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  1. forbzy

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    I think Aina will leave as he is doing well on his loan and they can get him at a reasonable fee afterwards. We do have Reece James and Jay Da Silva as options for full back though.
  2. forbzy

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    If anything it is another reason why we got rid of Emenalo. However we do still need another Director of Football.
  3. forbzy

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Is there any risk that we could get a longer ban after appeal? Either way it is highly unlikely that there will be any ban in place this summer so the club can always stock up then as needed. I would think the biggest concern is that we have a number of players coming to the end of their contracts who may need replacing in the next year or so (Willian, Pedro, Luiz, Hazard, CHO). I am hoping the last 2 in that list will choose to stay obviously :), On the positive side this may force us to finally play more of the youth.
  4. forbzy

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Emerson had a poor game against Bournemouth but then so did just about the entire team. Other than that he has been very good when called upon. I would definitely give him an extended run in the team at this point.
  5. forbzy

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The bloke I am thinking of wasn't with the Tamworth lot as far as I know and was more mild-mannered. I used to bump into him at lots of different games back in that era, and even ran into him in Greece once. Thinking of fans from other parts of England there was a decent following that I knew from Stockport which included a few nutters. They used to be regulars when we played away games in the North West.
  6. forbzy

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    We will appeal the ban, but I don't think it will be overturned. Having said that the appeal will probably delay the start of the ban and allow us to sign players for 1 or 2 more windows. That is basically what Barca did when they received a similar ban.
  7. Regarding the possible booing I would wait until we hear from somebody on here who was at the came. The Ruben chants can sound like booing and he came on at same time
  8. He strikes me as a versatile player. Wouldn't be surprised if he could do a job there.
  9. Odd decision to bring on Jorginho Knowing he is a nailed on starter why risk him when the tie is in the bag?
  10. Get Ampadu and RLC in for 15 mins
  11. He was. Many of us on here wanted him to stay The board should have patched things up with him, and then backed him last summer.
  12. When the subs are made tonight what is the betting that CHO will be first replaced?
  13. We've seen this show before a few times in the last few seasons sadly. It feels like the players know the manager's departure is imminent and they are just going through the motions.
  14. I suspect the players will be getting booed off for the third half in a row at this rate.