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  1. Can't believe we were lucky enough to experience a classic, once-in-a-decade moment like a player leaving the pitch to take a sh*t, and it being completely ruined.
  2. Crying shame that we sold Aina at the beginning of last season.
  3. MOTM is clearly me for somehow endeavouring not to drink throughout that entire game (penalties included).
  4. Penalties against Tottenham on Mendy's debut - f**k me
  5. Tottenham are faring far better now that they're actually trying to press us beyond their own third of the pitch. Clear to see what José has identified at half-time because they keep creating the same chance: get the ball in front of the full-back, pass it inside into the permanent open area in front of the defence, and take it from there... Time for Kanté or Barkley methinks...
  6. Quite enjoying the confusion in the defence at playing in front of a man mountain of a goalkeeper who keeps trying to claim the ball. Also do we think that Lamps is wearing a trendy jumper with half rolled-up sleeves just to wind up José?
  7. Informative Twitter thread about the application of the new 'defensive handball' rule:
  8. Haha yep, that's it. I thought it was 70s - I've never actually seen it, just as a kid who grew up in the 90s the adverts are [regrettably] tattooed on my brain.
  9. Thanks to you lot I've had 'You Sexy Thing' stuck in my head all morning. I hope you're all pleased with yourselves.
  10. If anyone permits Kanté to move to Man Utd they should be sacked immediately.
  11. Well that was hilarious. With the lack of preparation time and the near constant disruption (lack of fans, weird scheduling, etc.), this might be the year for someone 'unfancied' to have a serious crack at the title. Or, you know... Liverpool might just piss the league again.
  12. Didn't realise how soon this game was! We should go: -------------------------------Mendy ----------Azpilicueta--------Zouma--------Tomori James--------Mount-------Kanté-------Barkley--------Chilwell (if fit, otherwise Alonso) ----------------------Giroud--------Werner
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