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  1. A draw and we are still within reach. We are done for with a loss though.
  2. You can't honestly say you haven't seen a vision and a style of play for most of Lampard's tenure can you? And Pep is an interesting example actually, because earlier season they were the team that looked nothing like themselves and were down in 13th, 8-9 points behind the leaders. Now they look completely rejuvenated and will go top of the league if they win their game in hand. No doubt there would have been some fans claiming he had taken the team as far as it could go and we should have looked for a replacement if it happened at this club. No patience whatsoever.
  3. Can already see us offering Werner + cash for Haaland.
  4. He missed quite a few big ones in his first season. Not close to as many as Werner's but then again I can't remember anyone missing as much. And Drogba obviously had great mental strength and confidence. Werner looks borderline depressed at this point.
  5. Honestly, the amount of people that seems perfectly happy with sacking Frank Lampard is shocking to me. Not any manager that is but Frank Lampard who on top of that has done very well for about 18 out of 20 months at the club so far. And have more or less revolutionized the club in terms of bringing youth through which we've always hoped for since the days of Scott Sinclair, Michael Woods and Ben Sahar, 15 years ago. Lampard deserves more credit then many are prepared to give him. And he certainly deserves more time then many are prepared to give him.
  6. Didn't say it was a great situation to be in. Lampard's long term future probably depends on getting them firing in many ways. The club will be extremely unhappy that they are both currently planted on the bench. If that continues to be the case and Lampard can't get us to Top 4 I think it's obvious that he will get sacked. And it could be that the club would be wary of backing him further in the market when the two biggest investments so far have been as poor as they've been. All I am saying is that Lampard shouldn't get all the blame here. He can't finish or control the ball for We
  7. First and foremost they should be really unhappy with their own performances. They've both had plenty of chances to prove that they have something too them. But honestly, they have both been a hinderance to us for many months now. Which is why they are both firmly planted on the bench at the moment.
  8. What a song that is. Especially live. But that's a digression.
  9. Refreshing to see some positivity. 3 points was the most important thing here. Obviously we would all have loved a stellar performance but the way I see it every win is a potential kickstart to the season. So hopefully we can kick on from here and beat Leicester as well. That game will be huge for the club and Lampard's future.
  10. But Werner & Havertz are "Money for nothing" 😔
  11. With that said, I haven't quite given up on him yet. But it's dangerous when you get to this point where you are new at your club and nothing have come off for you for a long period of time. And you have been reduced to a bench-option while you where the megastar at your former club. I assume it's very easy to start missing Germany and RB Leipzig where things were going smoothly and things where "easy" when you are on freezing on the bench at Craven Cottage. Same thing goes for Havertz too really. They've both been reduced to about 5th and 6th choices in terms of attacking options wh
  12. In what universe should Werner be our striker considering he's doing his best Ali Dia impression on a weekly basis at this point? Not to mention that he was a striker today and had three gold edged opportunities down the middle today only to squander every single one of them.
  13. Morata had a great start for us but quickly turned to sh*t. Werner had a decent start and have somehow turned out worse than Morata. Absolutely absymal. Doesn't do anything right and hasn't for many months now. All the summer-optimism over Werner & Havertz have certainly been torn to shreds at this points.
  14. Officially giving up on Werner. What the hell is that for a finish?
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