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  1. Think he's doing extremely well so far this season. Playing at a completely different level than last season to his and Lampards credit.
  2. It's just a username, doesn't mean his entire presence is about playing youth is it? That's certainly a simple way of looking at it. As a matter of fact i think he's making valid and constructive points while you are less interested in discussing topic and more interested in having a go at the person. Which in my view is the norm more often than not for you i might add.
  3. We got a lot of great talent at the club but Callum is the biggest one. Sky is the limit for him.
  4. Time to admit i was wrong about Tammy Abraham! Really thought he'd be a super-sub at best but he's really, really performing. Credit to Lampard for giving him the confidence and the chance to perform and hat off for Tammy who's grabbed the chance with both hands.
  5. He's just back from injury, has played 130 minutes and have one goal and three assists to his name already. If that isn't good enough then what is?
  6. That's four wins in a row. It's all coming together week by week. Great second half i thought, managed to "kill" the game and see it through.
  7. Two points behind second as it stands. I wouldn't have thought that.
  8. Not really necessary to give away a free-kick there Ngolo.
  9. I think he's been excellent but that was a big mistake.

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