in overawed at the speed, tenacity, and competitiveness of his opponents, got to give him time of course.
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