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  1. Sindre

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Three years ago we sacked him on the 17th of December, United sacked him on the 18th. December is not a great month for Mourinho.
  2. Mourinho sacked. Was happy to see United being the sh*tshow that they have been but also good to get Mourinho out of there. A Chelsea-legend shouldn't be managing Manchester United.
  3. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    Alonso had to run 60 meters in 11 seconds to get up there. It's hardly something to be impressed about. Anyone can do that.
  4. Sindre

    Eden Hazard

    Yes they are, but its a major chance for Hazard to become their new star player. Ronaldo left a vacuum they haven't dealt with yet and i am not sure Hazard would be able to resist that temptation. But who knows, we'll see in the summer. Unfortunately Real Madrid will get him for a cut-down price as well if he does leave.
  5. Sindre

    Eden Hazard

    He will if Real Madrid comes in for him. He would have signed the new and improved contract by now if he had decided already. There is literally more money on the table that he can grab whenever he wants, the fact that he hasn't tells a lot. He's asked the club to show ambition in the transfer market and i don't think he's satisfied with who we have bought. He also wants to have a real go at the CL and we are years away from competing with the big boys in Europe. Last five attackers we have spent money on for him to play with are: Morata, Giroud, Michy, Pedro and Falcao. I wouldn't be happy with that if i were as good as Eden Hazard and should be fighting with the best teams in Europe.
  6. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    It’s not Conte’s fault the club decided it was a good idea to spend 27 million on Zappacosta, 35 on Drinkwater and so on. He simply pointed out our squad was too thin and wanted quality players. Unfortunately the club wasted a crazy amount of money on complete duds. Liverpool bought the best LB in the league for 8 million the same summer we spent four times that on Zappacosta who sucks.
  7. Sindre

    Europa League draw 12:00pm

    Carvalho! One of the best CBs we have had him.
  8. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    Alonso is a horrible crosser though, so we aren’t losing much. He’s attempted 55 crosses and 4(!) were accurate. I’d fancy myself crossing better than that.
  9. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    I haven’t been impressed by Emerson either unfortunately. Personally, I’d give Moses a shot at LB against Bournemouth on Wednesday. He got plenty of speed and can get up and down the pitch as needed and would do better than Alonso defensively at the very least. If he does well he keeps his position. Or Moses at RB and we move Azpi back over to LB.
  10. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    Signed a new contract in October until 2023.
  11. Fine result. Top 4 is our aim and this leaves United far behind.
  12. Very important three points. So good win. Now get rid of Alonso.
  13. They literally have a highway on Alonso's side.
  14. Sindre

    Marcos Alonso

    Just absymal. He hardly looks like a footballer. Shocking descision to give him a new big five year deal.