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  1. Yeah, he almost never misses. So he will score. He steps up, stops his run up to the ball a bit (is that allowed?) and.... Post!!!!!!! CECH! MARRY ME!!!!! Did he save it? Yes, he did! Nudged the ball so that it hit the post. Unbe-f*cking-lievable (always wanted to write a tmesis)!!!! Oh dear God, this has vibes of Moscow. Drogba to take the penalty. Please don't let this be another Moscow. I'm actually biting on my fingers now. No nails left.
  2. WOOHOO!!!! I love you Big Pete! But we have to score again to make it level. Seems like Cole will take this. I hate it when defenders take penalties. Doesn't feel right. Please Cole, don't f*ck this up now.
  3. Doesn't look like a good run up from Olic, but he'll probably smash it into the net. Come on Cech!
  4. When even their keeper scores, what chance do we have? Frankie boy next. Come on Lamps! Keep us in this!
  5. Cech has gone the right way on both penalties, so maybe, just maybe, he can save one in the end? But I doubt it. Those bloody germans never lose on penalties.
  6. Brilliant, Undertow Have to set up my drums soon and start playing again. Always nice to place some Metallica songs.
  7. Quick, someone distract him. Somebody throw something onto the pitch. See if that helps. S*it, I can't watch this.
  8. We have to. No way we can beat the germans on penalties. Just hope that Bayern don't get too many good opportunities to score in extra time. Especially Robben....
  9. He could be a good replacement for Essien.
  10. One corner. If Bayern couldn't score on 20, no way we can score on our only one, right.....
  11. It's been a month already!? Feels more like a couple of weeks.
  12. Yes, Juventus only own 50% of Giovinco, but it will be decided today I think what team will own him completely. If an offer for Torres has been made, then it might have been a preliminary offer. "If we get Giovinco, you can have him and 25m" or something like that. Though I think it is all a rumour. Juventus want a good scorer and since the van Persie deal has gone very quiet and Cavani would cost too much, the media will throw in any big name. Benzama and Higuain has been mentioned as well I think.
  13. A van and some chloroform also does the trick.
  14. It's not a rumour, but there's a player I think Chelsea should keep an eye on (maybe they already are). It's Oscar Hiljemark in the swedish team Elfsborg. 19 years old and a huge talent. Have already played for the national team (and he scored). He's a midfielder who can play like Mikel or Lampard. Can tackle well, have a good shot and can pass really well.
  15. Tomorrow I'll celebrate my birthday knowing Chelsea is the European Champions. Such a delightful day!
  16. I never leave any stains. After I'm done, I collect all specimen, desinfect the area and then I go back to petting Albert - my stuffed gerbil. EDIT: I initially called the gerbil "L*urence", but since this place makes it into "Loz", I found it didn't quite feel right.
  17. Sometimes it seems like the other spanish teams just bends over for Barcelona (and to Real Madrid). When one of the two teams who earns so much more than you do comes and wants a player, then make them f*cking pay! I bet if Chelsea wanted to buy Alba we would have to pay atleast twice as much.
  18. £9m is a bargain. Can't believe they didn't have to pay more.
  19. Has it been over a week already? Feels like just the other day I was screaming, crying and jumping with joy.
  20. A bit teary? My tears was flowing like waterfalls. My mom called be just after the game had ended to congratulate on the victory and I doubt she could here what I was saying because I was a blubbering mess.
  21. Love how the guys hug eachother and hold hands, but barely touches Gigi. That room oozes of bromance.
  22. Could our cup run be one of the best ever? Groupstage: Final game against Valencia. Lose and we're out, win and we're through. Hadn't played well, but turn up when we had to and beat Valencia 3-0. Final 16: Down 3-1 to Napoli. Turned it around at home to win 3-1, head to extra time and scored a winner. Quarterfinals: Shaky final minutes of the last game. Concede a goal and we're out, but we defend well and get another goal on the counter attack. Semifinals: First we beat "the best team in the history of football", then when we're down 2-0 and have lost one man (our leader and captain) due
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