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  1. Original green seats as well in the new East stand
  2. No pictures of designer Butchers coats available?
  3. Derek Richardson, who used to also support and watch the matches from the Tea Bar area.
  4. Find out who funds it? It looks like another NGO organisation continuing the relentless social engineering policy.
  5. We now have TV and Newspaper racism pundits who are getting paid handsomely to pass judgement via what amounts to a media remote Kangaroo court. Pass judgement after an official investigation by the police with real evidence that a real crime has been committed and a successful prosecution. Alan Shearer and company enjoy your financial rewards --- other may lose theirs!
  6. Possibly access point side of old east stand to the shed end. Turnstile price, extra large for Horse's- Adults 1/-, Boys 6d, Horses 3d Man in hat possible programme seller?
  7. I think this was the year when the person just to the right of me in the then packed shed had the hair down the back of their head melted by a flame from a lighter played on the back of their head. The hand with the lighter recoiled back into the into the crowd in a flash, I am glad it was not my head that was chosen as the target!
  8. Sheffield Wednesday 1 v Chelsea 2 we played in Red Green and White - Only seems like yesterday ! https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/232566-sheffield-wed-v-chelsea-fa-cup-1973/ Info from Owls talk Lots of Chelsea in the KOP, one of the first outings for my Union Jack flag.
  9. Arsenal v Chelsea, 20 March 1973 Score 2-1 to Arsenal Competition FA Cup Quarter-final replay Venue Highbury Attendance 62,746 Worst crush I have even been in at a football match, gates were locked with thousands outside. After the match feet never touched the ground from entering Arsenal station until platform level my programme disintegrated with heat and sweat in my inside pocket, how there was no fatalities is a miracle. There was also the case of Arsenals dodgy penalty.

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