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  1. Lampard, Morris, Cech, Makelele, Ballack all back at the club over one summer really would be something else. All winners and all proper Chelsea which is really encouraging.
  2. It's a well known figure of speech. And sure, you can be of the opinion that they shouldn't have done it but questioning their support for the club for booing the manager who didn't even want to be here at that point is something else. Sarri didn't respect our supporters (or anyone else for that matters) and he deserved everything he got from the stands towards the end as far as i'm concerned.
  3. You among other questioned their support for the club and called them morons for booing Sarri. So no i don't. Sarri was a complete disaster and now it's become clear his head was already in Italy back at that point too so i wouldn't question a supporters heart for the club just because he may have booed the manager.
  4. I think he'll be the link between the managing-team and Marina/board. Still a pretty important job, could be similar to the one Emenalo had at the club i think.
  5. When he faced boos and chants from supporters in february several in here had a real go at the fans in their defence of Sarri.
  6. To think some were perfectly happy to throw home and traveling-supporters under the bus to defend this man during the season. He’s like the worst mercenary in the world. Disrespectful to just about everyone and we should all be thankful he’s history.
  7. But then again, Jorginho's agent comments suggest he's interested in going to Juventus.
  8. I think you'll find several on this forum that believe Kante isn't a DM and shouldn't be used there actually.
  9. I don’t think Lampard is going to want to use Jorginho as the DM in 4-3-3. I think he’ll want the more traditional and physical presence in that position and would not be surprised if Bakayoko gets a chance to make that position his own this season.
  10. I can actually see him getting a second chance here under Lampard. Especially if Makelele comes back which is reported as he mentored Bakayoko at Monaco and turned him into a much better player there.
  11. “Chelsea have a four-year contract with the lad. We’ll wait a few days to figure out whether there is any truth in this interest mentioned in the papers. “His past at Napoli won’t be an issue, because Jorginho is a professional. Right now, Jorginho is happy at Chelsea. He found a great atmosphere and we can’t really say that he’d like to go elsewhere, but anything can happen on the transfer market. We’ll wait and see…” His agent said that to a italian newspaper today. Sounds like he'll want to go when/if Sarri wants him at Juventus.
  12. In terms of Lampard i think people should remember that he's about to bring a great team of assistants and coaches with him too the club. We are all familiar with the work Jody did here at youth and reserve-level which will be a fantastic asset in our current situation where we are right at the cusp of a rebuild. There are also strong rumours that Claude Makelele is joining the staff and he also have a lot of experience from several top sides and Petr Cech is coming in as a director so it's not like we are bringing in "just" Lampard here without doing anything else.
  13. I think we've recieved word from Lampard's agent that he will jump on the opportunity to come here as soon as we make that approach. Which i assume we did today. It was widely reported that we would not let Sarri go before the replacement was secured so i believe we are close to confirming Lampards appointment.
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens with him now this summer. I am sure Sarri will want to take him to Juve but with the transfer-ban we can't really afford to lose any midfielders. Then again i don't think he would start for us if for example Lampard comes in so who knows what we do if Juve comes with a good bid.
  15. Difference being that both of those managers you mentioned built a great relationship with the fans and won us the league which gave both of them great support from the fans. Sarri frankly didn't give a sh*t about the fans so in the end most supporters didn't give a sh*t about him either.

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