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  1. He took Marko Marin's jersey number. bar steward!
  2. + Mikel/Essien/Lampard = Triple Pivot
  3. Van Ginkel: "At Chelsea, they said to me: 'This will be Lampard's last year and you're in our plans to succeed him.'"
  4. Red Cliff I & II, Warlords, 13 Assassins etc..
  5. Ill Manors http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1760967/?ref_=rvi_tt Not bad at all, especially for that kind of movie.
  6. Brazilian's latest wonder-kid Victor Andrade catches eye of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/arsenal-transfer-news-victor-andrade-2120450
  7. The Master - some good acting and good photography and I enjoyed it while watching it, but plot is nothing special really. I think it's better than There Will Be Blood from the same director, which I think was quite boring except Daniel Day-Lewis acting which was great.
  8. Not sure about Stella-pub, but you can find this beer for sure. Few years ago there was a lot of Stella commercials on tv and that beer was in almost every store, but now is very rare, not sure why.
  9. Under-21 squad member Lewis Baker has today (Monday) signed a new three-year contract, keeping him at the club until 2016. http://www.chelseafc.com/news-article/article/3331409/title/baker-signs-new-contract
  10. http://www.weaintgotnohistory.com/2013/7/8/4502796/matej-delac-loan-fk-vojvodina-mateja-kezman-director-of-football
  11. He's going to FK Vojvodina, Kezman arrange it. Although, it could be a friendly game with Vojvodina in Serbia and I would really love that to happen.
  12. Keep the blue flag flying high!

  13. http://www.weaintgotnohistory.com/2013/6/15/4431998/tonight-in-the-catalan-theater-of-absurd-torres-looking-at-torres
  14. Jokanovic was fired by Muangthong United, a football club from Thailand. It was kind of a surprise because he won the league with them last season.
  15. It seems that Jovetic is gone to Arsenal, at least that's what his agent said. Shame, I was hoping we could get him.
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