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  1. I'm sorry for all the Irish, because they simply didn't have a chance tonight. The Danes were just too good. Even Bendtner scored one!
  2. I live in Espoo, but work in Helsinki. I used to live in Tampere for almost six years. I liked it.
  3. Being a Finn my 1st team is not in a top division (JJK). Well, they were in the Finnish league this season, but got relegated back to the first division. Chelsea is my 2nd and only other club.
  4. Ballack was called lazy by some, but he was a pretty decent player in his prime as well.
  5. It's not the band I'm going to see next, but a band I saw last night, but since the name is such a mouthful, I'll just have to give them a mention. So what is the band I went to see last night? Well, it was Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS, of course. Obviously.
  6. To be fair, though, who is? There's no school for becoming a technical director. There's not even a proper consensus in the footballing world about what that job is. Which explains the confusion over what exactly it was that he did at Chelsea all these years.
  7. I blame Kenyon for Emenalo.
  8. I have no idea if James was Ancelotti's signing, but they've worked together, so that must've been one of the main reasons for this loan deal.
  9. Ancelotti was Real Madrid's manager when they signed James and Ancelotti is Bayern's manager now. Not random at all.
  10. On his day he's an absolute beast of a striker, but he clearly doesn't want to be at Chelsea, so the sooner he leaves and opens up a place for someone who does want to play for the club, the better.
  11. Now Sky Sports is reporting that "senior Everton sources have told Sky Sports News HQ that no deal has been agreed".
  12. A high horse has been mounted... http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-british-transport-police-10569276 Besides, I think Desailly has said it that he knows Terry and doesn't think JT's a racist. I don't see a reason why Desailly would say so if it wasn't his honest opinion. Terry took his place in the squad, so it seems he has respect for Terry after all these years. --- Not relevant to Terry, but Imagine if Chelsea had done this? http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/aston_villa/83064/retro-snapshot-darkie-aston-villas-casually-racist-1950s-mascot.html
  13. Sky Sports is also reporting that the deal has been agreed.
  14. 75 million is a massive weight on his shoulders. He's got to hit the ground running or the knives will be out. If not by the fickle fans, then at least by the media.

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