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  1. And I can't remember seeing them post here anymore so.....*cough*plastic*cough* It's almost 6 months since we won this. How time flies. Still brings a smile to my face when I think back to that glorious night.
  2. Feel really sorry for Sam. I hoped so much that his injuries had ended, atleast the bad ones. Damn those darn knees!!!
  3. I agree. Even if Torres only reaches like 10 goals we can still win the league. Though of course, it might be easier if Torres turn into some goalscoring monster soon, bagging 25-30 goals in the league
  4. I wasn't actually just refering to this game, but to more or less every game of the season so far. Yes, we have scored goals, but there's still things lacking in our offence. And surely we have scored more than four goals in our last two games. There was four in our last game and I do believe we scored tonight as well or perhaps you gave up on the team after Shakhtars 2nd goal and turned the tv off.
  5. It seems to me that we have a lot to work on when it comes to our offence. At times the players doesn't quite seem to know what they are supposed to do. No clear plans. And the teamwork between fron three midfielders and Torres doesn't quite work out. Also, how often has someone played a long ball behind the opponents defence for Torres? I can't remember that happening very often. We need to work more on our attacking plays. We have the skill, but not the execution at the moment.
  6. I believe I've just watched one of the worst movies of this year - Chernobyl Diaries. It's about a group of tourists who go on an "extreme tour" to Pripyat - where the workers at Chernobyl lived. It's supposed to be abandoned (apart from some animals), but the tourists soon realise that there might be more "things" there. I didn't expect much from this movie - maybe an okay film that could provide some scares. What I got was a boring movie, which a rather boring plot and with mediocre (at best) acting. Most of the times one could guess what would happen (including the ending) and I really didn't care much for the characters. There was perhaps one person whom I maybe didn't want to see get killed and he didn't last long. The scares mostly existed of "oh s*it, something is coming, run like hell!" which usually isn't that scary. Anyway, it was a s*itty movie that I won't see again. Atleast I got to see "The Sting" again (not sure how many times I've seen it) a couple of days ago. My favourite movie. Simply brilliant.
  7. Is that how Cole was punished for his tweet?
  8. And Ashley is only credited with two appearences. I highly doubt that is accurate.
  9. I liked his style. A very tough defender. He looked very "english" in his way of playing. Seems to be one of those who can break an arm in a game and then complain that the medical staff isn't quick enough with the bandages because he want to be out there playing as soon as possible. Have just seen him in one game though, so it's too soon to say if he's really good or not. But I've heard some people who sees him play more often say that he's a really talented player. And if he likes Chelsea, then all the better.
  10. I agree with those who say that we should not be a one man team and that it's good that several different players score goals, but at the same time, how often haven't we seen top teams struggle in games and then getting a goal from their top goal scorer? It's players like that who can win their team those extra points that can mean the difference between winning the league and finishing 2nd or 3rd.
  11. I would like to see us play a more wider game, with our two wingers actually going wide and not try to cut in towards the centre all the time. That should create more space for not only Torres, but for the "number 10" and one of the deeper central midfielders if they feel like joining in the attack. It should also create more chances to cross the ball and with potentially three players in the box, that could get us some opportunities to score.
  12. I'm with you. Moses has done well so far. Hulk would also cost a fortune, though if the problems remain he could cost less now than when we tried to get him. Still, we have good players in that position, so why spend loads of money on him? I'd rather take Cavani.
  13. The signings of Witzel and Hulk hasn't quite turned out great for Zenit so far. They cost a fortune (less than what we would have had to pay, but still), hasn't helped the team much, made other players unhappy and now fans (some anyway) apparently dislike them.
  14. Good in the air, solid goal scorer and probably not that expensive. I would not mind getting him. I think Juve will go for him again in January though.
  15. Read that Gullit said "might not be a bad thing if he were to pick up an injury". What a rotten thing to say. Gullit should be ashamed.
  16. Forgot about two other movies I've seen these past few days. "Monsters Inc." Seen it before, but saw the trailer for the re-release now that they've turned it into 3D and felt I had to watch it again. Wonderful movie and just like the last time I saw it, it ended with me crying like mad. There are movies that made me shed a tear, some that make me cry, but this really make me bawl. It's like a waterfall from my eyes. I cry less at funerals. "The Addams Family" Another movie I've seen before, but that was so many years ago I can hardly remember it, so I had to see it again. Really enjoyable. Raul Julia as Gomez is brilliant, Anjelica Huston as Morticia is divine and the rest is perfectly cast as well. Christina Ricci as Wednesday steals some scenes. She was about 10 when the movie was made, but she looks younger than that. Really good acting from her, but she's even better in the sequel.
  17. Saw "Kiki's Delivery Service" tonight. Gone through quite a few of Hayao Miyazakis movies this summer and they've all been either really good or great. This was not the best one, but still of course really good. My top two is still "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbour Totoro".
  18. I meant "prequel". Was a bit tired when I wrote that post I guess. Even so, I think it would have been better if it had nothing to do with Alien. And I agree about the technology. From what I can tell this movie takes place about 28 years before the first Alien movie and it looked more like it was atleast 50 years after Alien. Also..... SPOILER!!!!! ....the end of the movie makes no sense. How can that evolve into what we see in Alien in less than 30 years? I'm no expert in evolution, but surely it takes longer than that. And I guess the "generation" we see in Alien is the one after the one in Prometheus, so it's quite a big change in just one generation.
  19. Oh, and as for "Moon" that some here have mentioned - I thought it was brilliant. Loved it!
  20. Finally got to see "Prometheus". Been waiting a long time to see it. It was not worth the wait. First of all, if you build it up as this Alien sequel, then try to inject some Alien feeling into it. It had none of the things that made Alien great - good characters, great atmosphere. So naturally this movie left me with a bland feeling. I had expected more. They could as well have taken out the parts linked to Alien and had a good enough science fiction movie. I think that would have made it better since it seemed like they tried to hard to link it to Alien. Now it seemed more like it was trying to use Alien as a way to get more people to see it. Secondly, it was very predictable. Nothing original what so ever. I knew what was going to happen most of the times before they happened. Going back to Alien, the very famous dinner-scene was something that surprised the viewers. This movie had none of that. The characters. Most of them was boring and hollow. Can't have been difficult for the actors because little to no acting was required. Only ones that really needed acting was Elizabeth and David. Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender did really well in those parts. Slightly annoyed that they used Noomi though. Her english is good, but not perfect and to hear an english (or american?) character talk with an accent it very irritating. There are some other famous people in the movie and I really can't see the point of having them, apart from using their names for the posters. Charlize Theron is a very good actress, but here she plays a character with no feeling and no emotions. They could have used a lesser known actress for that. Idris Elba (loved him in The Wire) as the captain I can live with. Rafe Spall as one of the crew wasn't needed, even if he is a good actor. Worst of all was Guy Pearce. Not saying his acting was bad, but why the hell did they pick him for the part of an old man. I just don't see a reason for it. I'm sure they could have found an old actor who could have played the part. I can think of quite a few. Sure the make-up was good, but to me it was still just a wrinkly Guy Pearce. And there's quite a few plot holes as well. Overall I'm disappointed with the movie.
  21. Great player? Absolutely! Great personality/attitude? Not really. Worth that much money? Doubtful. Still, having a front four of Ronaldo, Mata, Hazard and Torres doesn't sound too bad. But of course this is just a silly rumour.
  22. And look at Mata. Sitting down he barely reaches knee level of Cahill.
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