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  1. Some people seem to hate the stadium design, but I think it's quite good and it keeps growing on me the more I see the designs. At least it has a distinctive look, so it won't be just like about 90% of modern stadiums out there. For some reason it reminds me of a gothic cathedral.
  2. And before both of those was the Bogroll... *groan*
  3. 3. It's Tuttosport. A daily football newspaper with around 30 pages to fill and different editions for Turin, Milan, Rome and Genoa. That's a lot of pages to fill.
  4. Grandaddy are releasing their first album in eleven years. The few songs I've heard from it have been quite promising...
  5. I wasn't able to find (with a quick a google search) proof, but I remember hearing that he was the most fouled player in the French league when he played there.
  6. Alien: Covenant. I hope it resembles Prometheus as little as possible.
  7. SPOILERS! I got the feeling that it wasn't suppose to happen as quickly as it seemed, but the director and the editor just failed to portray the passage of time properly. I'm not saying that interpretation lets them off the hook, but I didn't think it was the movie's bigggest flaw either. I just wished that it had been more "intellectual" and have scrapped the action (bomb, etc.) It felt like they had a script for a certain type of movie, but the producers and production company wanted certain alterations to make it a more marketable. It could have been a much smarter movie. I'm not saying they went all Independence Day, but it had a lot of unfulfilled potential.
  8. I have a feeling some people still aren't convinced that he's any good.
  9. I wasn't blown away either, but I thought it was still one of the better "aliens come to earth" movies. I think there was a better movie to be made with this premise, but the ending was disappointing. Also there was one shot which had the most unconvincing CGI in a recent mass market movie that I've seen. Not that it ruined the movie, but it was weird to see it used for so long, like the director and the editor were happy with how it looked.
  10. Sorry, I couldn't help myself... Carry on!
  11. I saw Hacksaw Ridge yesterday and even though I didn't know the story of Desmond Doss all that well before I saw the movie, I had a strong hunch about some scenes that it wasn't very historically accurate, even though the movie starts with the name of the movie followed by the text "a true story" or something along those lines. And after seeing the movie I checked to see if I was right and sadly my hunch was mostly pretty much spot on. I'm not sure why they had to adjust the timeline and some details of the movie the way that they did. I don't know why they didn't just tell the story like it was, because it would've been interesting just as it was without amplifying certain aspects and modifying other things. I don't want to go to specifics so I won't spoil it, but I'm mostly talking about when they actually attack Hacksaw Ridge, what Doss does there and how it's portrayed. Some of it is just so needlessly over the top and stylized that it made me cringe. Parts of it were quite interesting which dealt with the fact that he was in the war without a weapon and I thought there could've been more of that during the battle sequences and less of the generic battle scenes. Don't get me wrong, a battlefield medic's job is dangerous and demanding enough just as it is, even if the medic had a gun, but when the story revolves around a man who doesn't have a weapon, I think that's the aspect they should concentrate a bit more on during those battle scenes. I'm not saying it should be all about that, but I would've liked to see a bit more of it. I think the story would have deserved a better movie. It's not a terrible movie, but a fairly flawed one. A bit like Full Metal Jacket, the most interesting part of the movie is what happens before they actually go to war. I'm not saying it's anywhere near as good as Full Metal Jacket, though.
  12. Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo Chelsea
  13. I saw Moonlight earlier tonight. Very solid storytelling and good cinematography. Boyhood and this are two very different kind of movies, but Moonlight reminded me of it because of the subject matter. Although in this one there's an actual story arc instead of just stuff that happens. Don't get me wrong, Boyhood is a very solid movie, but it's closer to being a documentary rather than a traditional fiction narrative. In Boyhood the power of it was in the fact that it took so many years to shoot and the central characters (and their actors) age accordingly during the shoot. In Moonlight there's three actors who portray the main character and it's not often (if ever) that I've seen this kind of setup work this well. It's not quite as great as all the five star reviews suggest, but it's not far off. Very solid.
  14. He's such a liar... Small? I'm sure he was born fully formed.
  15. I had to check and doublecheck to see if this wasn't posted in October.
  16. Replacing him with AVB just made it worse. Although it did lead to RDM and the UCL glory, but as much I like Di Matteo, I think Carlo could've done what he did. We finished second in 2010/2011 and I think that unless he'd lost the dressing room, he would've deserved one more season.
  17. I've been listening to Teksti-TV 666 all afternoon. They're a Finnish band and I suppose they'd be called Ceefax 666 (would sound kinda catchy, to be honest) if they were English. Nice mix of lo-fi melodies and disortion.
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