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  1. One of the facts that gets me, and i agree he has been sh*te at times, is his personal character assassination, whenever i have heard him do interviews he comes across as articulate intelligent and mostly humble, i have never heard the "Whiny" side of his so called personality, its all hearsay, listen to his interview on winning the golden boot at the euros, he is humble and almost apologetic, he is trying to make amends for his shortfall, and i say i do hope he succeeds, but i aint sure he will.
  2. CBB, we are all sitting precariously on the horns of that dilemma my friend.
  3. Well i hope that merest whiff of humble pie, will make you choke, ya joker!!
  4. I'll admit i do get a frisson of excitement if Torres is playing, but i certainly aint blind enough to see when he is playing like a plank, ie against monterey, i just don't dig the hatred, none of us could ever achieve what he has on the field, so slag him off, but you couldnt play like him at his worst !!
  5. I though the two previous Games Torres looked sharper, not sure if that was because Moses started instead of Oscar, but we didnt create loads for the striker because they were trying to play 5 at the back, and it didn't have the urgency and dynamism of a PL game (imho), but loving it that he is scoring none the less,
  6. Just- That comment was predictably pathetic, i'm sure you'd say this to the guy, that even JT has admitted he can handle himself, you joker!
  7. how about a thread on How many Top trophies he has, instead of this senseless bashing, How about, "Hazard isn't quite as good as we originally thought he was" or a hundred page thread on Amazing fact torres isn't as quick as he was at 21, this will be a sad forum when FT goes.. ;-)
  8. So we think Torres is sh*t, lay off the uncalled for expletives,ya keyboard warriors!!!
  9. I might of been pissed on wednesday during the fulham game, but i'm sure i saw Torres look decidedly pacey chasing a ball towards the corner flag, could be wrong, just me trying to spin a positive....
  10. 100 pages of sweat, mean less drivel, heartfelt emotion, and pure pantomime gone, on the brightside it shouldn't take long to reach that figure again.
  11. Simply incredulous, what a lot of folks won't admit, is Rafa is actually a good manager, both with valencia and the dippers, unless we believe stevie me did it all by his self, rafa hash't got here what he had at pool, a 5 yrs younger Torres Gerrard and Alonso, just accept he is here, cos he isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable, if he suddenly gets the team playing and winning again, Rafa was a red will quickly be forgotten.
  12. I don't buy Torres has forgotten how to score, if he is looking so dejected, maybe it has something to do with the ongoing spat with Robbie, not starting him both FA an CL finals etc, also the holy trinity weave pretty patterns, and not a lot of end result, iwas listening to a radio show this am, and the reports are Torres is happy, and as fit as he could be, so guys honestly , why now does he resemble a busted flush, when he aint???
  13. Falcao and Fellaini, which would be nixe
  14. My Avatar shows my allegiance, i can see the obvious flaws, but admire the good in his game..
  15. About Torres lack of his once revered pace, he shows glimpses, but im of the opinion he has bulked up since being here, which has impinged on his big big asset, still think he is quicker than most, just to much hesitation, and to much tracking back, probably to impress with his willingness to work harder than he did at L'pool, or had to.
  16. Hmmm not sure what to make of this at all, freedom of speech a welcome choice on here, an obvious polarisation of views, but Robbie obviously sees something he likes, and its blindingly obvious it isn't Danny, hopefully FT might continue with the game he had on sunday, which being in a pub of footie fans, he got plenty of boos and props, not defending him but two great saves and a nailed on pen, not bad....shoot me if you like, i tell t as i see it..some games utter pish some best attacker, definitely think we need 2 up top to freshen things up a bit though.
  17. Im one of Torres biggest fans, and can see he is struggling like hell, but shoot me down, apart from mata, and i love that midfield 3, what clear cut chances are being created, yea its looks pretty but clear cuts, got a way to go to play like shakhtar did last night, maybe Torres aint the answer, but Mikel is good, but slows play down massively which in turn means the tres amigos get slow ball, bring in Falcao, but speed the play up.
  18. Was that sublime goal against Newcastle just a figment of our imagination, instict, skill personified, you are all Entitled to your opinions, shame they have zero impact, apart from if Torres actually reads these posts :(
  19. Dear mr Moderator, please amalgamate this thread, with other, Torres thread, thanks with anticipation, cannot wait to see falcao here. ;-)
  20. Well cast your mind back to when Ballack left germany for us,and Ballack was the Uber most popular German player,so getting Bastian aint much different is it!!.P.M.A if we need it...
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