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    BelgradeCFC reacted to PhilH930 in Donnarumma   
    Completely agree.  Add on to that the pressure he managed internally from the expectations and spotlight on the position, plus moving countries during the covid year.  He has been nothing short of outstanding.
    This is completely subjective, but he comes across as a very humble and hard working individual, very aware and appreciative of the opportunities he has earned in life.   That shows in his performances and mentality.  He is brave, and at a young 28, has years ahead of him.  A bit of a late bloomer for sure, but in 5-6 years we may be very concerned on how we replace in.  Not directly comparable, but a certain Drogba was also a late bloomer, and that worked out nicely for Chelsea.
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to LongtimerLurker in Erling Haaland   
    As good as it is to win the actual cup again I know what you mean you kind of forget it this time and you have to keep reminding yourself nope it really happened. I see so many similarities between this win and the last one but one key difference.
    While 2012 saw the end of an era and the dawning of a new one, this year it feels like the start of a dynasty. Not to say the last win didn't start one if you look at some of the players we acquired between last winning it and now despite a good few hiccups generally we have still won big titles even if its spread across the 9 years.
    In 2012 we were beginning to change the old guard we lost a few key players that season and in the next few, it was then crucial we began a new sporting project. We signed Eden Hazard and this is where essentially the circle completes itself. The win in 2012 set up the win in 2021.
    Eden became our sporting project we attempted to build a team around him so that one day we would win the UCL again. Ironically it was the money he brought in for us that gave us our second title.
    This is no fluke but a carefully orchestrated plan. It was a win win situation signing Eden in 2012. Through being the best team in the world we signed the best young player in the world, we helped him develop and our reward was title after title followed by a huge paycheck for our most prized asset.
    In 2021 we look to repeat the process. If we sign Erling and sell him in 5-7 years. You would assume not only would we make our money back through titles but also when he leaves we should get a fat payout again.
    The main difference here though is as good as signing Erling Haaland would be for us as a club I would argue we can afford to wait another season to get him for half the prize assuming we do actually sign him despite the competition.
    We are in a much better place squad wise and arguably financially this time around. Unlike in 2012 when we needed Eden to be the focal point of our team, this time we have so many young talented players that the team can be built around, Erling would be the cherry on the top.
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to dansubrosa in Erling Haaland   
    Bloody hell, we’ve actually won the champions league. It hasn’t really sunk in yet!
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to coombsie in Our New Stadium   
    Roman's decision not to build the stadium when he did (for his own reasons) has turned out to be the BEST financial decision he could have made. COVID, no crowds, reduced revenues etc, would have made the debt very difficult to service, if not impossible -  look at how our old mates in N17 are struggling 🤣
    Roman's financial and accounting teams will be all over the potential ROI (return on investment) like a rash and should the UK government remove their political and childish visa ban, I am sure that the Planning consent can be revived.
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to Faisal in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    Club World Cup is the only trophy we have yet to win. I was slightly pissed we lost to Corinthians in 2012, now it’s our chance to add a new trophy to our cabinet and proclaim the team world champions. Btw for comedy go watch aftv podcast with that muppet DT who is still in denial and proclaiming Arsenal are the biggest club in London. 
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to ducavis in Declan Rice to Chelsea?   
    Might as well buy Maddison since he is Chiwell’s bestie
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to ForeverCarefree in Next new Striker   
    Tuchel clearly doesn't like or rate Abraham. Tammy's Chelsea career is as good as finished following Tuchel's contract extention. 
    Sancho is likely to join United. But in truth last thing we need is to sign another attacking midfielder/winger, we're overstocked as it is. 
    I would be extremely surprised if we neglected to sign a striker. If Haaland doesn't happen then we're going to at least approach Spurs for Kane (even though I think that's a non-starter). 
    At the moment anyone could improve us so even signing someone like Danny Ings would be a step in the right direction. 
    Any striker who could get 15 league goals is going to be a target. 
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    BelgradeCFC got a reaction from Gol15 in Next new Striker   
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to Scott Harris in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    Every time I see my friends and family, I keep annoying them by saying "Guess what.........Chelsea won the Champions League" 
    My dad's expecting it now though because every time I say "guess what" he replies with "f**k off" 😆
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to Boyne in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    Seems the best place to post this picture. Not sure if already posted. A fine sight.

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    BelgradeCFC reacted to coco in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    News coming in that Reece James has been arrested at the Porto airport. Apparently he had too much sterling in his pocket.
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to just in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    Same here. It didn't look that bad in real time but De Bruyne went down like he was whacked by Mike Tyson.
    The City physios kept him down on the ground for so long I thought they were waiting for him to stop being ginger.
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    BelgradeCFC reacted to PhilH930 in Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST   
    How good does this feel! To win it once was a great achievement, but twice puts us with different company. Love it. 
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