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  1. We are already paying to Torres a lot for almost nothing, Eto would be far better for sure, so I wouldn't mind paying him more than Torres if he would score a lot more goals. Yeah, I think he is the highest paid footballer so I doubt it is going to happen.
  2. Check this if you like piano! He played last night in Belgrade.
  3. Just to distract myself a little bit from juve game and post something on here.
  4. Very true I think, except chinese or arab clubs if he wants to go there. Maybe loan and buy out clause in range of 15 mil would be just fine. Atletico would accept that I think.
  5. http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/chelsea-launching-surprise-bid-juventus-striker-matri-3633891 It's tribalfootball, but what you guys think about that? He is cheap, that's for sure.
  6. I was criticized on this forum because I didn't wanted him here, but I would never in my life thought that things with Torres would go this way.
  7. Lampard is leaving in january??
  8. I wouldn't mind Leandro Damiao here.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBMqj1s1AmI Gay music, so I suggest to turn it off.
  10. What about Jovetic in front of our 3 magicians? That could be interesting and could work very well I think. All four of them would score plenty of goals and have plenty of assists. And also, think about to have these kind of forwards in our club in one time: Falcao, Jovetic, Lukaku, Sturridge, and also Torres if he wants to compete for starting place.
  11. I was thinking of that too, it could work. If we sign young RB then no chance for our players from academy. We still have Paulo tho.
  12. I think he wants another year in Atletico, and with this form of Cech that seems reasonable.
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