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  1. I have serious doubts about Sarri but I also don't think things will improve if we just bring in a different manager. We might get a bounce in the short term but we saw that with Sarri's start too. The problems at the club are deeper rooted than the manager.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. In that case I was mistaken and we have to hope that eithe FIFA cancels the ban after our appeal, or CAS forces their hand.
  3. That relates to the appeal currently being reviewed by FIFA. Assuming the reject the appeal and uphold the ban, our next step is to take the case to CAS. At that point FIFA also have the option to suspend the ban. It probably depends on whether they think our case with CAS goes anywhere.
  4. I think we will find that out in the next week, if I have been following correctly.
  5. I am not very confident that we will win our appeal. It seems as though our case is based around the fact that other clubs do it too rather than challenging that we broke the rules. The only question is whether FIFA chooses to play it cautious and postpone the ban until CAS have reviewed the appeal.
  6. It is still a possibility but most likely we need at least 10 points from last 4 games. That would require us to go on a consistent run and actually pick up some points on the road.
  7. Our fans were commended for their impeccable observance of the occasion, and respect shown throughout.
  8. Sounds like the boy is OK thankfully. Also Chelsea invited him and his Mum as special guests for the U23 match last night according to this article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6927453/Liverpool-vow-ban-supporter-threw-smoke-bomb-Chelsea-end.html
  9. Good to see Liverpool finally made a statement too. BBC now running with it: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47949547
  10. The maximum points total we can still achieve is 78. That would probably get us top 4. Anything less and we have to rely on rivals dropping points in multiple games. Not impossible but chances look less likely with each point we drop. Add to that that Arsenal and Spurs have superior goal difference, and it is hard to see much less than 76 points doing it.
  11. I think CHO has been more effective on the left, but I also think the main thing Sarri got wrong was not starting Giroud. We would have been far more effective with Hazard on the wing and a natural center forward. Giroud links up well with the other attacking players too.
  12. I won't comment on which is worse between the flare, and the incident in Prague, beyond saying that there should be no place for either in the modern game. However the way Liverpool acted as a club in the case of both incidents has been inappropriate. First of all they chose to publicly get involved in the Prague case despite the fact that we had already clearly handled it very quickly. By doing so they managed to make it about them and politicize the event directly before our game Sunday. This effectively fired up both the players and their fans, and you could argue that it may have contributed to the hostile atmosphere that led to them throwing a flare into our end. Then after the flare incident on Sunday there has been no comment from Liverpool. Not even an effort to apologize to the kid and his family for the terrifying experience they had in Liverpool's stadium. Again purely because Liverpool didn't dare to make any comment that might make them look culpable. The club is a total disgrace and should be called out for such double standards. I would also add that I am disappointed that Chelsea haven't made any public comment about the incident to date, This is one of our regular, young fans who was the victim here. How about they stand up for our fans for once?
  13. I agree. A DoF needs to be a priority whether Sarri stays or goes. I don't think it is just failing to make the Champions League that would lead to Sarri being axed, but more the manner in which it has turned out. But who knows, maybe he will defy the odds and survive either way. The club does seem to be showing a lot more patience with him than they have with past managers.
  14. I think he will be gone if we fail to either win Europa, or make top 4.
  15. I think we will have to win our last 4 games to make top 4 now. That would give us 78 points which is probably still not going to be enough to finish above Spurs. That would guarantee that we finish above United and would then mean that Arsenal need 4 wins out of their last 5. I can see Arsenal dropping a few more points. However they have 2 very winnable home games and will probably manage at least 1 more win on the road. So even 3 out of 4 wins for us probably won't be enough. On current form I think we will fall short and finish 5th or 6th.

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