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  1. Yes. They were better in every area of the pitch today and they play very well as a team. Individually they don't have many standout stars but collectively they are very strong and that is why they are in the top 6. Kudos to them. We are a long way from a team that could challenge for titles but I would argue that we have been this way for the most part since Jose's last title with us. Conte managed a small miracle to grind out a memorable title but the signs of decay were already there. Poor decisions in the transfer market and a failure to replace key players eventually led us to a weakened squad and that is especially evident in defense. The last couple of seasons we have had several outings like today where we have been soundly beaten. For many years we just didn't see that happening, but we no longer have that strength, backbone, or leadership in defense. We will hopefully sign some quality in defense in the next window but we also need some leadership on the field. That is sorely missing right now. I do agree on the defensive tactics too. Lets hope we get in a quality defensive coach and go back to man marking.
  2. You have to wonder if he would have been benched a few games earlier had Tomori been available.
  3. I reckon 66 points might be enough the way Leicester's form has dropped in recent weeks. Having said that is Champions League football really something we need next season? I feel like this team might benefit from a season to develop without that distraction. I really don't think we are ready to make a deep run in the tournament anyway.
  4. Fair points but Sarri had 2 other key defenders that are better than our current options. So he was able to make some changes. Conte still had Courtois in goal ( a much better option in my opinion) not to mention JT. Who would you put in defense to improve us right now? I would say Tomori for sure but I know he is injured. I have already stated that I don't like zonal marking and I think scrapping that system might help a bit. But there is only so much that can be done with the personnel that are currently available. We don't just need 1 CB, I think we need at least 2 new defenders and a decent keeper.
  5. As much as I would love to see those 2 turning out in Chelsea shirts I am pretty sure that cannot happen until next season.
  6. LOL. I remember Billy Whitehirst and I know what you mean. From the Chelsea perspective a bit of Bill Garner wouldn't go amiss 🙂
  7. Disappointing (although somewhat predictable) that so many on hear turned on the likes of Tammy and some of the other youth today and in recent games. I am not sure which of them (if any) will ultimately make the grade at Chelsea. However they are all pretty inexperienced in the top flight and will inevitably show inconsistency. They need our support and encouragement more on bad days like today, than they do when everything is going right.
  8. Personally I think we will make top 4 if we win our 2 remaining home games. Having said that at the moment I am not even confident of keeping a clean sheet against Norwich.
  9. I am not a fan of zonal marking and never have been. Personally I think we would do much better defensively with man to man marking. That being said we have the same defensive options that were available to Sarri, minus Cahill who brought great experience and leadership (without the pace in his later days), and Luiz who although a liability at times still has moments of quality. Reece has been the one addition this season and he still has a lot to work on defensively. But overall he has done really well. Lets remind ourselves that near enough the same defense was on the wrong end of some major hammerings last season too. So we cannot place this entirely down to Frank and tactics. We desperately need some quality recruitment in the back 4.
  10. Chris Wilder is a very good manager and certainly better than Frank at the moment. But he has many years of managerial experience over him too. If Frank can learn from days like this he can also be a top manager.
  11. Ultimately, as Loz pointed out, the question is how Roman will feel about the Europa. He is looking to invest again and I imagine he expects Champions League revenues.
  12. You say that but beyond Liverpool, and City who could you honestly say does deserve it? United have improved lately and are probably the 3rd best team. Beyond that the Premier League has been mostly awful this season.
  13. I like the positive spin ;). I suspect that Leicester will drop more points. But then so will we. Liverpool away and Wolves at home still to come in the last 3 games
  14. I agree about the tactics defensively. We really don't seem to have improved at all in that area this season. Yes we have limited personnel but we also seem to persist with zonal marking when it hasn't worked. Ultimately that was Big Phil's downfall if I remember correctly. With Leeds on their way up, and watching today's sh*tshow, I am having flashbacks to the early 90's and our midtable averageness.
  15. I remember us getting beaten at Bramhall Lane a few times in the early 90's. In fact we have a pretty crap record against them in general I think.

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