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  1. With us playing another game on Saturday, I'm not surprised that Drinkwater is not starting. We played against a weakened Stoke and it was clear we were resting players with today's match in mind and I'm pretty sure we'll see the squad being rotated again when we play Norwich. Hopefully Conte gets it right today AND on Saturday. He definitely got it right against Stoke.
  2. Maksimov

    STAR WARS - Possible Spoilers

    The movie had plenty of problems, but it's better than the prequels and The Force Awakens. Finally we're at a point where we're ready to leave the obsession with everything being tied to Skywalkers behind and we can start to progress the story into a new direction. Although I'm afraid this trilogy will end up being a tug of war between directors and J.J. will attempt to nullify as much as he can about the plot twists in the Last Jedi. Kylo Ren is not as strong as Darth Vader and that's exactly the point. It's (supposed to be) a new story. I just wish they hadn't wasted a better part of trilogy pandering to fans and had got on with it from the get go. This felt like an ending of a trilogy rather than the middle part, but in a way that's good because now I'm actually interested in seeing what will happen as we could at least in theory be heading into a new territory. Like I said... The movie has plenty of problems, but at least it's taking chances again instead of playing it all too safe.
  3. Maksimov

    World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    I initially thought you were talking about England...
  4. Maksimov

    Andreas Christensen

    I'm sorry for all the Irish, because they simply didn't have a chance tonight. The Danes were just too good. Even Bendtner scored one!
  5. Maksimov

    World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Denmark were simply on another level compared to Ireland. Totally deserved.
  6. Maksimov

    Calculated gamble vs Qarabag?

    We managed to beat them fairly easily without having to play our strongest lineup in the first match. We can afford to rest a few players.
  7. I live in Espoo, but work in Helsinki. I used to live in Tampere for almost six years. I liked it.
  8. Being a Finn my 1st team is not in a top division (JJK). Well, they were in the Finnish league this season, but got relegated back to the first division. Chelsea is my 2nd and only other club.
  9. Maksimov

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Ballack was called lazy by some, but he was a pretty decent player in his prime as well.
  10. Maksimov

    The next bands you are going to see?

    It's not the band I'm going to see next, but a band I saw last night, but since the name is such a mouthful, I'll just have to give them a mention. So what is the band I went to see last night? Well, it was Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS, of course. Obviously.
  11. How's that gonna work when every other summer there's either the World Cup or the Euros? Are they supposed to play the qualifiers during the off season in the year that there's no big tournament? And if there's a Confederation Cup, that's one less summer available. Some players have very little or no time away from football during the summer as it is, so trying to cram even more football into the one part of the year when most players are supposed to get their brief rest doesn't sound like a good idea. Besides... Not all domestic seasons run from August until May anyway. And for once there's interesting international matches with the play off matches being played during this international break.
  12. Maksimov

    Our new technical director is...

    To be fair, though, who is? There's no school for becoming a technical director. There's not even a proper consensus in the footballing world about what that job is. Which explains the confusion over what exactly it was that he did at Chelsea all these years.
  13. I think Christensen has earned another start.
  14. Maksimov

    These half and half scarves are stupid

    Or a half and half shell suit with Liverpool and Everton on it... Oh wait, I could actually imagine seeing that.
  15. Maksimov

    These half and half scarves are stupid

    The only half and half scarf I could just about imagine buying was if it was a Champions League final scarf, but even then I probably wouldn't buy it.