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  1. I don't suppose a video of some of the crackers he has managed to score for us would make up for that shameful posting....
  2. Does this make you all feel just a bit more Special, why rehash the same sh*te, it ain't going to improve, unless he does massively, like 30 PL goals this season.....
  3. I'm going for a stellar Dozen, no no no not 12 stella. ;-)
  4. Well yesterday he missed a half chance, and his saved shot, allowed Zouma to score, I'm not defending him anymore, but c'mon fellow blues, wait for the season to begin before you begin the ritual "stoning" of the prisoner.......
  5. Even when he was at the Arse he was the 'Dogs danglies', so assured on the ball, he will massively compliment Matic in the middle....
  6. I echo the sentiments of my fellow S/Es, Drogba was the bollocks when here, unfortunately, he is to old now, showed zip for His beloved Ivory Coast at this year's WC, and not much for Gala last year, which kind of saddens me, coach of strikers yes, player no....
  7. But he a fantastically talented, lazy BS..
  8. Saying that, the young Kid 'James' of Colombia certainly showed up and properly announced himself, he is gonna be massive.
  9. Hopefully is just a rumour, and quickly dismissed, but if Barça start waving stupid money, who knows . Barcelona will move for Chelsea's Eden Hazard if they fail to sign Liverpool's Luis Suarez or Manchester United's Robin van Persie this summer. (Daily Express)
  10. Flog em all, and punt massively for Suarez or the next best explosive striker Falcao,!!
  11. Torres on, bit of a surprise, over Villa, go for it..
  12. I'm sure Jose will do hats right for the team!!
  13. Why, if he's good enough in a year, and Cech will probably go this window?
  14. Watch this space, you would think we had an actual say in these matters....
  15. Cesc could easily become club Captain, if this is JTs swan song.
  16. Just keep reminding them, Q,"who are London's only CL winners", feels better already,
  17. So we are bring C'escy back, only one tune to sing next season, featuring the other JT. Sexy back - Justin Timberlake (LYRICS) Main versi…: http://youtu.be/snyzX14JkHM
  18. For God's sake leave Torres alone for a few weeks!!!
  19. Fabu-gras signing, I'm buzzing after the sh*t week I've had, Torres and Dave sold him a dream..
  20. This imho the Best signing since Ballack, hazard has far exceded his expectations, Cesc is proven, win win situation..
  21. I told Ye of little faith this morning, papers had escalated the story, and it had more credance...
  22. Tabloids this morning, full of Jose saying he's ours on Friday, must be more substance now?
  23. Please Didier do not compromise your legacy with us, leave us with the memories of your CL winning penalty, not an aged superstar wanting a last run against father time...
  24. Take your head out your arse, lol ;-)
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