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  1. History repeating itself? Presumably Rafa will get himself fired by Everton so he is available to take over before Christmas?
  2. Very true. I think RLC and CHO deserve a few starts over those 2.
  3. This season's Champs League does remind me of 2012-13 unfortunately. Back then we had a Scandinavian team, plus Shaktar and Juve. If I remember correctly it was the 2 games against Juve that cost us a place in the knockout stage, and ultimately cost RDM his job too.
  4. Mount had been out of form even leading up to his injury. Kante is a bigger miss.
  5. I never bought into that rubbish, We haven't even got the strongest squad in the Premier League.
  6. Costa would have struggled in this system too. Don't forget he had prime Eden Hazard and Fabregas to create chances for him
  7. Problem is that lineup worked well against teams that attacked us but was lacking in games where we needed to take the game to the opposition (basically most games in the Premier League). That is one of the reasons we dropped so many points against teams in the lower half of the table before.
  8. Tuchel's system works well when we are protecting a lead and hitting teams on the counter. But I think he needs to change it up when we are chasing a game.
  9. Well now we will need to actually attack. Will be interesting to see what we do.
  10. Alonso does weigh in with a few goals but I still prefer Chilwell.
  11. But we have created pretty well nothing for Rom to feed on. How about whipping in a cross or 2 that he could actually attack?
  12. So just an idea. But perhaps TT changes the formation to accommodate both players centrally. The problem is we are approaching a lot of these games with 5 defenders, and 3 defensive midfielders. That leaves just 2 spots for attacking options so it is not surprising we don't create much
  13. Chilwell adapted to the position and eventually excelled there last season. He was a first choice by the end of the season. So it is a bit of a mystery why Alonso continues to keep him out. Also Azpi is better in a middle 3 in my opinion. I don't think he should be playing wing back. I know Reece is injured but CHO has done OK there before and would provide more pace down the flank.
  14. We were like that in quite a few Champions League games last season too. We just managed to get the results when we needed them
  15. Are you talking about tonight or his Chelsea career in general? 😉
  16. Kante has Covid. He will be out until at least after international break.
  17. 5 at the back can still feel attacking if the 2 wing backs are pushing forward at every opportunity. A lot depends on the personnel used in the system too. A midfield 3 of Kova/Jorginho/Kante is likely to be fairly defensive for example.
  18. Tuchel has done an amazing job with our defense and organization in general. He has made the team very difficult to score against, let alone beat. That being said we still have a fair amount of room for improvement when it comes to our attacking play. We have just completed a very tricky set of fixtures to start the season, with many games against rivals where we weren't clear favorites to win. I will be interested to see how we approach games in the next month or so when we are expected to win. That was often our downfall last season, even under Tuchel. Players seemed to look less motivated and we dropped a fair few points in those games. If we can find more consistency in these games we should be right there competing for top spot in the league. But we will need to show improvements in our attacking to win these games, and not approach them defensively.
  19. Yes. Most important thing is for Kante to fully recover. He should not be rushed back.
  20. Kante has a confirmed case of Covid so will be out until at least the international break. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  21. I think he would benefit from a loan where he has the opportunity to start regularly. He is unlikely to get many opportunities currently at Chelsea and his development seems to have stalled
  22. He didn't really seem to do much wrong under TT but then lost his place for no apparent reason and has had limited playing time since. Like most of the other players with limited playing time he often seems to look out of place when he gets a runout.
  23. A lot of these players get very few minutes as there is no reserves league any more. Not too surprising to see them looking rusty. Bring back the Football Combination 😉
  24. I saw an article that he was hanging is boots up after this season. I will see if I can dig it up.
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