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  1. It looks increasingly likely that this will happen. I think it would be a terrible idea at 80 million. Liverpool are about to sign Minamino from Red Bull for a tenth of that and he'd be a much better fit for us.
  2. I am getting slightly worried. He's been really bad for a while now. And physically i don't think he looks the same as he did pre-injury. He looks much slower, and "heavier" in his movements. I really hope it's a temporary thing and that he'll slowly but surely regain his blistering speed and agility but if he doesn't then that injury may have screwed his career over.
  3. We need to hope for RB Leipzig. Only side of those we'll have a chance against.
  4. We are through. But my word, supporting Chelsea this season is a heart-attack waiting to happen.
  5. RB have several players we should take a hard look at. I look the look if Minamino and Hwang Chan too.
  6. I think he can do it, and what an achievement that would be. They finished 21 points behind Juventus last season and are ahead of them now. Sarri however, isn't doing so great. Disliked by several Juventus-supporters already.
  7. Conte wants him in January. Think it would be best for all parties if he went to Inter.
  8. I see The Telegraph are reporting Lampard will have 150 million to spend in January. In my opinion we wouldn't regret spending all of that on one top class CB and one top class LB. Then deal with the rest of our issues in the summer.
  9. I don't think there are any though. He's the best CB in the world. Liverpool signed him in January interestingly enough so it is possible to make signings that transform a team in January.
  10. Sindre

    Nathan Ake

    I'd have him. I think he's better than both Zouma and Christensen. 40 million is cheap in todays market anyways and if it doesn't work out we'll get that from another club if we sell him again.
  11. I think you have to add Azpi unfortunately. Chelsea-great and captain but he is done. Key moment for Lampard now. We've lost a lot of points in a short amount of time now and our rivals for top 4 are catching up. So we really need to regroup and go on a run again. We have Tottenham and then Arsenal away next after Bournemouth at home. I think it's safe to say we'll be out of top 4 quick if we don't do something about the defence first and foremost. Even if we do get overtaken we'll just have to take it on the chin and move forward though. It's a rebuild and we are missing a lot of key pieces.
  12. Even his passing is shocking. For some reason some believe it's good but everything thats not a simple five yard pass or so he messes up time and time again. Again today on several occasions, one costing us a goal.
  13. Having a shocking season unfortunately. We are in desperate, desperate need of an upgrade here. Fullbacks are so, so important in the modern game and Azpi is done at this level unfortunately. He more or less gave the ball away every time it got near him today. Not much of a Captain either for me. Kovacic should get the armband. He's the real leader of this team.
  14. Needs to get Jorginho, Tomori and Rudiger back in the team. I have no idea why the first two have been benched all of a sudden. Azpi is also shot and need to be replaced by Emerson until we find a better leftback.

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