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  1. Saw Frankenweenie today. I saw the short film many years ago so I was a bit curious about this one.


    Have to say that even though it's not Tim Burtons best movie, it's still really good. But don't take your kids to see it because it is very dark and slightly creepy. It's made in black and white, which makes it even more creepy.


    It's about a young boy called Victor (last name: Frankenstein) and his dog Sparky. They are the best of friends, but one day Sparky runs to get a ball and is hit by a car and dies. Victor is really sad, but seeing as he's a bit for a scientist he finally tries to bring his dead dog back to life. It works and Sparky the former dead dog is back, all patched up, but with bits falling off sometimes.


    I laughed and I cried. Will definitely see it again.

  2. FCNordsjaelland - 1 goal deflected off the keeper and came back off Torres - 1 goal tap in off his shin

    Sunderland - 1 goal off the bottom of the studs  - 1 penalty

    Monterrey- 1 goal deflected off the defender 


    Well done Rafa !!


    Today Mata just happened to be in the right place and he luckily got that goal because the keeper couldn't save it.


    We really do have crap players.

  3. Substitute the parrot for our Nando;

    Some new excuses you can use in there. He's tired and shagged out after a long squawk. He's pining for the fjords.

    I think some here would love to nail him to a perch and maybe put 4000 volts through him.

    Though I have to say that seeing as it is a norwegian blue, I've always thought of it as Flo.

  4. Hard to disagree Just - so much so that I can't.

    I can never understand why anone would support a player before a club (we had the same on here before with Crespo_Rulz - or something like that). A person who actually followed a player from club to club and therefore disappeared from the forum once his player of choice moved on.

    After experiencing Torres since he joined Chelsea I would happily swap him for John Spencer and feel we were better off.

    Must be very dull to only support a player. What happens when that player retires? No more football? I don't think I could live with that.

    There are players I love, but when they leave I will not for one second consider leaving my team and go with them. I might follow their progress and so on, but that is as far as I will go.

    Imagine if one has that connection with a player and he goes to play in Qatar or something. Does not sound that good.

  5. I got my hands on a movie some time ago which I really wanted to see, but never actually got around to. Tonight I finally saw it and as always I regret not seeing it before.

    It's called "The Song of Lunch" and it's barely 50 minutes long.

    From what I can tell it's based on a poem so the narrative in it is quite poetic. Now I'm not a fan of poetry (I've read some in my life, but never really liked it), but this was very good. It made everyday things sound interesting and at times wonderful. The words really filled me up.

    The movie is about a man who is meeting up with his former lover for lunch and the two people are played by Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

    Two absolutely wonderful actors who really made this movie great.

    I highly recommend people to see this one.

  6. Couple of movies in the last couple of days.


    - The trailer looked interesting, the reviews has been rather good (especially for a horror movie), so I really looked forward to seeing this one. Can't say I was that impressed. The story is rather good and it opens in a very good way, but since this is a scary movie, I expected some scares. Some slightly eerie parts, but nothing special and the "surprise scares" the movie had wasn't very surprising because you kind of knew when they would come and some of them wasn't that scary even.

    This movie has been compared a bit with Insidious and personally I'd take the latter one over this any day. Way more scary.


    - Had been looking forward to this one and I can't say I was that disappointed. Guy kills people sent back from the future and one day faces himself (well, the old version anyway). I must say that the trailer didn't really show the real story in this movie. I thought it would either be a cat and mouse chase between those two or perhaps that they would team up against someone, but it was neither.

    The movie wasn't perhaps as good as I had hopes, but it was still very good. Liked the actors as well. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really good, Bruce Willis as well (looked really old though) and the rest are fine as well. Extra credit to Pierce Gagnon who, despite being about 6-7 years old, was very impressive in this one.

  7. If you were between 11 and 17 years old, you would want to see them, Moi. But something tells me that you are a little older than that. The theater was full of screaming teen girls, my old woman, and me.

    Lucky Moi just turned 18, so she does not qualify :wink:

  8. Say a prayer for me, my Chelsea acolytes. I have to go with the old lady today and see Breaking Dawn, Part II. Does anyone have some whiskey that I can drink prior to doing this?

    My thoughts are with you. And evening of watching that glittertits vampire must be really hard. But it seems that movie has gotten better reviews than the other ones, so maybe it wont be as bad as the rest.

  9. Moosie, your verb endings are slipping!

    The one she won the Oscar for was La Vie En Rose - the life of Edith Piaf, in which she was sublime.

    I need to better myself :wink:

    As for "La Vie En Rose" it really is a movie I want to see. Not only to see if Cotillard is better in it, but also because I really like Edith Piaf but know very little about her life.

  10. Saw Argo at the weekend, it's very good. Hard to believe it's based on a true story. I'm too young to remember when embassy siege when it happened, so lots of tense moments as I didn't have a clue if the hostages lived or died.

    I 'd never have thought Ben Affleck would make such a good director. He obviously prefers to make films about subjects he cares about, and has such a no-nonsense straight forward approach it's actually kind of refreshing.

    Affleck is not much of an actor, but as a producer he's great. I have to see Argo.

  11. Seen a few movies this past week.


    - I thought it would be a disappointment. The trailer seemed funny, but I didn't think the movie could live up to it. But it did. It was quite funny and overall not too bad.

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    - Have wanted to see this one for a long time and seeing as christmas is approaching I finally saw it. Great movie! Funny and sad with great acting from Michael Caine. Certainly a must-see for christmas.


    - I always gets happy when I see a movie made with stop-motion as it's not that common anymore. This movie was very strange in the way that it's aimed at kids, but is about death, ghosts and witches. Sure, there's a lot of funny jokes in it, but it's almost a horror-comedy for kids. Some jokes are also for the older audience.

    But it's a really good movie I will watch more times. The voice-work is good as well. Some of them really surprised me as I really couldn't guess which actor it was.

    The Dark Knight Rises

    - Ah, finally I completed the trilogy that some hail as the best ever. I say "bulls*it". It's lucky to get into top three even. This movie makes quite a few people scream about perfection and "It's the best movie ever!". I really can't agree with that.

    It's a good movie, absolutely, but it do have quite a few flaws. The acting is strong though, but can someone please tell me what the deal is with Marion Cotillard? She won an Oscar like five years ago and since then she's appeared in quite a few big movies. I haven't seen the one she won the award for, but have seen atleast five other movies with her and I honestly don't see what so great about her. She's barely okay in this one, as well as in the others I've seen, apart from perhaps Midnight In Paris, but maybe the movie itself made me forget about her acting in that one.

    Oh well, this movie wasn't brilliant, but it was good.

  12. Matri isn't bad, but he isn't good either.

    Good at reading the game and knowing when to run and such, but his technique isn't good and he's not a great goalscorer.

    And as for Huntelaar - has he ever been good outside the Netherlands or Germany? I'm not sure about him. But if he's cheap, maybe worth a gamble.

  13. When I have some spare time (or bored at work) I think I'm going to read this thread from start to finish :biggrin:

    If you have even more spare time, why not make a slideshow with picture from the game and quotes from this thread to match the pictures. What did we say when after the first half, or when Muller scored. What was the reaction when Drogba headed home the equaliser or when Cech saved Robbens penalty. And how much did we scream when DD scored that last penalty.


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