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  1. Obviously Gary 'I've won it all' Cahill is the exception there. I think with the others it's a case of 'Well as we suspected it turns out they were sh*t the whole time.' Without looking it up I couldn't tell you which club Jack Rodwell got released from.
  2. Call it off, no wonder he didn't end up playing for Ireland:
  3. He'll cost a few bob these days - he's a Champions League winner don't you know?
  4. Everton tried that and ended up spending about £100m on Rooney, Sigurdsson, Tosun, Davy Klaassen and Theo Walcott. They'd hired Fat Sam by November!
  5. I think he's brilliant. Only 20 and already reaching Willian levels of divisiveness.
  6. At least it will [in theory] be the last time, considering they intend on moving future AFCONs to the summer.
  7. Some pretty crazy names on here (including what seems to be half of Palace's squad): https://www.premierleague.com/news/2163104 It also includes 27% of our 2012 CL Final starting XI.
  8. Sergio Romero has been released by Man Utd. This is completely dependent on what we end up doing with Kepa, but Romero is a keeper I've always thought was half decent - worth a punt as backup? https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/man-united-transfers-sergio-romero-20756717
  9. I can't say that I give the slightest sh*t about American expectations. Pulisic will start when he plays well enough. This season he has consistently been nowhere good enough. I think that he is young and showed enough last season (particularly towards the end when he was excellent) that we should keep him, but at the moment he is deservedly benched.
  10. There is a former England manager available:
  11. Manager in 'not interested in Tottenham' shocker. How many is that now? Nagelsmann, Ten Hag, Allegri, Rodgers, Marsch, Nuno, now Conte. Well he's the best manager to have rejected them yet I suppose. To be honest this might be for Tottenham's benefit too. They've managed to go through what the entire 'Conte at Tottenham' arc would have been without the bother of having to pay him any money: initially impressive, fails to win anything, pulls out acrimoniously over lack of transfer ambition, lumbers them with a load of crap £30m signings on huge contracts. (Although bear in mind that we are
  12. No massive complaints about that team (over the course of the season), although I think Martinez and Tielemans will probably feel a bit hard done by. Mount probably wasn't helped by his being shifted around positionally. Hard to argue that he's been a greater creative force as a midfielder than Fernandes or De Bruyne, also hard to argue that he's as obviously effective an attacker as Son, Salah or Kane. While we were obviously brilliant in Europe, our league form was pretty indifferent. Unless you post exceptional attacking numbers (like Kane/Son) or attract media attention for whate
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