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  1. Really bad news for us if Arsenal win here. We will need to win at Old Trafford to be in it then.
  2. I haven't doubled checked this yet but apparantly we've taken 4 points from our away games against the top 12 teams this season. Four points! Against top six we've lost every single away game. I don't really see the point of continuing this experiment. Not only are we not delivering performances or results but he's clearly clueless in the market as well. His two main men have both been extremely underwhelming for months now. Whats to say the third and fourth wouldn't be the same if he was to stay here for the future?
  3. Take Hazard out of this team and i can see it to be honest.
  4. Pretty much. He's actually far worse than Morata who himself was poor most of the time. Looks absolutely lost and hopeless.
  5. Hazard should have been on the wing all game.
  6. Could work but Hazard will have a hell of a hard time against Van Dijk in the middle there. Need to make sure he doesn't get isolated and left out of the game.
  7. Hudson Odoi Hazard and Willian up top. RLC starts in midfield.
  8. He's cost us about £50 million so far, and counting. Summer of 2017 was such a mess.
  9. Really poor game from Gonzalo unfortunately.
  10. While he's improved in certain areas he's not been anywhere close to as good as he was. Last two years he was the best midfielder in the league. This year he's not been close to being that.
  11. Yes, yesterday was just proof that the so called "moaners" that have been on Sarri's back for not playing them were correct. Before yesterday RLC & CHO had started one league game between them. It is a bit of a disaster that it would take this long for them too actually play.
  12. Next season will be tough no matter what. That team for example would be the worst one in the Roman-era by far and i don't see us being anywhere near top 4, but let's hope we save up money for a massive 2020-summer because we would sure need it.
  13. Really hope he signs that new contract. Losing him would be devestating for the club. I very much believe Sarri should have given him proper gametime in the league much, much earlier as i am unconvinced he wants to stay here at this point but let's hope we convince him.

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