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  1. “For the next eight weeks, we just have to think how we can improve the scoring and the scoring situation, and nothing else, and then in the summer we will think further and think together with the club about what solutions are the best solutions for us," "Is it the best solution to stay with our squad? Is it the best solution to stay in the formation that we have? Can we improve? Can we improve on the training pitch individually and as a group? To create more big chances? These are the questions for June. https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/tuchel-warns-misfiring-chelsea-strikers-he-cou
  2. Agreed. All I was saying is that his numbers are a bit inflated from time (and scoring lots) in the Championship. With regards to that list someone posted earlier.
  3. 48 in the Championship, 26 in the EPL, 11 from the cups and 4 from the CL is the correct numbers in terms of goals I believe.
  4. It's worth remembering most of Abrahams goals are from the Championship + domestic cups. Not trying to take anything away from him but his record against better competition isn't that great. Hope he gets his chance against Crystal Palace though. If I were him i'd probably stay at this club as second choice fighting for first choice then going to a midtable side. Actually think he could struggle to remain a starter for those teams too. Too much of a poacher and for those sides you better be able to do a bit of everything.
  5. About to give up on him. He's scored once since the first week of November and he's not getting any better in terms of general play either. Confidence is clearly at bedrock and I don't see how that changes at this point unless he goes back to the Bundesliga.
  6. One foot in the semifinals of the CL. The man deserves a lot of credit for that. Yesterday was a fight and not a pretty game but it was never going to be against a tough Porto side.
  7. Giroud wasn't any better when he came on really. But I agree. Watching the game I thought to myself that a player like prime Diego Costa, Haaland or Lukaku would have been perfect. Porto pinned us back with very aggressive pressing and we had no outlet up front. Porto were so confident they could contain our attackers that it was basically two or even 3 v 3 if we broke the initial press with a long pass but Havertz & Werner especially were just completely dominated.
  8. If anyone dare to complain after winning 2-0 away in the quarterfinal of the Champions League! Amazing result!
  9. Porto have been better than I expected. Absolutely fantastic result to go into the half with.
  10. This is how it looked. Seven behind Tottenham, five behind Liverpool, 3-6 behind Everton. Not impossible but overtaking all of Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and West Ham from that position was always going to be very tough.
  11. Results turned out OK but in every other way he was the worst fit possible for us. "Managed the club like the ex-banker he is" - Rob Green Most couldn't stand him.
  12. Just seem a littlebit out of character for you as my impression is that you've always been one to give a manager more time before jumping to conclusions. Don't think you want Tuchel to fail at all but you did admit you didn't like him or something like that which is your right obviously but seem a bit hasty for me considering he's been here two months and we have done well all in all.
  13. Don't remember most of the names but there was a few that overreacted massively after WBA. You came out pretty strong against Tuchel after that game as well if i'm not mistaken.
  14. We certainly wouldn't leave all that space behind our back line for Vinicius, Asensio and Benzema to exploit. I'd fancy our chances against Real Madrid. They would be slight favorites but if we go beat Porto I don't see why we couldn't make it real close at least over two legs.
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