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  1. Out: Kepa (£32.725m) Barkley (£2.3m) Christensen (£75m) Ivanovic (Free) Emerson (£65.35m) Jorginho (£300k) Batshuayi (£13m) Kepa (£15m) Jokanovic (Free) Alonso (£10m) Willian (-£10m) Mikel (£112.42m) Kepa (Loan) Barzagli (Free) Barkley (£16m) Hazard (£90m) In: Koulibaly (Free) Donnarumma (£67.2421324m) Lewandowski (£4m) Di Maria (£2m) Hazard (£90m) Zambrotta (£52m) Jameson (£19 at Sainsbury's) Some Atalanta or Leipzig player (£152.625m) Federer (£24m) Duff (£18m) Havertz (£94m) Jorginho (£57m) Messi (Free) Kepa (Loan) Maldini (£452m) A German guy (€67m) Nakata (Loan) Rudiger (£94m) Total profit: £65.4m - get it done Marina! Easy peasy.
  2. I'm not sure Alonso has ever been described as a 'fine' or even 'competent' defender. Great fun though.
  3. Out of interest have you taken out a subscription for the Athletic or are you just on the free trial? If the former, do you think it's worth it?
  4. Same here to be honest - I was more excited by us signing Petit and Zenden in that window.
  5. I certainly wouldn't be writing him off yet. He had a very long injury layoff, no pre-season, and came into a team in flux. Plus, he is only 19. Those stats are encouraging - looks like he is good at the sort of thing Willian is good at. We'll see how he gets on next season when we have a better idea of our long-term attacking personnel.
  6. Someone or other made the argument that Christensen has the potential to be the best centre back in the world as long as he never has to play against an actual centre forward. Sounds about right...
  7. Interesting to see that they only have 34 goals in 33 games. I'm sure we'll find a way to help them out with that...
  8. Agreed, it's really a sign of how dramatically our defensive standards have dropped, not just from the 'glory' days of JT, Carvalho, etc., but even from a few years ago.
  9. Pah, if we're talking about American Fulham players, Brian McBride is the man. Clint Dempsey always came across as a dick. (In all seriousness, the latter was excellent at Fulham). Unfortunately I have just put Pulisic in my fantasy team, so that's probably the end of his effervescent form. On the other hand I have also put in Bruno Fernandes, so with any luck that will balance out.

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