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  1. Champions League about to be suspended according to Marca.
  2. La Liga is now suspended. NBA is suspended in the states. I think it's a matter of time until the PL will be too.
  3. Should have fought to get Bruno. He's be perfect as our nr 10 in Mounts role.
  4. There's no two ways about it, currently we are quite pathetic. We have no attackers that can score, in fact we have no attacker with more than one goal in 2020. And we are in March! We also can't defend to save our lives and currently the manager could just throw the dice to decide who starts because we are sh*te regardless. Lampard & Morris needs to figure this out, and quick. Because if we continue like this i could see Abramovich getting impaitient again and make a rash decision in the summer. Especially with some decent managers on the market like Poch and Allegri. I wouldn't want it but i am just saying that i could see Roman doing it. Lampard have been dealt a bad hand with injuries and no reinforcements in January. He certainly made it clear that we needed goalscorers and he was obviously right. But it didn't happen and now he needs to stop us from sinking. We have tough fixtures coming up and unless we can turn things around we will be out of top 4 in no time. There is such a massive overhaul needed in the summer that it isn't even funny. If no-one told you todays XIs were Chelsea's it could pass for being a West-Ham team. Just filled with average or below-average players.
  5. Pathetic. Sort it out Lampard. This isn't just the players.
  6. Half the team looks about Championship-level. Sad but true.
  7. This is just brutal. We have been pathetic.
  8. This is a 1/10 performance so far. We are dreadful.
  9. Christensen is the better CB. He might potentially go on to become a top class CB. He's got the basics down and does well most of the time but is currently prone to mistakes. Rudiger struggles with the basics. First goal yesterday for example. Terrible defending. Either he needs to actually follow Lewandowski or he needs to step up to play him offside. He does neither and we are screwed.
  10. I consider myself one of Lampard strongest supporters. Still am. But my oh my, yesterday can only be described in one word – brutal. First of all, I expect to give any team that comes to Stamford Bridge a fight. I don’t care if its prime Barcelona or Bayern. The Bridge should never be an easy place to come too. And yesterday Bayern humiliated us and toyed with us for the full 94 minutes. That’s hard to accept. The set-up was all wrong. It took me about five minutes to realize that and it’s baffling to me that Lampard & Morris didn’t see it. We fielded what’s probably the slowest attack I’ve ever seen at this club. Which meant Bayern could push up with an extremely high line, well aware that they would catch up to anyone being played in behind them with their superior pace. They were then able to completely suffocate us with their pressing. At times it felt like they had 15 players on the field as there was simply no way out of our own half for us. Which again comes back to them basically having their backline playing as midfielders.
  11. Simply not good enough. We have looked worse defensively since he came back and yesterday he looked more like a headless chicken then anything else. If we are serious about this rebuild we need two top-class CBs in the summer. Currently we have none.

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