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  1. Yes i agree with that. And thats my point, in 4-3-3 he would have one midfielder beside him for protection but yesterday he didn't a lot of the time because Kante went ahead to press. But Kante's "starting" position was next to Jorginho at the base for me.
  2. I agree with coco here. Kante was advanced a lot of the time because he likes to press but in our 4-3-3 formation we always had one midfielder tucking in beside Jorginho to form a midfield base when the other one went ahead to press. Illustrated here: When we go 4-2-3-1 it turns into a 4-1-4-1 when we press and when we go 4-3-3 it turns into a 4-2-4 like against Liverpool.
  3. He's 20 but i agree. Incredible workrate as well and i think he'll be one of the first names on the teamsheet for the entire season.
  4. I believe fatigue played a big role yesterday. 125 minutes of football against a very tough team midweek is going to take a toll on anyone and now we can’t really rotate much which led to players that were clearly fatigued after a fresh start. I do feel like we should have switched to a 4-3-3 as we lost control of the game in the second half to regain control in midfield as we struggled when Leicester doubled up on Jorginho who couldn’t possibly cover two Leicester-players which often left Maddison open. We’ll be alright but a win against Norwich is important now. Still disgusted with Willians performance. Handing him a new contract would be a horrific decision, let it run out and have him leave the club next summer.
  5. He'll need to take massive steps throughout this season if he is going to prove himself good enough. He does look exactly like he did at Swansea last time in the premiership unfortunately. But i'll support him and be behind him all the way because we know he's here for the season, he'll get a lot of opportunities so let's hope he can take them.
  6. Time and mileage catches up to everyone. And it has well and truly caught up too Azpilicueta unfortunately. The signs were there last season, and this season he's entered into Ivanovics last season territory. Have cost us in every game so far this season and Reece James can't come back soon enough really.
  7. Very much a work in progress. Top 4 won't be on the cards this season and that comes as no surprise to me. There are some major challenges that need to be adressed and some tough decisions will be have to be made on certain players but we and Lampard will be fine.
  8. Sindre


    The straw that broke the camels back as far as i'm concerned. Disgusting "effort" and how i wish he would be sold.
  9. Willian, you are unbelievably sh*t. Please leave my club.
  10. Kovacic in for Kante might be a good move. Kante doesn't look right today, looks leggy after 120 minutes midweek and i have a feeling Kova and Jorginho could take control of the midfield again.
  11. Lost control in the second part of this half. Might be because we are tired after wednesday. Fantastic feeling to see Mount score on his home-debut.
  12. 100% agree. It can't continue to be done this way. Because then soon enough there is going to be no immidiate celebrations from players or supporters before the var-check because everyone is going to be anxious about any kind of handball or other situations in the build up.
  13. Yeah that was silly. Teams will have to start holding their celebrations until after the VAR-check at this point. Takes away a bit from the game that for me.

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