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  1. Quite a few players out there now that need to be offloaded.
  2. Yes that was a terrible mistake. Lucky to get away with it.
  3. I will be surprised if Drinkwater stays with the squad this season but he deserves a chance to show what he can do in pre-season, just like all the others. With a new manager he effectively has a fresh slate.
  4. CHO has looked good so far. Gallagher is pretty tidy in possession. Baker has done well at the back. Tammy missed some decent chances but at least he is geting into the right positions.
  5. Starting 11 for tonight's game: Arrizabalaga; Sterling, Baker, Sarr; Hudson-Odoi, Drinkwater, Gallagher, Alonso; Ziyech, Pulisic, Abraham
  6. I only saw him playing a few minutes for France in the Euros so not enough time to really make much assessment there. However he was regarded as one of the best defenders in La Liga last season. Looks like Zouma would be included as part of the deal.
  7. I'll be surprised if Haaland happens this summer, especially if it is true that he can be bought for a fraction of the quoted amount next summer.
  8. Guehi is a good young player who did really well in his loan at Swansea. I fully expect him to do very well for Palace. If he fulfills his potential there I hope he returns rather than gets snaps up by one of our rivals.
  9. He has always managed to score goals in his career and is probably at the peak age for a striker. He may like some finesse at times but his record speaks for itself.
  10. I don't think that is correct by the rules though. Lets say he had done a two footed challenge in the build up he would have still got a red even if we scored. He should have got at least a yellow for deliberate handball.
  11. Timo has been extremely wasteful as usual. I give him some props for stretching them with his pace. But he needs to do better with the chances he gets. He also gave away the ball cheaply on 2 occasions that could have cost us massively.
  12. Good call on Pulisic. The longer the game goes on this way the more likely we will go for a speedy option like him on the counter.
  13. Did Ederson handle that ball when Havertz went around him? Looked like it. If so he was lucky not to get a red.
  14. Presumably City are staying in a hotel with an Angel on top?
  15. Yes. I have a feeling Ziyech will start this one too. He has been used quite a bit in the big games.
  16. Its like most a lot of to be fair. The fans that supported the teams before they came upon huge success are generally going to remember the old days and act less entitled. I know quite a lot of older United fans who are very fair and decent too. I haven't come across too many obnoxious City fans although I am sure there are plenty that have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years. No doubt we have our fair sure too 😉
  17. Pretty spot on I'd say, although Werner's number is mostly driven by sentiment in that he has never given up. In terms of his end product he would score much lower I think. Ziyech is a bit of an enigma. Overall I would grade him about the same but he has a habit of popping up with some really important goals in the big games. It wouldn't surprised me if he scores on Saturday (if he plays).
  18. I would be happy to see Conte back here in the future if it works out that way at some point. He was very successful during his time here. If the club had backed him instead of Diego, after his successful first season, then he may have enjoyed even more success during his time with the club.
  19. This is going to the moment when TT unleashes his masterplan 7 player back line. This is why he has been hoarding defensive players in the subs for so long. We will have a back 7 of Chilwell, Alonso, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, Christensen, Dave, Reece. City will be left scratching their heads as we hoof long balls up for Werner to chase. 😉
  20. I would say that there is a big difference between losing to Leicester in the FA Cup final, and being beaten by arguably the best team in Europe in the Champions League final. But I know what you are saying. Our board can be very ruthless. If we manage to beat City in the final then of course nobody will care about the performance. The trophy would be all that mattered. If we lose however I think then our performance may be important to the board. But who knows with our board?
  21. Hard to imagine that he won't get an extension if we win the final. If we don't win and he doesn't get an extension, that wouldn't bode well for his future at the club.
  22. I would assume if this happened then we would have to assume that the board did not have faith that Tuchel was the right person for the job. Currently I think Tuchel has 1 year left on his initial deal. I would hope that the board extends that after the end of this season, if they see Tuchel as our future manager. If they don't extend him it is hard to imagine Tuchel lasting very long. If you have a manager on a short term deal there is increased risk that a fallout can occur and I would not have any faith that the board would back him players that he wants.
  23. We go into the game knowing City will attack us. That probably suits Tuchel as we generally seem to do better when set up to defend and hit teams on the counter. The games we have struggled in under Tuchel we have had to take a more attacking approach. Even if City score first I doubt they will change their tactics. if anything they will try to score more, as that is typically their style. So while this a risk of getting beaten comfortably if things go badly, we should be able to use Tuchel's preferred system throughout the game. It really comes down to defending well as a team, but also taking our chances on the counter. If we can do both City may find themselves in a spot of bother.
  24. You are assuming he wouldn't miss them 😉
  25. 8 wins and 25 points from our last 12 league games while making the FA Cup final (beating Liverpool and United on the way) was a pretty impressive way to wrap up. In fact the points return in that last 1/3 of the season was almost identical to the amount of points per game achieved by Tuchel (2 pts/game). In both cases we failed at the final hurdle in the FA Cup (arguably shafted by bad refs in both cases), although Tuchel has a chance to deliver the Champions League of course. Either way, even if we take Tuchel's half season and double the number of points we still only finish 3rd and a fair way short of the title. I don't think we can make up that gap with Tuchel alone. We need some improvements to the squad.
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