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  1. Ha ha, I am not a well man this morning. It was incredible watching that with my dad last night, after my wedding, the birth of my little girl and our title win at Bolton that was the most incredible night of my life.


    I just love Romans reactions in the stands. Funny as hell!

    Forgot to ask, was that when Robben missed the penalty?

  2. Thank you every one. Worst year of my life and I walked away from all of you. When I returned I appreciated that you didn't question, just allowed me to slip back in. This joy is less than you deserve but I am sure you will settle for it. I nearly checked out for ever but am glad I didn't - love this moment, love those who care, love those who take the time to put you first when you needed it and take damn good care.

    Tonight we smile. Never forget how good it feels.

    Loz, when you're not here, you are sorely missed and when you come back our blue family is complete.

    Enjoy this win and may happiness shine upon you.

  3. Just had a run in with my brother who's a Spud (hahahaha).

    He reckons Cech never saved Schweinsteiger's pen.

    Am I right, PC did get a touch on it and therefore in theory he saved it?????

    He absolutely saved it. Didn't think so at first, but on the replay you can clearly is a slight touch. And I'm almost certain that if he hadn't touched it, it would have gone in, probably via the post.

    The line between a goal and a save is paperthin sometimes.

  4. First things first, just because I want to get it over and done with and because there really is a reason for it.

    I applaud Bayern Munich and their fans. They played a really good game and I truly feel the players and the supporters pain, having been in the same situation a few years ago. We all know what it feels like to lose on penalties. Absolutely gutwrenching.

    But Bayern Munich is a good team and a very good organisation, with good people both on and off the pitch. They've been good this season, but haven't reached all the way. I feel for them.

    And I'm sure these words wont help them now but, there's always next season. Continue building that team and it'll be a force to be reckoned with next season and seasons to come.

    Now, on to us.

    I've felt sick all day and during the game my hands hardly left my face. I've been sweating, swearing, shaking and much more. But unlike our games against Barcelona I for once felt like we might actually win, even though Bayern Munich had the ball most of the time and created more chances than we did.

    But I've finally understood that this is the way we play. We allow ourselves to be pushed back and then we defend well and hope to get a chance or two and then score.

    When Muller scored however, I lost some hope. So little time left and we hadn't created much.

    But we have Drogba. Lovely old Drogba. Couldn't believe it when he scored. Our first corner of the game (I think) and we scored. Bayern had had like 16-17 corners and scored none. Amazing.

    On to extra time and then there was the penalty. At first I was sure it wasn't one, but I have to admit that the ref got it right. Would add however that just before that I think we could have had one as well when Torres was fouled. Apart from that the ref was quite solid.

    Anyway, I felt like they could score the winner there, but we have Cech and talk about feeling relieved when he saved it. Can someone tell me when Cech became good at saving penalties? Seem to remember us being quite bad at it not that long ago, but recently Cech have started to save them and we've started to score them. Really nice to see.

    On to penalties. I hate it and I have to admit that I did feel that Munich would win it. They just felt a bit better at it (oh me of little faith). They were great against Real Madrid anyway.

    And we missed the first one. Game over, surely.

    No, we kept going and then Cech managed to make two great saves (the last one was superb). Have to say that up to that point I was yelling at Cech quite a lot. Before that he had been moving quite a lot on penalties, putting the opponent off a bit, but now he was all still, which really annoyed me. Yet, when we needed it the most, he saved two. Brilliant!

    Up steps Drogba and I think I prayed to most gods at that moment. At the same time the thought "Not another miss like the one against United" went through my head.

    But Drogba scored and I screamed, cried, screamed some more and cried yet again.

    Is it really possible to express that feeling? It's like some kind of bomb entirely made from pure happiness inside you explodes. Your entire body is filled up with it immediately and you just don't know where to pour it. It flows from you in every direction. If there would have been a complete stranger beside me I would have hugged him like a dear old friend.

    Amazing feeling. Don't think I've felt like that before.

    Would like to thank the team for the journey they've taken us on. Their adventure in the Champions League have been legendary.

    In the final I think every player deserves praise. Sure, there were mistakes made, but they all came together and fought like a team. Bertrand played his first game - in the final of the Champions League! - and that decision was spot on. He helped Cole close down that side and actually had a good game. Looked very comfortable.

    The defence - missing two of the best in our leader Terry and Ivanovic who might just be one of the best defenders in England right now - looked solid, even if they gave up a few dangerous opportunities. Even Bosingwa, whom I've thrashed quite a few times, played well enough.

    At midfield Mikel was a beast for most of the game, Lampard did what needed to be done and Mata tried to find ways to create things for us. Kalou worked well and did his best to help the team. Furthest up front there was a man - or a beast - who goes by the name of Didier Drogba. He was our target man and did just what we expected of him. Won the ball and tried to keep it there. Didn't perhaps get enough help at times, but he gave us some time to breathe. Then when we needed it the most he gave us that equaliser to save us. And when given the chance to win it for us, he did just that. Love him!

    The substitutes did their part as well. No matter in what position they played like they were told to do. Torres who is a striker was sometimes further down in defence than Mikel. But he did what was expected of him.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have the manager.

    Robbie Di Matteo. Wow, just wow.

    He got the tactics right all the way and let the right people take the penalties. Can't think of words to describe my gratitude.

    Watching the players lift the trophy was just truly wonderful. Nice to see Platini smiling as well. I thought he would be very disappointed.

    Nice to see Roman being handed the trophy as well. Must be one of the happiest days of his life and I think that it meant more to him than most of his money. He has dreamt of this for so long and now he got his hands on it. Made me smile.

    Still can't believe we've done it. We've had better seasons where we've felt like it could be our year. Suddenly we have a season that's been bad. We've sacked yet another manager and things gone wrong all the way. Finishing 6th in the league was awful. But despite that we still won the Champions League. This wasn't the season we would do it in. It was the wrong time.

    However, the lads came together and played like a real team, whilst showing true strength and determination. Perhaps it was the perfect time after all. Quite a few in the squad has become "too old" and perhaps this was one of their last chances to win it. So they sacrificed everything to do it and it paid off.

    Wow. Coming from a reasonable tough group. Then facing a Napoli who've been a real threat to anyone. Losing first game 1-3 and basicaly, we were out then. Got back at home and won it in extra time. What a performance!

    Heading on to face Barcelona - the "best team in the history of football" - and we won 1-0 at home, which was great. The 2nd leg is part of history. Going down a man - I say man, but Terry is just so much more than that at Chelsea - and being down 2-0. Surely all over. At Nou Camp, Barcelona would tear us apart playing 11 vs 10. But Ramires gave us a goal and in the end Torres of all people scored. 2-2 at Nou Camp agains "the best team in the world" with one man down. It couldn't be done, but we did it.

    Already gone through the final. Guess I could write several pages about it, but you all saw what happened and I'm not sure I can find words to describe everything.

    Now I will just celebrate. Not sure if I will be able to sleep much tonight. Tomorrow is Juventus against Napoli. Another final. Not good for my heart and this win today might overshadow that game quite a lot.

    One last thing.

    I love you all! You will always be in the blue part of my heart. Thank you!


  5. A bit risky letting someone as unexperienced as Bertrand play in a huge game like this. He could prove to be cool under pressure and do well, or else feel the nerves and fail completely.

    But I can see why we would use him at midfield. He's got speed and can cross the ball fairly well. Besides, with our fullbacks facing the likes of Robben and Ribery I think we can do well with him helping out in defence.

  6. Listening to Radio 1 today they did a bit on the game in munich.

    They spoke to a Chelsea fan who had a ticket to the match and his words were

    "this is the biggest day of my life. I've waited for this for years and but I can just see FAT FRANK lifting the trophy"

    WTF, I honestly thought none of our fans would label him FAT FRANK. What a Knob head

    What a git. Why didn't he just add "I just love how my Chelski have managed to buy their way to the top. Don't care about old guys like Wize, Usgood, Benneti, Cake and Soula. They didn't win s*it. All that matters is the team we have now. Fat Frank, Cashley and......whatshisname.....Doggy or something. I know Terry can't play, which might be bad. He probably got himself sent off so that he can spend the final shagging his teammates wifes and shout racist stuff from the bedroom window."

    Lovely fans we have.

  7. Two days to go and I'm really starting to feel nervous. For most of the time I'm able to think of other things, but sooner or later the thought of this game pops up in my head and I get all tense.

    My feeling right now is that Bayern Munich is the favourites and I can't help feeling that our suspensions hits us harder than theirs his them.

    But, there was just no way we would beat Barcelona in the first leg and being 2-0 down in the 2nd with our leader sent off it was going to be a walk in the park for Barca and yet we managed to get a draw and advance. And as good as Bayern Munich is (I really like that team) they would surely have no chance at beating Real Madrid, but they managed to knock them out.

    So, even if we might not be the favourites, we can still win this.

    S*it, can barely wright this because I'm so tense.

  8. If you get all nervous and shaky before the game, how about not watch it? I know it sounds insane, but I'm actually considering doing it. A total media blackout for the 2 hours it goes on for, and then I'll check the scores online and here, and just watch the replay that they have later on in the day.

    I did that for the games against Barcelona and during the 2nd leg I felt sick all through the game. Felt like puking all the time, was all tense and was drenched in cold sweat. That's even worse than actually watching a game.

    So I will definitely see this final. Will be very nervous of course, but will probably feel better than if I wouldn't watch it.

  9. Considering the lack of decent right midfielders available to play in place of Ramires, would be out of the question to play Paulo at RB and play Boss on the right of the 3?






    Bosingwa's no slouch, we could use his pace up and down the right in a more advanced position, could be something to experiment with on Sunday v Blackburn.

    Boss has a good shot, but he can't cross the ball to save his life.

  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned here but apparently the players union are trying to get the suspensions overturned, so that all the players who got suspended because too many yellow cards can play in the final. Terry is not one of them since he got a red.

    Even if it would mean Bayern having Badstuber and the rest I would not mind seeing Ivanovic and Ramires play. Maybe even Meireles.

    I doubt they will overturn this, but one can always hope.

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