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  1. Thanks for writing about that one. Hadn't heard about it, but after reading your post I watched a trailer for it. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I had to find out. It's perhaps not the kind of movie I usually enjoy, but The White Ribbon was excellent. It had me hooked from the beginning. Not sure what I liked about the movie though. Well, maybe I do. The acting was beyond excellent. Can't understand why this movie hasn't been mentioned more. Should be nominated for "Best foreign language film" at the Oscars and/or the Golden Globes. And I can say that I'm glad I don't live in that v
  2. I agree on Transformers 2. I saw it a couple of days ago for the 2nd time (my dad hadn't seen it so I thought I might as well see it again). I almost fell asleep. It might contain loads of special effects and bombs and stuff, but man is it boring. I would like to see "The men who stare at goats". I've heard that it isn't great, but maybe I'll enjoy it. Clooney alone makes it worth seeing. He's always great. I saw "Burn after reading" for like the fourth time not long ago and he is simply brilliant in that one (the entire movie is brilliant as well).
  3. Haven't seen 2012 and might not see it either. To me it looks just like another braindead end of days movie. Some interesting actors though that might be able to make the movie a bit better. Personally I've seen quite a lot of movies lately but the last movie I saw was "My Sisters Keeper". Actually I finished watching it about 10 minutes ago. Right now I'm still trying to wipe away all the tears the movie made me shed. "My Sisters Keeper" is based on a book and apparently the book, while fictional, is partly based on a real event. It's about a family that is hit with the tragic news that
  4. OK Don't bother replying. I've remembered - it's Sweden.

  5. OOps sorry for typing errors - I've just been out getting logs in for the fire and my hands are freezing!

  6. I am racking my brains to try to wotk out what country your flag represnets. Put me out of my misery, please? Is it Lapland? Finland? Or....?

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