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  1. That touch, Neymar wouldn't of done any better, Touch, finish, brilliant
  2. He aint worth 80million, the player we should of bought was James Rodriguez, what a player, but we knew that..
  3. Watching that game, Romeu got booked, when did winning the ball first become illegal, i know he caught him, but he clearly touched the ball first,??
  4. I'd love to know what his top speed is, the kid is seriously rapid, that sprint he made to catch up for the intended pass from RLC, was Rapid, oh and he looks seriously sharp and good
  5. Barclay has much more to his game, i'm not digging RLC tonight, i've been at him for ages, he seems to lack lottos self belief, he had a great chance to impose himself on the game, he failed dismally.
  6. I posted nearly the same thing awhile ago, i cant remember us signing a young proven goalscorer, who will most probably turn into a prolific striker, i'm looking fwd to him terrorising some defenders this year, and plundering a shed full.
  7. If West ham don't want Barclay, we aint splurging 80 million on him
  8. JT and Ash,and Joe cole in familiar places for England in Socceraid, Essien was on Earlier, Maka strolling in midfield
  9. It definitely isn't worth shunting him to bring in Rice, who is never a modern day defender, now if we can get Milinkovic for Kante i'd pile on that, but i see kante playing his Holding role as paramount, allowing a double pivot of joint 8s to play
  10. Yea read that, and a bit confused, but if spurs got a whiff of this, no wonder they wouldn't entertain flogging Modric to us, when he was so wanted by us....
  11. Luckily i have become impervious to the female of the species, but she can have a nibble, luckily the mrs doesn't read the SE
  12. I don't think anyone even perceived we could start 20-21 with a 75% reboot to the team, i think this thread will go into meltdown if we get Rice and a new Keeper?
  13. Well that concluded nicely, anyone for a cup of Tea
  14. So with KH, almost pictured in a Chelsea shirt, where do we see him playing, Midfield is going to be a good watch to see where lamps sees the pieces fall. If we take Pulisic Werner Ziyech, the attacking front players, formation plays a huge part of who starts, i'd like to see us really sort a back 3, then its 3-5-2, or a more compact 3-4-3. Whatever transpires it is certainly the very best times to look forward to...
  15. 19.9/10, truly exceptional, along the lines of 2004, with Roman sending a not to unsubtle message to the nay-sayers "You can stop me, but you cannot thwart my Chelsea love affair"
  16. All over Sky Sports now, good stuff Chelsea💙💙💙
  17. But we have never had a player with that mischievous good looking boy smile/smirk like Hazard, i used to love his interviews
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