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  1. We the supporters had butchers coats and donkey Jackets, far smarter than Keith Wellers patchwork pastiche!
  2. Late 1970s the gates were locked at QPR, there were about 30 of us in small groups milling around outside with seeming no point of entry. We walked up past the main entrance an on up the road past the ground coming the other way was a small group of Chelsea struggling with a heavy 22ft timber ladder which they said they had liberated from outside a house. With a bit of effort we manhandled the ladder up the road and lifted into place a the corner of the away end about 30 of us scrambled up the ladder and managed to get into the ground. Watched from near the corner flag where Stan Bowles was getting more than some stick.
  3. "Chelsea's new ground, built on the site of the old athletic ground at Stamford Bridge, will comfortably accommdate 150,000 spectators". Never heard of any other British grounds that had such a capacity, Walham Green station must have been a crush!
  4. Without a doubt one of the best matches I have ever attended, cloud 9, euphoric, atmospheric!
  5. Used to get away tickets from Arthur Meadows in the back of the 547 shop when booking coach tickets always wore a smart blazer with woven badge on the pocket. He would give you a withering look if you started to misbehave. Looking back he was a Chelsea legend. Anyone else remember him?
  6. Started mid 1970s, a wag added in the "Leicester" bit while singing it in the shed and it just caught on.
  7. Evidently Chelsea FC share the same values , wonder if it relates to making a fortune from our fans ?. To make 3 more exciting maybe they should rename themselves 4.
  8. A sinister series of events recognisable in history, listening posts, messages from public announcement systems, policing by non police.
  9. Neatly folded butchers coats on each new seat with a blue felt tip marker pen placed on the top. Simply add players names and snappy slogans- Osgood- Cooke - Lampard etc -- Roman must agree to wear one --
  10. Original green seats as well in the new East stand
  11. No pictures of designer Butchers coats available?

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