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  1. Man Utd’s general cheating is far more enjoyable when they’re playing against Tottenham.
  2. If David Moyes listens very closely he might hear the sound of a gauntlet being laid down. Take your pick. @moi Is it laid or lain in this context? I think I'm right.
  3. So the Leverkusen fans weren’t kidding when they said that Havertz kicks into gear at the arse end of the season then? Brilliant so far, hope it never occurs to Palace to try and score.
  4. Completely forgot about this - apologies if I’m too late. Palace 0-1 Chelsea, Mount, 79’
  5. Fingers crossed that Palace don’t realise they should press us in midfield! Come on Chels!
  6. Dunno what everyone’s problem with VAR is - doing a great job in this game.
  7. Obviously we can't know what Tuchel's ultimate intention is here, but if nothing else he's certainly giving Tammy a hard time publicly. Perhaps Tuchel has indeed decided that he doesn't rate him, but that does seem strange considering a) Tammy is quite capable of pressing from the front (certainly moreso than Giroud, whom Tuchel has started five times), b) is the closest thing we currently have to a natural, consistent goalscorer, and c) his alternatives are playing very badly, especially in the areas in which Tammy excels.
  8. I must admit it is a lifelong dream of mine to see Arsenal get relegated.
  9. Interesting to see some of the comments here - I thought he was brilliant against Porto. Seemed like the one player, above all, who wanted the win. He was particularly influential during that scrappy period in the first half when we had lost control of the midfield. Had we not held strong then we would surely have lost. That RCB role suits him to a tee as well.
  10. Werner would be a world-class footballer if the sport didn't involve kicking or controlling a ball at any point.
  11. There was a very worrying fifteen minutes or so in the first half during which our midfield was completely overrun and we were pinned back in our own third, completely unable to get the ball forward at all in possession. I feared the worst. Did far better when he actually got his head up and played the ball forward - even got the assist for the opener! MOTM is a stretch though...
  12. I voted for Azpilicueta, although any one of him, James and Mendy would have made a fine choice, all of them were imperious (HM to Chilwell).
  13. "The moment of quality from Mason Mount is what separates the sides here." In an 'away' Champions' League quarter-final no less. He, and we, and Super Frank have a lot to be proud of. Some great individual performances tonight, and a great result. I'm absolutely delighted.
  14. Fill your f**king boots! Take your pick.
  15. Out of all the incredibly silly things that have happened during this pandemic, Jesse Lingard apparently turning into Ronaldinho as a late arrival to David Moyes' Champions League-chasing West Ham side ranks somewhere in the top half.
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