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  1. That's about right I'd say. We may hear back from CAS before this window has closed. If so that will either confirm that our existing ban stays in place, or perhaps gets reduced so that we can sign players again in January. If we are really fortunate perhaps the ban gets thrown out altogether at that point and we still have a little time to sign players this summer. However that looks unlikely.
  2. A truely class act, on and off the pitch. He will be greatly missed. I hope he has the chance to return to the Bridge as a Real Madrid player, and I have no doubt he will get a great reception. Thanks for 7 great years Eden!
  3. More details here: https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2019/6/7/18656983/reece-james-stretchered-off-with-suspected-ankle-injury Sounds bad for sure but we probably won't know the extend of the injury until the club medical team takes a look. All the best for a quick recovery Reece.
  4. I cannot see CAS overturning the ban entirely. I reckon best we can hope for is a reduction to one window and the possibility to make signings in January.
  5. It will be near impossible for Pep to improve on last season's haul with City, and they may be looking at a European ban soon. Perhaps the ideal time for him to move on to a new challenge.
  6. That is correct. The player has to first be registered with the parent club before they can be loaned out. That would not be possible for us under the ban. I suppose we could make some pre-agreements to sign players (e.g. first refusal) after the ban but that would not be the same as actually signing them and then loaning back.
  7. There is only uncertainty if we are actually trying to make deals for players. If we have accepted our fate then our main focus will be on reviewing the players returning from loan to determine which of those will form part of next year's squad.
  8. Lets say we request a freeze in the ban while CAS reviews our appeal, and then a month or so later it is found that our appeal through CAS is unsuccessful. What would happen then? We would technically have been able to take advantage of part of this window so I don't think it would count towards the FIFA ban. Does that man our ban then includes next summer's window? Perhaps that is the scenario the Telegraph was trying to describe. We cannot get an extended ban but it may end up being extended over 3 windows if we get a partial freeze and fail in our appeal. The longer this goes on without us requesting a freeze in the ban, the more it looks like we are just going to serve the punishment and hope CAS gets some reduction.
  9. No matter where he goes a big part of his heart will stay with Chelsea.
  10. Would love to see Eden get his hattrick. Especially if this proves to be his last game for us.
  11. To be fair he is pretty consistent in that look
  12. To be fair he is pretty consistent in that look
  13. Kovacic should not be starting ahead of Barkley

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