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  1. For what it's worth we are now three points behind West Ham. We have to win just to maintain our dignity...
  2. Speaking of Torres, looks like he's been lifting a weight or two in his retirement:
  3. Lamps never picks exactly the XI I would, but I think the basic idea is there. Abraham, Hudson-Odoi, Havertz all starting (all of whom I think we need) is good, and no sign of Werner/Jorginho, which I was terrified about. Gives us good options off the bench for changing the game too: Werner, Ziyech, etc. On the other hand, Kovacic at the base of midfield is going to give me heart palpitations, as will every tackle on Reece James. Better top up my whisky prescription! Leicester have picked their first team as well (I was half expecting a three-at-the-back cautious approach). This shou
  4. Hamstring issue apparently (again) - confirmed by Lamps yesterday. Kanté is the first name on any teamsheet for me and has been for a long time.
  5. The Leicester fans on the whole are feeling pretty bullish. They finally have something resembling a full squad back, and predictably enough have started to hit some form, while playing some very good football. Tielemans and Ndidi in particular are two players who will undoubtedly give us problems. On the other hand, they are absolutely convinced that Werner will score: https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/118111-the-ever-obliging-leicester-city/#comments
  6. While I think we are probably 100% f**ked without Kanté, I'm sticking to my guns: ----------------------------Mendy James------------Zouma------------Silva----------Chilwell ---------------------------Gilmour -----------------Mount-------------Havertz -------Ziyech-----------------------------Hudson-Odoi --------------------------Abraham Much more likely that we see Jorginho and Kovacic again but a man can dream...
  7. Lamps has confirmed that Kanté is out for this game... oh dear.
  8. Wasn't he allegedly conceived in the Elland Road dressing room? Can't be dealing with that...
  9. Henderson and Fabinho at centre back? Guardiola eat your heart out! That's a mental lineup from Klopp - out of context that's four attackers, four centre mids and the two most attacking full-backs in the league. Yet somehow the game will be a snoozefest... looking forward to seeing how that comes about exactly.
  10. Never heard of her... ...after listening to the song why do I now have this inexplicable desire to have sex?
  11. Welcome to the forum mate. P.S. I was always a fan of Mart Poom.
  12. It has to be this: ------------------------------------Mendy James-------------------Zouma-----------Silva----------Chilwell ------------------------------------Kanté ------------------------Mount------------Havertz --------------Ziyech------------------------------Hudson-Odoi ---------------------------------Abraham The one exception is of course for Reece James. I sincerely hope that the injury scare was just that, with no future ramifications possible whatsoever.
  13. Lovely move there from Ziyech. Nice to have a creative fulcrum who will 'take the game by the scruff of the neck' (pardon the cliché). Looks like Mount and Kovacic have swapped sides - this is starting to work - we now seem to have a route into the penalty box now.
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