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  1. Think we have plenty enough if i am not mistaken. But this came out of nowhere. Barkley could have offered us something this season really. So not sure this was the best idea in the world.
  2. https://theathletic.com/2099233/?source=twitteruk Good riddance. Can't wait to see the back of him personally. sh*t leftback and what's even worse is that his attitude stinks on and off the pitch. Bye.
  3. I don't think there was anything wrong with the formation. For me the only mistake he really did was starting Alonso. That's what cost us the three points in the end. In no way would we have lost this game with Chilwell or Azpi at leftback. We played decent football even in the first half and should have scored twice inside 20 minutes but suffered from poor finishing from Tammy and Werner. Individual mistakes are hurting us big time. That has been a much bigger factor then Lampards few mistakes so far this season.
  4. That was me. Kante have declined massively. I don't see half the player he once was in him unfortunately. Sure, a fair bit of it comes down to him not being suited to possession-based football but he's also not nearly as good of a ballwinner, passer or ballcarrier as he once was. I think we will be a better team if he's sold and we replaced him with Rice.
  5. And against Brighton, and against Liverpool. So he's basically been awful every time he's been on the pitch this season. Awful is standard from Alonso really. Lampard quite rightly threw him under the bus post-match. Called him out on both his mistakes. Lampard have made mistakes playing him which he can be blamed for. But hopefully that ended today.
  6. Emerson is a far better leftback. Sure, he has his shockers sometimes but he's got the potential to be good and Alonso is just an embarrassment. Can't understand why he keeps getting picked and i look forward to the day i never have to see him in our backline again. Complete liability.
  7. Terrible start to the season. No two ways about it. Pressure will mount quickly if we don't get our sh*t together. This was probably the most disappointing draw i can remember, WBA are a terrible side with a terrible defence and yet we somehow managed to throw away two points.
  8. Rival fans will be over the moon with WBA taking two points off us. They are a terrible side.
  9. Comeback or not, that is a terrible result. I am fuming. WBA barely have one player that's PL-standard and are going to go down with record low in points or close to that. To come away with a single point against that, not good enough at all.
  10. Kante is bloody pointless out there. Doesn't do the job a DM should do and is a hinderance offensively. Should be sold to Inter.
  11. Massively disappointing. sh*t performance all around and unless we can get two goals this has been a sh*t start to the season. This one hurts.
  12. Callum!!! We need to win this one! So two more!
  13. This is bad bad bad bad. Lampard in trouble potentially.
  14. This is going to be a tough for one Lampard if we lose.
  15. Absolute shocker. Giving away the points against a Championship-side and striker.
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