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  1. Right now it feels like we are going in the wrong direction. That was a poor, poor game again.
  2. Watching this while keeping an eye on PSG-United. Got to say ManUtd look a lot better than us currently. They have went toe to toe with PSG and are leading.
  3. Joe Cole say Pulisic should be the one running at 34 year old Navas and not Mount. Couldn't agree more.
  4. The Mount-LW experiment needs to end asap. He's just not a good winger and Pulisic needs to play there to get the best out of Pulisic.
  5. If Mendy gets injured again i'd have him over Kepa in a heartbeat.
  6. Big game this. Feels like a great performance could be the kick-start we need for the season.
  7. Getting tired of talking about "individual errors" but a huge percentage of our goals against this season have been down to them. Obviously we struggled with it last season as well but it seems like our players have managed to take it to a new level this season. I think everyone knew that Kepa being given another shot to start the season would cost us and it certainly has. Therefore i wouldn't want to judge Lampard's defensive record before he's been able to play with a settled back-line and Mendy for a certain amount of time. It's oversimplified obviously but take away even half of our i
  8. He's lost that edge that made him so great over his first three seasons in England. The only time i can remember recently where he's looked anything like the Kante of old was his cameo against Tottenham. Everyone on the pitch was knackered and then he came on with fresh legs and looked great again for once but when he starts he can't do that anymore it seems. I'd like to see Jorginho and Kovacic together in midfield again. Kovacic is our best midfielder for me and replacing Kante with him should strengthen us.
  9. There is definitly something beautiful about a proper Mourinho-side when everyone is on board. The man still got it.
  10. I'm gonna put a few quid on Tottenham winning the league. Second season Mourinho with that front three will be very, very dangerous. Kane is insane.
  11. Prime Matic and we'd be a serious contender. We'll probably be in for a hell of a fight for top 4 again though. If Van Dijk is out for the season i think we'll be in for a surprise champion but it just don't see us getting there yet. I'd keep an eye on Mourinho's Tottenham for the title unfortunately. With that said, Lampard needs to fix this sh*t ASAP. I don't know if Jorginho and Kante are under instruction to both desert their position at the same time leaving those kinds of gaps but it needs fixing and quick.
  12. Think this is a good tweet highlighting some of the issue with our pressing. It's been an issue since the start and clearly it still is. For the high press to work you need to act as one cohesive unit and we often leave massive gaps between defence and midfield.
  13. Another thing: Why the hell is he going with his feet first when the ball bounces off the post there? You are the only Chelsea-player who's actually allowed to use his hands and he dives in studs first like some complete amateur. He could have had that ball there too if had wasn't a wuss. Afraid to hit the post i suppose. Buy him out of his contract and send him back to Spain.
  14. https://streamja.com/VZAoR Kepa was the clear favourite for the ball and actually got there first and you'll see in the clip above. Adams is still a yard or two away when Kepa gets there. Only for Kepa to let the ball go through his legs. It's a massive mistake, again.
  15. Sounds like Van Dijk has done his ACL and will miss the rest of the season. In that case the title race should be wide open this season. Shame if we can't manage to be in that but hopefully we can get this turned around.
  16. And he's only played 3 games 🤢
  17. At the moment? How long can a "moment" last would be my question in that case because Kepa has been sh*t for Lampards entire reign. It's not bad form, he's a horrible goalkeeper with exactly 0 redeeming qualities.
  18. Yes we do. But at this point i am going to start blaming Lampard for playing him. Because Willy is at least a capable goalkeeper and can do a job every now and then. Yet it seems like Lampard is keen to give Kepa fifty chances to prove just how sh*t he is excactly. He's the manager and he makes the choices and he needs to make sure Kepa is nowhere near the field at any given time. It should be so bloody obvious at this point.
  19. I might be the biggest Lampard-fan there is. But he's already under pressure now. Two very tough away games coming up at Old Trafford and Burnley. I am never confident when we go to Old Trafford even with the best of form and Burnley is always tough. He needs to turn it around right now after the investments we've made in the summer. Personally i'd give him this season almost regardless of how it goes and then evaluate after but i doubt the club will be that patient. I also think the club is well aware a certain Mauricio is available.
  20. That was absolutely gutting. And as much as it pains me to say it, doubts about the manager are starting to seep in. Giving away the points after being two up against Soton at home borders on unforgiveable and West Brom was likewise. Just threw four points out the window over those two games and it's hard to believe it will stop happening all of a sudden at this point. Next league game is at Old Trafford where we always struggle and a loss there and the pressure is really, really on unfortunately. Damn it! A win and a clean-sheet and we would have had a very positive outlook on thing
  21. I don't care if he arrived by plane an hour before kick-off, Thiago Silva had to play this game. He always need to play or we are automatically in deep sh*t.
  22. A damn sh*tshow at the back today. Southampton will score so we need a fourth.
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