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  1. Not to forget Charlie Brown who will be thrown into the CF position as a last hope when our other striker options don't score 😉
  2. Pretty sure we will up losing money on him. The club should have taken a chance on Ola Aina as backup at the time. He would have been done well given the same opportunities
  3. Very true. He went through a few dry patches at Villa too. Happens with all strikers. He has only started 1 game so far and only the post denied him a goal in that game. I hope he can pick up a goal or 2 in the next run of fixtures to build some confidence.
  4. Honestly based on the last game I'd argue Pedro deserves to keep his spot over Pulisic. Although I recognize that Pulisic was probably tired after the game against Liverpool
  5. Klopp finished 8th his first season and it took a while for his high press to work well. I think Frank needs to be afforded the same time for his system to work and we need to consider that it might mean falling out of top 6, especially without being able to strengthen the squad.
  6. CHO is back in training today but I don't think he will have much chance to feature in the starting lineup until after the international break. I also doubt Reece James will feature until then too, although both may be on the bench. Rudi is more likely though with his experience.
  7. This was always going to be tricky coming off extra time and penalties in Istanbul. We could have easily lost but it was our failure to get the all important second goal that probably cost us just as much. We could have been out of sight in the first half hour with better finishing. I agree that Mount was a big positive. Less impressed with Pulisic today but hopefully he will improve.
  8. Problem is that VAR doesn't magically ring an alarm in the official's ear. It still requires an official to bother requesting a review
  9. They are also currently a much stronger squad than us
  10. I agree although based on preseason it seems like Luiz had even fallen behind Zouma in the squad and that was one of the reasons why he was keen to leave. Tomori may be raw at the moment but I hope he gets a few chances this season. He is young and will improve with the right coaching.
  11. I had high hopes for Zouma in his first season for us, but I think his injury set back his progress and he never reached the potential that I thought he might. He always had great pace and heart, and some of those qualities clearly won over fans of Stoke/Everton during his loan spells. However he has never convinced me as a CB that looks comfortable playing the ball out of defense and I am not sure he will fit into our system. Yesterday was a particularly harsh start for him, and there aren't many tougher away venues than Old Trafford (even if United are not the team they once were). I don't think he will be a regular starter once Rudi is back, but I do think he will have better days when called upon. Longer term he will probably be moved on once we are able to sign replacements again.
  12. Although there is technically a trophy at stake it is not one of the more highly recognized ones. I'd say the game against Leicester at the weekend is far more important. That being said a win would to our confidence no harm, and it would no doubt annoy the scousers too. Hopefully we can put today's game behind us and give it a real go on Wednesday. Although I am worried about how our defense will deal with the likes of Firmino/Salah/Mane.
  13. Easy to say that in hindsight. But had Frank started with Tomori, and he ended up making a mistake or 2, then everybody would have been screaming that he should have gone with the experience of Zouma.
  14. When we send Ampadu on loan I think the expectation was that Luiz would be starting regularly. No matter what has been said since I have to think that Luiz was causing serious problems in the dressing room. Otherwise surely we would have kept him around until January at least?

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