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  1. Just before the final Uncle Ken permitted anyone who bought a CPO share to purchase a cup final ticket to boost the number of shareholders much to the annoyance of some . I purchased a share and picked up my ticket up from a blue portacabin without queuing on the shed end forecourt. Had quite a good seat high up almost level with the halfway line.
  2. A policeman on horseback, then a well known CFC fan leading what appeared to be thousands of our fans down the terraced street to the area behind their end and stopping to sing en masse maybe its because Im a Londoner as the Sunderland faithful scurried out onto the grass bank. All Sunderland fans seemed to be wearing yellow jumpers with green stars. On leaving Hickey standing on a rail structure at the top of the exit stairs giving out the orders.
  3. Loved our massive floodlight towers, a work collegue of mine Mr Pink had a job of replacing a lamp fitment, only managed to climb the tower ladder to about half way up and then froze. eventually managed to overcome the fright and managed to get down safely without carrying out any repairs.
  4. Pretty sure I am in this picture - not plod - used to get a brown ale from the shed tea bar- sometimes a bag of poor quality peanuts from the roving PEANUT salesman, golden goal ticket in my pocket.
  5. Lucky no one was killed at the station afterwards , the crush in the station was really unbearable. Apart from the trouble and fires on the terraces the gypsy site was attacked and burger van was overturned as it tried to drive off with the occupants inside it, fortunately no one was crushed by the van.
  6. Never normally comment on the match forum but must make an exception to commend the star striker that is Mr Giroud.
  7. Peter -- Peter Houseman on the wing (repeat twice)
  8. Pictures of Bob Iles and some recognisable ladies over at getty images. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/bob-iles?mediatype=photography&phrase=bob iles&sort=best# Not sure if image can be uploaded here
  9. I believe so, but have not seen him for about 40 years-
  10. CALL the cops > neee norrrr neeeee norrrr kneeee nawww > Tartan scarfs with cfc crest sew on badge 1973 - 1975 > hope iam way off with this but that tartan scarfs please dont tell me its owt to do with this lot > They were just another fantastic fashion item like Butchers coats, donkey Jackets, silk scarfs bovver boots and the like.
  11. Chelsea/Celtic half/ half ski hats were also on sale roughly 1973 to 1975, same time as tartan scarfs. Never had a hat but still got my tartan scarf with a round original lion crest sew on badge.
  12. Are you Fulham old bill ?, long time since I have seen that enquiry 🙌
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