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  1. No doubt Lukaku is unable to press as much as Havertz for example. So you lose some of that but I would argue having Lukaku who will more than likely score when he gets a chance on the field weighs up for that. City isn't the only traditional big game we've played in this season and he and us as a team did plenty good enough away to Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal. It was just a bit of a mesmerizing performance by City on Saturday. I don't think i've seen a team play as well as they did on Stamford Bridge for a long time and the only team I could compare that pressing performance too was when we faced Bayern under Lampard. We weren't ready for it on the occassion but i'd rather we get that out of the way now instead of later on in the season. I am almost convinced Tuchel and the team will learn a lot from that loss and bounce back.
  2. Lukaku have earned his place on merit. Overall I think he's been brilliant and while he didn't shine again City he got absolutely no service either. Not at all worried about him. If anything I am a lot more worried about the attackers around him. None of them have delivered so far this season and that needs to change. Lukaku have been our saving grace in attacking areas.
  3. Tough loss. Had high hopes going into the game but we were played off the park really. Their pressing was incredible really and they kept it up for 94 minutes. We were shellshocked and never got out of it. But still, really tough start to the season is over with on paper and we are joint top of the league as we speak. And i'd rather take the wake up call now than later.
  4. Was coming. What a sh*te performance. Even Kante has been terrible.
  5. Think he impressed the manager with that performance. Looked much, much sharper and better then i've seen him since Sarri. Will surely get more chances in the cups at the very least on the back of that performance and who knows what might happen then.
  6. Kepa is just a completely different player now. Wonderful to see.
  7. Nice little video of his second half heroics yesterday. I don't know if it's the system but he seems so much better on the ball these days. At least compared to the last couple of years. And obviously he's also back to his very, very best in general as well. He's not been as good as he's been since January since Conte. Phenomenal and we are lucky to have him.
  8. It's unbelievable how good he's looked since Tuchel came in. Reminds me of prime Ferdinand in the way he plays. Especially against tough teams I also believe Christensen - Silva - Rudiger is our best back three. They have all been immense for a long time now.
  9. We should be looking to extend his contract by another year or two. He's clearly not slowing down and yesterdays performance was as good as any i've seen in a long time.
  10. Not hard to understand why he had some many assists for Inter last season. Really should have had two or three yesterday alone. No goals but still a huge impact on the game.
  11. Indeed. Sarri and Lampard chucking a half-fit Kante on the field twice a week is what made him injury-prone in the first place and his performances suffered greatly as well. Tuchel is managing him perfectly in my view.
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