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  1. I think he would benefit from a loan where he has the opportunity to start regularly. He is unlikely to get many opportunities currently at Chelsea and his development seems to have stalled
  2. He didn't really seem to do much wrong under TT but then lost his place for no apparent reason and has had limited playing time since. Like most of the other players with limited playing time he often seems to look out of place when he gets a runout.
  3. A lot of these players get very few minutes as there is no reserves league any more. Not too surprising to see them looking rusty. Bring back the Football Combination 😉
  4. I saw an article that he was hanging is boots up after this season. I will see if I can dig it up.
  5. I would still consider Kounde as he can cover a lot of positions. Plus Thiago will be leaving end of season and it is still unclear whether Toni will stay.
  6. Not too surprising to see Saul struggling against a midfield that he struggled against a couple of weeks ago.
  7. I think this would have been a better game for Saul to make his debut than Saturday. That being said I will be surprised if TT makes any changes until at least the hour. He rarely does.
  8. We will likely see this set up from a lot of teams that visit the bridge this season. TT needs to figure out a different strategy to break them down. The current line up might be ok away at Liverpool but we should show more attacking intent tonight.
  9. Unless there is some late activity in the window we end up keeping both
  10. I would prefer that we kept RLC over Barkley. See if TT can unleash his potential over the season.
  11. Agreed. Unless Sevilla suddenly buckle (which I don't see happening) this deal looks unlikely for the current window. I can understand that but it does make some of the player departures surprising. We've basically lost the following defensive options from our squad over this window only including those with some first team experience: Zouma, Guehi, Tomori, Amapadu, Sterling, Clarke-Salter. Really only Chalobah coming in (returning from loan) Perhaps TT will consider playing just 2 CB's in a number of games?
  12. I forget about his injury. He arrived from Barcelona with some hype but that clearly set him back. I imagine if it comes down to it we are more likely to use a player out of position than risk an untried member of the academy, at least in the major competitions. So perhaps we should prepare for Jorginho at CB 😉
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