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  1. I know But atleast we've got a new nickname for Roman.
  2. I just love Romans reactions in the stands. Funny as hell! Forgot to ask, was that when Robben missed the penalty?
  3. Yes. I knew he would miss the moment he stepped up. Just got that feeling.
  4. Loz, when you're not here, you are sorely missed and when you come back our blue family is complete. Enjoy this win and may happiness shine upon you.
  5. He absolutely saved it. Didn't think so at first, but on the replay you can clearly is a slight touch. And I'm almost certain that if he hadn't touched it, it would have gone in, probably via the post. The line between a goal and a save is paperthin sometimes.
  6. Loved the players reaction after winning. Everyone ran in every direction. Guess they were just so happy that they didn't know where to run. Pure happiness can't be controlled.
  7. Cloud 9? You know, after winning the FA Cup, then seeing Juventus win Serie A and now this, I'm quite sure I've gone higher than cloud 9.
  8. First things first, just because I want to get it over and done with and because there really is a reason for it. I applaud Bayern Munich and their fans. They played a really good game and I truly feel the players and the supporters pain, having been in the same situation a few years ago. We all know what it feels like to lose on penalties. Absolutely gutwrenching. But Bayern Munich is a good team and a very good organisation, with good people both on and off the pitch. They've been good this season, but haven't reached all the way. I feel for them. And I'm sure these words wont help them n
  9. Watched the speech from "Henry V" one final time. Now I am truly ready. Come one you Blues!
  10. Tried to keep myself busy today so as not to think about this game. But no matter what I've done the game has always popped up in my head. In a way I just wish this game was over and done with. Can't stand this anymore. Oh well, less than two hours to go. And two hours after that we'll know. Win or lose.
  11. My hands are cold enough to freeze a rooster. Bundle of nerves. One thing about the final tonight. No matter who wins it, I really hope that it's down to that they deserve it. Don't want to see any goals that never was or penalties turned down, or indeed given for no reason.
  12. A bit risky letting someone as unexperienced as Bertrand play in a huge game like this. He could prove to be cool under pressure and do well, or else feel the nerves and fail completely. But I can see why we would use him at midfield. He's got speed and can cross the ball fairly well. Besides, with our fullbacks facing the likes of Robben and Ribery I think we can do well with him helping out in defence.
  13. What a git. Why didn't he just add "I just love how my Chelski have managed to buy their way to the top. Don't care about old guys like Wize, Usgood, Benneti, Cake and Soula. They didn't win s*it. All that matters is the team we have now. Fat Frank, Cashley and......whatshisname.....Doggy or something. I know Terry can't play, which might be bad. He probably got himself sent off so that he can spend the final shagging his teammates wifes and shout racist stuff from the bedroom window." Lovely fans we have.
  14. Two days to go and I'm really starting to feel nervous. For most of the time I'm able to think of other things, but sooner or later the thought of this game pops up in my head and I get all tense. My feeling right now is that Bayern Munich is the favourites and I can't help feeling that our suspensions hits us harder than theirs his them. But, there was just no way we would beat Barcelona in the first leg and being 2-0 down in the 2nd with our leader sent off it was going to be a walk in the park for Barca and yet we managed to get a draw and advance. And as good as Bayern Munich is (I reall
  15. Great to be backed by a Llama. I think I read something about him taking a very long time to make the prediction. In the end the people there got restless and told him to "just spit it out for f*ck sake!"
  16. I did that for the games against Barcelona and during the 2nd leg I felt sick all through the game. Felt like puking all the time, was all tense and was drenched in cold sweat. That's even worse than actually watching a game. So I will definitely see this final. Will be very nervous of course, but will probably feel better than if I wouldn't watch it.
  17. Toure is a really good player, but I dread to think what kind of wages he has at City. Doubt we will want to match them.
  18. Boss has a good shot, but he can't cross the ball to save his life.
  19. Saw "Chronicle" last night and it was a pleasant surprise. Quite original movie about three young guys who get superpowers.
  20. Not sure if it's been mentioned here but apparently the players union are trying to get the suspensions overturned, so that all the players who got suspended because too many yellow cards can play in the final. Terry is not one of them since he got a red. Even if it would mean Bayern having Badstuber and the rest I would not mind seeing Ivanovic and Ramires play. Maybe even Meireles. I doubt they will overturn this, but one can always hope.
  21. That was probably one of the strangest penalty shoot outs I've ever seen. 2-0 up and everything is fine. Suddenly they miss two in a row, but the opponents fail to get 2-2 and a german scores the winning penalty. Bloody hell.
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