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  1. Even with most of these the biggest issue is that other clubs don't want to match the salary they earn here. Was a report in Italy this morning that AC Milan want Ziyech but need it to be on loan and that we cover a part of his wage.
  2. Good point. My point stands though. Reece James would find himself in attacking areas a lot of the time as the RCB as well.
  3. True but it also depends on the situation of the game. When we beat Leicester 2-1 (with James at RCB) he often found himself in the following position: Three men behind or in line with the ball but Reece James is in a attacking position right there in my view.
  4. If James went forward T.Silva, Rudiger & at least one of the two midfielders would stay behind.
  5. I don't necessarily disagree with your thinking. But I do think you'd be surprised about his contributions in attack from even from RCB. It's far from a traditional CB. Even in the season that was you more often than not found Rudiger "fighting" in midfield areas instead of deeper as a traditional CB would have. And you also had him going on marauding forward runs a lot of the time. If we had James going on those instead of Rudiger I think that could only be good for us. And at least on paper Hakimi is an even better attacker from wingback and if we could get both him and Reece James perf
  6. I think he'd shine at RCB myself. Will also give us a lot of flexibility as he'd be able to contribute offensively as well. The RCB/LCB are allowed to push up in Tuchel's system and when we have the ball it's likely that James would be much more of a midfielder than a defender.
  7. Interesting to follow the emerging stories about the clubs and Tuchel's target this summer. Seems like the vision is to get young, speedy and immensely talented players again with Hakimi & Haaland the big stories right now. If we were able to land those two and a midfielder perhaps you'd have to think we would be right up there with City and Liverpool for title favorites.
  8. Azpi wouldn't leave. He'd be a rotation option and role player for certain games I assume. But there have been some signs of Azpi losing a yard or two over the last two seasons. We once got stung by holding on to Ivanovic too long when he was at a similar ago to current Azpi. Hakimi may be a "specialist" attacker but we already got Reece James and Azpi who you can consider allrounders so I don't see the problem.
  9. Another interesting factor here is that Inter Milan are in desperate need of 80 million euros before June 30th. So if we up our bid a littlebit it could be done soon I assume. 15 goals/assists in 29 starts in Serie A last season.
  10. Young, lightning speed, excellent with both feet and have been immense at RWB for Dortmund & Inter. Think there is a lot to like about this deal.
  11. Sounds like this one is developing.
  12. If we could double up with Reece James (from RCB) and Hakimi (RWB) on the right hand side I think that would give any team team a lot of trouble. I believe James at RCB is a move Tuchel wants to do to try an overwhelm the teams that decide to sit deep. As James got a lot of quality offensively as well.
  13. Someone like Matt Law was zeroed in on pretty much everyone we were after last summer. So there are definitly some good ones with proper sources. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/06/04/timo-werner-agrees-join-chelsea/ For example this two weeks before it was announced by the club.
  14. Funnily enough Matt Law wrote the following story about a year ago:
  15. He'd be a massive investment but going into the future with Mount (22), Haaland (20) and Havertz (21) as our front three is the stuff of dreams.
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