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  1. "The Pirates - Band of Misfits" - Good and funny movie from Aardman. Not as good as Wallace and Gromit, but still good. "The Cabin in the Woods" - Surprisingly good. All I knew about it was that it's about youngsters in a cabin and then there's killers. Very boring and unoriginal. But it turned out to be some added things that really made it better. Some good actors in it as well and for a horror movie I'd say it's well worth to see. "Iron Sky" - Not sure if I should hate it or like it. It's crap - scripts, acting and the rest - but it's supposed to be crap. It's not meant to be taken seriou
  2. That is a lot of players. You could put together a fairly good eleven from those. Courtois Kalas - Chalobah - Hutchinson - van Aanholt Essien - McEachran Kakuta - Benayoun - De Bruyne Lukaku And the bench could be okay as well.
  3. God I hope you're wrong. Nothing would please me more than watching them crash and burn. Bunch of f*cknuggets.
  4. Atleast you're not going to take a shower....
  5. Well Spain didn't play with any strikers, so he really didn't fit their style
  6. Saw "Sense and Sensibility" on tv today. The version with Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman. I've seen it before, but it was worth seeing again. Brilliant movie with some brilliant actors. And Alan Rickman. He took my breath away. Divine!
  7. I quite liked it as well, but am I the only one who thinks that the special effects in the movie are pretty crap? Looks like something out of some cheap 80's movie.
  8. Olsson is one year older, but have more experience and is maybe slightly better than Bertrand. But Ryan can still become a lot better so I see no point spending money on a LB right now.
  9. That sounds very cheap. Would be a great buy.
  10. I think we will get Oscar and probably Azpilicueta (hope I got his name right). I also think we're keeping our eyes open for someone stronger to sign - like Cavani or Hulk.
  11. I agree. It was a really pleasant surprise.
  12. Any news about this? They didn't say what day, but I assumed it was today.
  13. If it's "big" in terms of money I'd go with Hulk since he's the ones we've been linked to the most. Don't think it'll be someone we've not read any rumours about. As for the Hazard brother, I've read that according to Eden, Thorgan is the most talented of them. If that is right then we would have two very interesting players for years to come.
  14. Rajkovic really seems to have some attitude problems. Don't know if he's a good player, but it seems we dodged a bullet there.
  15. The parody of Safety Dance is quite enjoyable as well
  16. One of those songs I don't think is very good, but I can listen to over and over again.
  17. Don't think I've ever heard about those two.
  18. Maybe you're right about the wages, but I'm quite sure we didn't sell him since we got a training compensation.
  19. So we let him leave because he missed Italy, then he comes back like a year later and joins Liverpool. I shall be looking forward to his first game against us.
  20. Two things: 1. Just the thought of Platini as the most powerful man in world football makes me scared and sick. Horrible thought. 2. I think the EURO 2012 showed just how useless the additional assistant referees is. Did they help the ref? Hardly. But they managed to get decisions wrong.
  21. Yes. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!!! I was rambling before that last penalty. Couldn't help repeating the words "Not another Moscow" over and over again. Finally I just told myself "Shut up! This is his destiny!" And it f*cking was! Can't believe it. We're champions of Europe. Tears running everywhere. F*cking love this team. And you guys as well! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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