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  1. forbzy


    Higuain was signed short term last season for a similar gamble. He did manage 5 goals in the league, mostly against weaker teams. You could probably argue either way about whether he helped us to make the top 4, or whether we would have done so without him. I reckon Cavani would be able to make a similar contribution and score a few goals here and there. Quite an expensive option as a temporary backup and could easily work out as poorly as Pato or Falcao.
  2. We are being linked with a move for a Left Back from Grasshoppers called Arigoni now. Supposedly very quick but Grasshoppers are in Swiss second division currently so limited info on him.
  3. Traore operates best when he space to use his speed. As a result I don't think he would add as much in games at home where we struggle to break down a well organized defense. He does his best work on the counter so tends to excel in games like yesterday, where he had a lot of space. I think he is a fine player but I agree with the earlier poster who suggested that Raul Jimenez would be the pick of the 2 to sign.
  4. I watched some of the United game tonight and that summer up just how poor the Premier League is this season. United are probably are closest challengers for 4th and were abysmal. I think Liverpool would have been run much closer by City had they not picked up key injuries (Laporte and Sane) but then we would likely have had a situation with 2 teams that had almost 100% records. That should not be happening in a competitive league. At the time we broke the points record with 95 that total seemed unbelievable but City broke it comfortably 2 seasons ago. Then last season both City and Liverpool surpassed it. Without the 2 injuries I reckon both City and Liverpool would break our total again this season. The gap between them on the rest grows every season.
  5. Agreed. Liverpool look like they will set a bunch of records this season on their way to the title. However they invested heavily to build this side, and have benefited from a particularly weak league this season. It is highly unusual to have a season where so many of the usual challengers are having poor seasons. When Jose won first time around we broke the points record against Fergie's United, and Wenger's invincibles. Liverpool have been fantastic this season, but I think some pundits are going a little overboard already claiming that they are the best of all time and will win the league for years to come.
  6. He has impressed on the few times I watched Newcastle this season. If we are looking to just Kepa some competition Pope at Burnley might also be a decent option, especially as he isn't their first choice keeper.
  7. He has been very good for Saints this season and is still only 27.
  8. forbzy


    I agree he was an excellent striker. Not sure he is anywhere near his best now though. This season he has 5 goals total and 2 of those were penalties. Those kind of stats suggest something akin to the experience we had with Higuain last season. Another find striker in his day who was well past his best when he joined us.
  9. forbzy


    Looks like Cavani is off to Athletico Madrid. Their interest makes sense being that Diego Costa is out injured and they may be willing to offer PSG an actual transfer fee vs. a loan
  10. Kovacic and Jorginho have been at their most effective this season when combined with a more attacking midfielder like Mount or Barkley. When Kante plays alongside them in a midfield 3 we don't carry enough attacking threat from midfield.
  11. Disagree on Klopp. Remind yourself of his first season or 2 with Liverpool when he inherited a much better squad than we currently have. Also he was backed with numerous signings from when he joined, many of which did not work out, before he reached the current level of success. Many on here would have been calling for Klopp to be fired after the first season or 2, if he was our manager. Many Liverpool fans wanted him out before last season's improvement.
  12. Arteta didn't make that sub because Xhaka did a surprisingly decent job as a makeshift CB. In fact there were suggestions from some commentators that he might have finally found a position for Xhaka. That being said I agree that we should have taken the game to them more at 1-0 with the extra player. Certainly we had the momentum right after going a goal up and had dominated the game up to that point. We seemed a little unsure about whether to stick or twist at that point and handed the initiative to Arsenal. I can understand why we might have looked a little unsure of how to handle Arsenal for the rest of that half but we should have regrouped and come out with a clear plan in the second half. Instead it felt too conservative. I also would have taken Emerson off with his yellow card and was worried about the ref leveling things up. I am no fan of Emerson but I thought he actually had a half decent first half apart from his yellow. Second half he was awful but by no means the only one. I would also have had concerns about Alonso defensively but I think he would have offered us some options going forward. Had we included Lamptey on the bench we could have brought him on and moved Azpi over to the left too.
  13. This was my first game. Not a bad way to start 🙂
  14. forbzy


    All strikers run into bad patches from time to time, especially young players. I am confident Tammy will be back on a goal run again soon.
  15. Still when you think of the money we invested in Kepa we could have done much better in replacing Tibo surely?

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