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  1. Saw '2112' in your name so I thought I'd spare the 10 minutes ? - done.
  2. Didn't think this was worth its own thread, but I saw this little 'form an XI' game on Twitter:
  3. Bent as a nine bob note
  4. Batshuayi just scored and almost set up a second within five minutes through high pressing #sarriball
  5. Winning World Cups with non-scoring strikers is basically a French tradition at this point
  6. I hope they get an encouraging draw in the toilet seat just to get their hopes up then lose 7-0 away.
  7. It sounds like you were able to do whatever you wanted in your seat? Nobody stopped you, they just [justifiably] took the piss out of you.
  8. So from everything I've heard Reece James is pulling up trees at Wigan. I sincerely hope he takes Zappacosta's place in the squad next season - he could be the next coming of Super Dan (although Reece himself might be too young to remember him)! Recent interview:
  9. I remember Zouma receiving high praise for a number of impressive-looking last-ditch slide tackles in that disastrous 2015/16 season. Of course what was usually overlooked was that the tackle wouldn't have been necessary had his positioning been correct in the first place...
  10. That man N'Golo Kanté. I loved him at Leicester, I love him even more at Chelsea. Still can't believe we managed to sign him!
  11. It's a testament to how phenomenally good that Man City side is that they can rack up a 7-0 win in the last 16 of the Champions League and nobody really bats an eyelid. They have made genius seem routine.

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