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  1. It would be interesting to see who's coming in if he's on his way out. Should get a pretty penny for him and he was a key player for us before the break so would need replacing one would assume.
  2. Bit of an interesting situation with Tammy. He's only got two years left on his contract and doesn't want to sign the extension the club have offered to him. Which is his right and fair enough. But the problem is that he isn't performing either. He's not been anywhere near Girouds level since Giroud finally got some chances to prove himself. And with Werner coming in its looking very, very likely that he'll be the third-choice striker this coming season. I don't think he's going to accept that and in that case there could be a sale on the cards.
  3. Entertaining the idea of selling RLC and Hudson Odoi sounds crazy to me. They both have the potential the become some of the best players in the league. Several names have been mentioned already as to who we could sell. I'd like to add Rudiger to that list. He's still got a good "name" as a good CB even thought he isn't and with some luck we should be able to get quite a bit for him.
  4. Potentially a big step towards CL next season this. City will likely get at least one year suspension and then fifth is enough. And we have five points on Wolves + better GD.
  5. Is Jorginho gone or whats the matter here? Clearly even Gilmour seems to be ahead of him in the pecking order now. Something must have happened in the break i reckon.
  6. We've been great tonight. Great pressing and just totally dominating Watford.
  7. And you know what, shoutout to our CB's who has done very well so far. Zouma is winning everything against Deeney. Keep it up.
  8. What on earth is James doing defensively? He's doesn't mark or follow anyone at all. Like a highway on that side every time Watford fancies it.
  9. I agree but it looks better on paper. Now lets see how it works when it matters!
  10. Probably sixth before this game kicks off. Saying its a must win is an understatement. I expect Kepa and Rudiger to be in the stands.
  11. Greenwood will surely be one of the best attackers in the premiership before long. Massive talent.
  12. Envious of Uniteds attackers tbh. They are great. Ole is building a very good team there.
  13. Kepa is literally the worst goalkeepers in the league 1v1 as well. Which the statistics back up as well. Over the course of the season he's saved 17% of 1v1 situations, next lowest is Heaton at 30%. So yeah, he's absolutely brutal at those as well over any period of time. Courtois was/is brilliant at it.

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