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  1. You are being a little harsh on molluscs there 😉
  2. Very true. Boris looks positively competent compared with his orange cousin. Every day there are too many examples to pick from, but his comment about how scarves might be more effective than N95 masks stands out as particularly ignorant.
  3. Nice one. That is great news!
  4. Andy I used to go to Ios a fair bit back in the early 90's. Always a good party. Ran into quite a few Chelsea fans there too. Far Out Cafe on the main beach was a great spot.
  5. But these scientific & medical experts seemed to have ideas and opinions that were at odds with scientists almost everywhere else in the world. Plus most of their ideas (e.g. herd immunity) have seemingly been abandoned at the eleventh hour anyway. Now the UK looks ill prepared and are falling back on pointing the blame elsewhere e.g. China. Reminds me of the Donald Trump playbook e.g. denial leading to "Nobody could have ever seen this coming"
  6. 2 big flaws/risks with the herd immunity approach: 1. The estimate is that about 70% of the population need to contract the virus before you could achieve herd immunity. Looking at the stats from other parts of the world that would not only lead to a large number of casualties, but also would massively overwhelm the nhs possibly leading to an even higher than average percentage of casualties. 2. It is not scientifically confirmed yet that those who fully recover from the virus cannot pick it up again. So basically Boris has decided to conduct a science test with the UK as his guinea pigs, when no other country would risk doing the same.
  7. Some Q & A on the BBC about the possibilities for the football season: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51876162 Of course all of this is dependent on things settling to a point where a degree of normality returns to life in UK. One possibility I heard mentioned is that there will be no relegation from this season, and they will just allow the 2 top teams in the Championship to join a new Premier League season of 22. But then they have to figure out promotion and relegation all the way down the league structure.
  8. Certainly the TB issue in Italy would have already swamped their medical system. The hospital capacities have been the biggest issue there to date, and that won't have helped. At last count there were something like 15K active cases reported and their hospitals already cannot cope. In 2000 their healthcare system was ranked #2 in the world although I don't know where they would rank now. The challenge globally is dealing with an influx of cases while managing those already needing care for other reasons. Pretty sure most countries will reach capacity quickly if similar spikes are observed, and unfortunately the concern is that at that point hospitals will have to pick and choose who gets the ICU's. That has been the nightmarish situation unfolding in Italy. In the US the projection is that will start to happen by March 23rd but I suspect there will be regional variations depending on how certain locations have responded. I think that is the logic behind the attempts to flatten the curve. If you can slow down the rate of people needing medical care, there is more chance that the systems can cope.
  9. I reckon it will be postponed initially. But realistically it is hard to see things suddenly clearing up in the next month, so cancellation ultimately looks like the most likely option.
  10. Enjoy :). Still one of my favorite live performers.
  11. It is hard to know what to believe coming from them right now though.
  12. This is unlikely to be a suspension of matches for a few weeks. Most countries are losing the battle to contain, and it looks likely that things will get a lot worse before they get better unfortunately. Football could be off the menu for a long time. Stay safe and healthy all of you.
  13. Wee Pat must be delighted to see another Scottish diamond emerging at the club. It has been a while since we have had a Scot in the first team. Maybe even back to the 90's?
  14. Great performance and the team will be buzzing after that. Could have done without the injuries but on the positive side that means we will probably see more of Billy Gilmour now 🙂
  15. Looks like we have a real gem of a player here. Fantastic performance tonight and he will likely have a few more opportunities in the weeks ahead. Well done Billy!

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