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  1. I tend to get tired after two these days...
  2. If we're sticking with 4-2-3-1 probably something along these lines: Kepa James Rudiger Tomori Azpilicueta Kanté Kovacic/Loftus-Cheek Pulisic/Hudson-Odoi Willian Mount Abraham
  3. Ironically enough José would probably be perfect for Arsenal right now. Unfortunately (for them) they can't appoint a manager whom the fans genuinely loathe. We know that better than anyone...
  4. How much are you fined if you turn up drunk? Asking for a friend...
  5. Some very impressive performances of late, doubly so considering he has had to overcome the unfortunate handicap of being American. I like that he seems to have a real drive, an ability to successfully will things to happen. I think (at the moment) that this is his main similarity to Hazard. I think he has certainly earned his place in the starting XI. If he continues to improve he could be world-class. Having Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi as our wide options is a very exciting choice for Frank to have to make.
  6. Luca Vialli entertaining the Italy squad (and inadvertently mimicking Uncle Junior in more ways than one):
  7. Ajax targeted him aerially last night. Whenever they played it long it would be in Tomori's direction, with Ziyech or Tadic winning the first ball in the air. Height isn't a problem for him, but for the time being I think he will need to be paired with someone more physically dominant (a Zouma or a Rudiger).
  8. Top notch last night, don't think he put a foot wrong. That ridiculous box-to-box run at the beginning of the second half made me smile. His performances are growing as the season goes on. Very impressive considering he is the senior player in our current starting centre back partnership.
  9. Brilliant at carrying the ball forward, incredibly quick feet, fantastic close control, dovetails nicely with Jorginho in possession, but... complete liability defensively. He offers no protection to the defence. Kanté is once again the first name on the teamsheet when he returns to full fitness.
  10. Good to see that Tottenham had to cheat their way to a point at home to bottom of the table Watford, who were five points from safety after eight games before today. f**king prize c**ts
  11. The signs are very promising - he is one of the few Chelsea players that I've been able to put into my fantasy football team without it immediately jinxing him (so far, touch wood, etc.) That puts him in such esteemed company as: - Ivanovic - Lampard - Drogba - Hazard
  12. I guess Sven's famous visit to Peter Kenyon's house was a simple thank you dinner after all!
  13. Generations of future football fans will look back and wonder how we permitted the collective incompetence which led to Jordan Henderson being a Champions League winner. "That's right kiddo, they beat Tottenham in the final" (Later) "Mum I think we should cart Gramps off to a nursing home, the dementia seems to be progressing faster than we thought."
  14. Like Alan Hansen famously said, you'll never win anything with Spuds. That said, it does fill me with immense satisfaction that Dele Alli did not make it into the England squad but Ross Barkley did. Hopefully this will be the beginning of his (the former's) prophesied downward career trajectory, ending with him playing for a relegated QPR side at the age of 30.

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