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  1. On the flip side I never enjoyed holding onto nervy 1 goal leads under previous managers
  2. Fair point. But even when we have taken the lead in home games we have struggled to put games away.
  3. We actually get penalties our way in The CL once in a while
  4. We continue to look much better away from home. Not sure if our style of play is better suited to being the away team or the players feel less pressure when they are on the road.
  5. I would like to see Reece starting regularly at Right Back but I don't think that means Dave has to be benched. His versatility will ensure that he still has a big part to play this season, especially with our injuries. He looks a better option than Alonso at Left Back when Emerson isn't available, and did much better last night when he switched to the left. He actually played Left back very successfully for us under Jose when Ivan had locked down RB position. We already know he is a decent option as part of a 3-man Central defense too.
  6. Quite a few negative comments about Tammy. He certainly didn't have his best night but worth noting that he provided direct assists for 2 of our 4 goals. His shot was going in for the second goal and didn't need the touch from Dave. In fact that could have cost us had the VAR decision been offside. He was also involved in the build up to the penalty and drew the challenge that saw Blind red-carded. He missed a couple of decent chances at the end but then so did Bats.
  7. What a crazy game! Ajax were certainly looking in control at 4-1 but , unlike many teams, they don't believe in sitting on a lead and they left themselves open at the back. Once we got to 2-4 you could sense we were building some momentum and could score more. The biggest danger was that we would also concede more on the break. Obviously the double red card and penalty significantly increased the odds in our favor. Personally I think Ajax can have no complaints over Blind's second yellow, and the penalty was probably correct with the new handball rules. The second yellow for Veltman seemed very harsh to me although there are suggestions that it may have been more for dissent. We were unfortunate with the disallowed goal that would have made it 5-4. Again technically the correct decision based on the new handball rules but Tammy knew nothing about that so it was harsh on him. Kudos to Ajax for continuing to go for a winner even with 9 men. They almost got it too. Overall I'd say Ajax were comfortable in the first half, whereas we shaded most of the second half. The ref will probably dominate a lot of the headlines but it was still a great game of football with a lot of attacking play to admire from both teams. Valencia away will be tough but we seem to do better on the road at the moment so I think we can get a result there. We will definitely need to improve significantly at the back if we are to make much progress in this competition though.
  8. Considering we were 4-1 down a draw is a great result. However against 9 for the last part of the game we definitely missed a great chance to win. If we can draw in Valencia we should be ok as long as we can beat Lille (although is by far a foregone conclusion). Last game Valencia play Ajax.
  9. Surely Reece James must be close to being a first choice with his recent appearances?
  10. Poor half but a chance to regroup at the break and try to salvage something second half. I'd like to see Reece James come on.
  11. Who would you have rotated though? Maybe Reece James could have started but we have a lot of players out through injury at the moment.
  12. I would argue we have been poor at home in general this season. Not just in this competition.

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