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  1. It is hard to know for sure whether Sarri would have done as well given the loss of our best player in Hazard. There were indications that he was willing to integrate the youth players which would have been necessary given the transfer freeze. But some of this most promising younger players towards the end of that season (RLC and CHO) would have been unavailable for most of last season and we looked pretty turgid beyond those bright sparks and Hazard. Certainly one issue we have had is a lack of overall strategy from the club since we seem to change direction every year or so with a new manage
  2. I see some rumours that we are offering Rudiger and RLC as part of a possible deal for Rice now. At this point West Ham do not look desperate to sell so we would probably have to pay above the odds for him
  3. Interesting point about Sarri. Although I didn't really see too many on this forum who were disappointed when Sarri left. Then again I think most of the people calling for Lampard to be shown the door were saying similar about Sarri, Conte,...They are nothing if not consistent.
  4. The key will be for the squad to gel and hit some form by the time the Champions League starts. That is typically where the financial rewards lie and I suspect he will feel a lot more pressure from the board if we struggle there
  5. lol. Apparently that wasn't good enough for some on here. I would say a top 4 finish this season, with signs of progress overall is also ok. I am sure many on here will disagree and expect more. Realistically though we are not going to win the league as a work in progress. I hate going out of the EFL cup to Spurs and it would have been a nice trophy to go for, even without a Euro spot. That being said it will be the league and Champions League where Frank is ultimately judged.
  6. Agreed. If Chilwell had played the full 90 tonight and then not been ready for the weekend, everybody would have been on Frank's back about that. I personally would have rather seen Reece come on, with Azpi moving to left. However Reece has made a fair few errors this season too, and, while Emerson made the key mistake tonight if I remember correctly he did ok when starting last week against Barnsley. I think it will take a few weeks for the new team to gel with so many changes and no pre-season.
  7. I've got to assume that he comes in we will be letting at least Jorginho go and possibly Kante too.
  8. Hitting the post with a decent view of goal is unlucky but still a miss. Werner missed a couple of others late in the second half too. Strikers will do that. Anybody who remembers Kerry Dixon will remember he missed a fair few despite being a prolific scorer. Tammy scored when it counted at the end so not sure it is fair to hold him accountable for his misses, unless you hold Werner to the same standard.
  9. You might be right but realistically do people really expect us to win the league this year or something? We are in the middle of a major rebuild and so it makes sense to give Frank a bit of time in my opinion. If Roman just wants trophies then he may as well hire one of the top managers in Europe, and go with all big signings. At that point it will probably be the end for most if not all the youth players as there will be no patience for youth in the efforts to win things
  10. He would have been shipped out weeks ago if many people on this forum had their say.
  11. Ummm. Maybe away team? Remember Palace coming back from 3-0 at home against Liverpool in 2014.
  12. As ugly as that first half was, I hope the second half comeback will be something to build on and raise a bit of morale. At least the players showed some fight and still looked pissed off that the match ended.
  13. Next 45 minutes is huge for this team I feel. Put some pride back. First half was abysmal on all counts
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