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  1. I can see it now "Frank meet your new Director of Football. I believe you've met Avram before?"
  2. We certainly all hope for that kind of turnaround. But that team in 2012 was full of leaders and personality. Beyond Mason Mount the players seem to be happy to hide in the current team.
  3. Fair enough if that is the aim. I think that is about the best we can achieve this season at this point anyway. Maybe a run in the FA Cup if we are lucky.
  4. You missed my point. I'm just pointing out that if that is the bar for an interim, then we may as well stick with Frank and wait until we have the permanent replacement.
  5. OK so I will give some other examples. Benitez did win us the Europa but did he really improve us from where we were when RDM left? I would argue not. We lost some atrocious league games, failed to win the World Club Championship, and lost to Swansea in the League Cup semi. Avram Grant inherited an amazing team that had come close to a domestic treble the season before. That team was almost capable of winning without a manager, they had so many leaders. Yes we made the final in Moscow but we lost to an average Spurs team in the league cup, and Barnsley in the FA Cup. I agree Hiddin
  6. We won't get relegated this season even if we stick with Frank.
  7. The problem with an interim is that they often don't improve things much. Great example being Hiddink's second spell. On the other hand if they over achieve (e.g. RDM) the club then has to decide whether the stick with them, or still go with the long term plan. If we go with an interim I suspect it will happen straight away and will suggest that the club still believes it can salvage something from this season (e.g. top 4). I'm not convinced that is possible though, based on how woefully out of form we are at present. If the board believes top 4 is gone they may stick with Frank unti
  8. Even if Frank was to get fired I don't think it would preclude him from having another go at the job years from now if he has gained experience and standing as a manager. Ultimately he would be in decent company as a failed Chelsea manager. Lets not forget we have shown the door to Jose (twice), Carlo, Conte etc.
  9. Out of interest would you see value in Frank being shown the door to be replace by an interim like Sheva or Avram? Or do you only see value if we replace with a full time appointment?
  10. Pulisic has his moments but I am still not convinced he deserves all the hype.
  11. On current form yes. He may well come good but I am not expecting him to turn this game around.
  12. Yes. At least give him enough minutes to miss a sitter or 2
  13. Hasn't even been since last season. Look at where we were in early December. Its all gone pear shaped in barely a month.
  14. Love the optimism mate! Hard to see any sort of comeback though. We just don't seem to have that character at the moment.
  15. It really depends on whether the board knows who they want to invest in next. A new manager like Tuchel will want a decent contract and immediate backing in the market. Perhaps they are looking to bide their time until the summer rather than rush to replace.
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