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  1. We all thought we’d pulled one over on the bindippers when this boy was signed last year. Beginning to think it’s the other way around tbh.
  2. Funny how every striker the club purchases no matter what the reputation more often than not becomes a splendid failure. Exceptions in modern era - Only Drogba Anelka & Costa. A curse or pants coaching ?
  3. Finally gets a 🎩 trick. Could of had 2 really with the opportunities presented but kudos to him and hopefully put this tie to bed.
  4. He’s back, in goal and in the mistakes. And boy have we missed his butter fingers, statuesque positioning and complete lack of footballing ability in between the sticks. Welcome back to the starting 11 you are quite possibly the worst piece of business in the club and leagues history. Special thanks to the manager for selecting him !!
  5. “Covid was around most of last season” season lasts 9 months. Started in August 19. Covid stopped it in March last year . It restarted for 2 months how the heck is your statement accurate pal?
  6. I’m leaving the forum early today ! The so called bottling on the pitch is far outweighed on here by fans who quite plainly are not that, a fan usually supports the team on match day. Take a look in the mirror and maybe another sport is better suited to your whining whingeing purpose, one where you can pick a team or athlete that is guaranteed to bring you the instant gratification of plastic glory that you all hunger so much.
  7. General


    https://www.squawka.com/en/diego-costa-stats-next-club-transfer/ he will be looking for at least a 2 year deal so that rules out Chelsea, would gooners pay him 150K a week? but on a short term performance based contract he’s proven at prem level
  8. They have the best squad in the prem so 5 out is manageable & don’t think that will work in cfcs favor. based upon Frank’s tactics and recent results with other direct rivals he’ll focus on being tight at the back at the expense of the attack with no surprises like wee Billy starting. Can’t see Zyech starting which is a shame as he seemed to bring the X factor (playmaker talisman what ever you wanna call that type of player - Hazard, Fab etc) that is sorely missing from the starting 11 recently. So the score will likely be a bore draw either 0-0 or 1-1. Not what is required by most fans
  9. No loyalty in football anymore ! midway point in a season the likes nobody has seen before, look at the news people are dropping like flies, club today is 6th, 6 points off the top. But let’s all throw our toys out of our prams cus Chelsea aren’t top because after spending all that money they should be, and it’s all the managers fault. Winkers 😉
  10. CAN THE CLUB PLEASE MOVE HIM ON NEXT MONTH TO ARSENAL, ON A KNOCK DOWN FEE PLEASE ? no bottle, no mettle, no grit, no heart I could go on , glad if I never see him put on that shirt again cus today wasn’t the first time , oh no not by any means, weak feeble defender hence my Arsenal recommendation he would work out good for them I think
  11. Dave club captain but really needs moving on he’s given the club great value & service would he get in city or dippers squad NO AC not good enough for a club aspiring to be elite again would he get in city or dippers squad NO Rudiger would he get in city or dippers squad NO Emerson would he get in city or dippers squad NO Alonso would he get in city or dippers squad NO Jorginho would he get in city or dippers squad NO Kova would he get in city or dippers squad NO is CHO better than Jasper Gronjaker ? 140 mill quid of kraut super subs would they ge
  12. Never saw JT once rolling around on the floor outside his box while the opposition attacks then scores. So much for keeping a clean sheet for 15-20. Not Chelsea player standard period.
  13. Better half than I expected tbh, hopefully villas gamble not to rotate will backfire and their legs will go chasing the game. Got to keep them out for at least 15-20 for the fatigue to really kick in, getting #2 would put it to bed but recently nothings been easy for this team .
  14. Lot of rotation surprised Kepa not back in the line up with the mouth watering prospect of AC & Rudiger in the middle of the defence. Hopefully it’s not another loss and a decent performance either way. Unfortunately can’t see anything but suffering again today, hope I’m proved wrong as don’t like to be a bottler !
  15. Villa are a very dangerous opponent, There’s either going to be a reaction and players rally round, or we’ll see a bleeding shambles again like the last 3 league matches (WHU got fortunate w late goals), lose this then City up next , Roman doesn’t tolerate that kind of form generally. Would like to see Werner up top, Pulisick on left, CHO other side, no Jorginho why not Billy to start w Kante +1 , can’t be any worse, Mendy Silva & the usual suspects at the back. Hope to see that much needed reaction and put Aston Grealish to the sword tomorrow!
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