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  1. Three years after he wanted him here. That's an important distinction as a lot can change in three years. Conte wasn't fully backed, that's just the truth. Not that it matters at this point but he wasn't. It wasn't just about incoming transfers either. The club sold Matic against his wishes to a direct rival and replaced him with Danny Drinkwater. Not much of a thank you after winning the league was it. Try selling Jorginho to City now and replace him with Jack Cork. I'm pretty sure Lampard would go berzerk at the club too.
  2. He actually wanted Lukaku. It's all in the past but the summer of 2017 is when we had the chance to take a stranglehold on this league. Had we gone for it and invested in Van Dijk who Conte were desperate for and Lukaku we'd probably still be the best team in the league.
  3. I very much disagree. Between them they gave us a lot offensively. I don't think it's a coincidence that we played our best football this season with them in midfield. We were scoring goals for fun and they were controlling the games from midfield. It's not just about pure assists or goals. Controlling the tempo and quick passing to create space for example is things that we had when they played together.
  4. I don't think the first two you mention deserve to be mentioned with the others. They were fantastic together up until November and both clear candidates for POTS until Lampard broke up the successful midfield-pairing and then it's gone downhill since.
  5. Fair is fair. And as i gave Sarri plenty of stick for playing him out of position, Lampard deserves the same. Now i am not entirely convinced there is room for Kante if we are to move forward with a possession-based team. Because he will always struggle against teams that defend deep. He'll always thrive for the "underdog" team that can counter but his shortcomings become incredibly obvious when we dominate possession. When we have the ball he takes up some "De Bruyne" position as a key part of our attacking play and he just doesn't have the quality to do it. Given a choice between keep playing him in his current role and look to replace him with someone better offensively you'd have to start thinking about the second option. Because current Kante isn't the world-class Kante and he wasn't last season either.
  6. Just look at his positioning here. There isn't a word strong enough to describe how terrible that is. I'd expect a five-year old to do better.
  7. That was a proper disgrace. I put this up there with 6-0 City and 4-0 Bournemouth last season.
  8. Stealing a living. Stealing. One of the worst strikers in modern Chelsea-history.
  9. Any decent goalkeepers saves Bellerins goal. Gives him away if we have to. Just don't make me see him in goal for us again. Useless would be a compliment for this fraud.
  10. Of course Michy wastes it. the most useless striker in chelsea history.
  11. A goalkeeper with any kind of range saves that.
  12. That took 40 seconds to make one sub. Let's see if he adds it on.

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