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  1. Would be annoying if we end up bringing back Lukaku for the crazy fee being quoted. It was a mistake to let him go in the first place.
  2. Spot on. This was a classic case of a square peg signed to fit a round hole. I imagine a direct result of the club's policy where the board sign players independently of the football team manager. We have had a growing number of misfit signings of this type in recent years.
  3. If Werner was a youth team product I am sure he would have been dropped by now. By comparison look at how quickly the likes of CHO have been benched. I have to think Werner's price tag plays a big part in his continual starts. There is no doubt that he always gives 100%, but he looks about as likely to score right now as Robert Fleck did after 10-12 games of his Chelsea career. I am not ready to give up on him but equally I don't think he should be starting regularly at the moment.
  4. Has he though? I am specifically focusing the last few months and not earlier in the season when he was contributing more.
  5. Tammy is not the perfect striker but it is hard to understand why he isn't playing more regularly at the moment when Werner consistently disappoints. The way Werner continually starts despite his failings reminds me of our desperation to get Torres scoring. If Tammy had been given as many starts recently as Werner I am sure he would have returned some goals.
  6. Yes. In effect it is only half time. I think Sergio Oliveira is the key player they were missing. He has scored 5 in the Champs League this season.
  7. Overall wasn't a good performance but a great result. I though Mount, James, Chilly, and Kova were all good for us.
  8. Chilwell has always had an eye for goal. Even in his Leicester days.
  9. Our passing tonight has been diabolical. Keep giving the ball away cheaply
  10. That was a wild challenge from the Porto player but I don't think he touched Chilly
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