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  1. Sindre

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    I feel like Buck should have a talk with Sarri and straight up ask him "do you plan to start him on sunday?" If Sarri says yes i suggest Buck hands him his P45 right there and then because the man has completely lost his mind at that point.
  2. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    We got that one overturned didn't we?
  3. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Barcelona and Atletico's transfer bans were upheld by CAS for those who doesn't know that. Real Madrid's appeal was successfull and their ban was only for one window in the end but they had 3 cases of rules being breached. We have 29 so the number of cases is very, very high so it would surprise me if we got it down to one window.
  4. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Only last evening he said we would need to sell one of our wingers for Hudson Odoi to get more playing time. Now, what kind of nonsense is that? First of all we won't be selling anyone until at least the summer so we can clearly confirm Hudson Odoi won't be playing much until May. And that will in my opinion be too late for keeping CHO.
  5. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Friendly reminder that Sarri hasn't been at one youth-game all season. He doesn't have much interest in the youth and if we think he's the man to bring the youth through i think we are fooling ourselves. And we certainly don't have any bigger talents than Hudson Odoi at the club and he's already handed in one transfer request under Sarri's leadership. And i think he leaves if Maurizio stays. We certainly don't want that at this point.
  6. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    I think the chances of the club letting Hazard's contract run down is essentially zero. And i very much agree with your last point. It's essential that we get someone good with the youth now.
  7. Sindre

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Not good at all. We better hope the appeal takes time and we get the summer window. Otherwise we are all kinds of screwed with old wingers, Hazard likely leaving, CHOs future uncertain and so on. We have breached regulation in 29(!) cases. That seems like a ton. How many breaches did Real and Atletico have?
  8. Sindre

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He's already handed in one transfer request on the back of lacking playing time. If Sarri stays it's very unlikely he stays past this summer. With a year left on his contract we would sell him when Bayern or someone else came knocking.
  9. Kante – Kovacic CHO – RLC – Hazard Higuain Good mix of pace, physicality, aggressiveness and if we lined up like that with a gameplan of sitting back, keeping it tight and then counter them we would do well.
  10. Sindre

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Why would we do that? We'll lose again. We need to change it up. I'd keep Kovacic and Kante in midfield as ballwinners and sit deep and counter with Hazard, CHO and Higuain up top. The team that got stuffed 6-0 have been embarrassed by every decent team we have faced recently so it would be shocking to see that same team for a final.
  11. Sindre

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Never have i seen a manager spout so much nonsense on a consistent basis as Sarri. Another shocker right here. How about building your extremely talented 18-year old up instead of doing this? You are the one who's complained the players you have used previously have been "extremely difficult to motivate" afterall. So why not give the hungry, great youngster we have a run in the team?
  12. Also the reason we should scrap this whole Sarriball-idea and go back to what we are actually good at.
  13. I can't imagine Bruce Buck and the leadership tolerates this much more. There is nothing to our game at all.
  14. We are pathetic. Let's not forget this is the third best team in a poor league, months out of season and we still look like sh*t. We are going to win simply because Malmo will fade in the second half because they lack matchfitness but my goodness is this dire.