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  1. forbzy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Agreed, this was the big win that Sarri desperately needed. I know we had the win against Arsenal in our second game but it was during the so called honeymoon period and against a team still settling with their new manager. Yesterday's win feels like a major milestone for Sarri at Chelsea and comes at the perfect time as we head into the congested holiday fixtures Lets hope we can put together a winning run now. I am also hoping that the club may take note and support Sarri by signing another striker in January.
  2. I wouldn't start any players who are starting against Brighton. This is a totally meaningless game from our point of view. We won the group already. With that in mind give some youth a chance. Ampadu, CHO, RLC should also start. Dujon Sterling too.
  3. forbzy

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think Sarri has shown he trusts RLC even in a big game like today, and RLC has taken his recent chances well. I fully expect him to a lot get more playing time in the weeks ahead. We have a very busy schedule the next month.
  4. Time to start baking. We are going to need a fair amount of humble pie on this forum tonight!
  5. We need a strong defensive performance in this game, and we need to take the chances that come our way If we can do that then we give ourselves a chance
  6. In Pep's first season City also had a pretty bad record against their main rivals. We obviously did the double over them, but other than that they only managed a home win against Arsenal and a win at Old Trafford. That was with attacking options like Aguero, and Gabriel Jesus (half a season) too.
  7. I'll be happy if Aguero misses the game as he always seems to do well against us. Then again City have plenty of other dangerous players to worry about. The odds are against us but I am hoping to see a positive reaction from the disappointing defeat against Wolves. Even if we lose lets hope for a good performance from our team.
  8. forbzy

    Tammy Abraham

    Can we do that under the terms of the loan though? I think it is a season long loan. Otherwise I agree it should be a no-brainer.
  9. forbzy


    We'll see what happens on Saturday but I suspect Pedro will start just as he did against Fulham, with Willian on the bench. With games coming thick and fast at this time of year Sarri has to rotate.
  10. Giroud will start I think. He at least holds up the play well and can bring Hazard into the game.
  11. forbzy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'll be surprised if we are able to sign a top quality striker in the January window. We find it hard enough at the best of times. Shame Tammy is on a season long loan as it would be great to give him a run now his confidence seems to have returned.
  12. forbzy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    We cannot change much in our squad until January at least. For now we just have to get the most out of what we have. Based on that I think our starting defense in most games is our best option. You could perhaps argue a case for Emerson over Alonso, but Emerson has his flaws too. In midfield I am hoping we see a couple changes for Saturday's game and I anticipate that we will. Jorginho will certainly be back for the big game, and hopefully Pedro in for Willian. We then have what is effectively a meaningless Europa game on Thursday so we really should give all the young players a chance then.
  13. forbzy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Ozil was rightly benched and that seems to have been an easy decision with Torreira and Guendouzi waiting in the wings. Sarri has also shown willingness to promote players to the first team. Ross Barkley first got his chance and now RLC in mid. Both did well although Ross since picked up an injury. I would be curious to know who you think should be benched and who should replace that player? Up front we don't really have many alternatives. Willian perhaps is one many are calling for and I think Pedro would be starting more if he hadn't recently been injured. In defense I don't think the alternatives would be an improvement. Christensen coming in last night was hardly a benefit.
  14. Ultimately Rudi would be a good captain I think. One of the few players who looks like a genuine leader out there. Actually although he is still a teenager I can also see that quality in Ampadu too.
  15. forbzy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Spot on. If we were to swap our 2 strikers with Arsenal does anybody really believe we would be on the same points total right now? Also after watching some of Arsenal's game yesterday, their defense is still not that great. They have been on a decent run but for the most part (Spurs game aside) they have just won games against teams that you expect them to beat. They are definitely better than last season and have made some decent acquisitions but that still have a way to go.