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  1. Just now, RMH said:

    Has anyone got the feeling that had we worn United red last night we would have got away with a scrappy 2-2 draw? I'm 99.999% certain that the penalty would have stood and Timo's goal would not have been offside because they would have drawn the line from Leicester player's elbow rather than shoulder (or wherever they decided to draw it from). I should add that it would have been unfair given our bad performance, but that's how Manure have got to the top of the league.

    Not to mention Vardy running from 10m offside from the goalkick before they scored to get involved in the play.

  2. A few of you need to have a cup of tea and a nice long lie-down.

    We're just about halfway through the season and despite a bad patch we're about 6 points off where we need to be.

    Easily redeemable and no doubt Frank deserves that opportunity. We started that on Saturday and now we need to continue it. We can start that by beating Leicester in a top 4 six-pointer midweek.

  3. 1 hour ago, Gol15 said:

    At Man United Olle just put Fernandes on 1 position, his best and he simply built his team around him as soon as he came, now he broke the PL record when he got to be the player of the month for the 4th time in a calendar year. They did the basics right and it works, we made it harder for Timo and Kai to adapt by using them to cover a hole when needed.

    You want to build your tactics around a player like Havertz, not to use him to fill in a spot for Ziyech or whatever, if you really want the best out of him.

    Yes Mount scored today, doesn't change the fact that he was a non-factor for the past 5 games or more.

    Mount doesn't need to perform constantly, last season he played over 50 games, he's to Lampard what Jorginho was to Sarri but the difference is Lampard depends on his individual growth in order to win games when he builds the team around him while Sarri depended only on his system to work and Jorginho is a system player.

    You can't compare Mount that had the whole last season to adapt to the PL to Havertz that only played a handful of games on his primary position without a pre-season. Havertz wasn't bough to sit on the bench, we should sell him as soon as possible if that is the case because otherwise we are just wasting a huge talent.

    Where to start with this. 

    1. The comparison between Fernandes and Havertz isn't a good one. OGS has largely set his team up defensively to play on the counter. Fernandes is in his prime and plays a free role with very good cover behind him and has padded out his stats significantly by getting a penalty every other week. We press from the front and that means that the 10 has to get involved without the ball. Havertz isn't as adept at that and so we've been trying to find a role for him that covers his weaknesses and uses his strengths. Besides United lurch from crisis to crescendo every second week, I'd hardly call them a model to work from. 

    2. Mount on the other hand is perfect for the way we want to play. He works incredibly hard off the ball and is a critical link player. He doesn't get into the team because of favouritism as many morons suggest but because he fits with the way we want to play and gives his all for the team.

    3. This notion of Havertz as this player who should be untouchable because of his talent is a misnomer. Plenty of games I watched for him at Leverkusen, he'd swan around and do nothing for 85 minutes and then score and all you'd hear afterwards was how great he was. The press and social media (probably led by agents) feed into this huge hype game for players who have done nothing. He's a young player with talent yes, but he has work to do (notwithstanding COVID) and he doesn't get to waltz into the team and have us change the whole style of play when he has done nothing to suggest he can be that player. Ziyech in my view has been a much better signing and is probably more deserving of playing a free role if anyone was to do that right now. 

    This reminds me of the people who used to carry on about Jose not playing Sheva. You get into the team based on merit not your transfer fee or your social media hype. Train and play better and then you get to be in the team.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

    Looks like a case of a mismanagement problem that Lampard needs to fix.

    I hope that Havertz starts against Leicester he's a really special player to have and even if Mount scored today he's not really doing much he may look like he's very involved but if you put Havertz in that free role he can do a lot more than Mount.

    Hope that we can build on this narrow win now, we are very predictable but if are going to rely on the individual quality then we must play Havertz more.


    I'm not sure there is any evidence of mismanagement. I think Havertz looked good before he caught COVID, but he has a lot to learn. He is still playing at Bundesliga pace, he isn't careful enough in possession and doesn't use his natural size to his advantage.

    Key challenge for Havertz has been adjusting to the less rigid tactical approach under Frank. Bosz is very rigid and would have had very clear instructions for where Havertz was to move and what was expected. Frank allows players to think for themselves and Havertz looks a little lost. He has far more freedom than he ever had at Leverkusen and doesn't know what to do with it.

    Mount must be on half of his salary and does more for the team than Havertz does at the moment.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Nibs said:

    As much as I love RDM, think it is more than apparent that the team rallied after AVB's departure and it was the likes of Cech, Lamps, JT and Drogba who carried us through. We don't have those characters now and the chances of a repeat are slim to zero.

    I agree. Sheer force of will carried us through that year. We saw Robbie's actual abilities the next year. Fun to watch but not really reliable.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Hessleboink said:

    It's difficult to understand why we are so much worse that we have been previously under Lampard. We used to move forward really quickly in transition -- not so much now. Any idea if Ziyech can play as a number 10?

    In spite of his woeful finishing, Werner at least stretches the defence so I do think he's worth persisting with. I'd like to see him play from the left (with Giroud or Tammy up top) and either Ziyech of Havertz as a number 10, then have Kante and Mount box to box. 

    I think it's just simply the case that teams have worked us out. The video analysis is so hard-core these days that I think within a few games teams understand your approach and how to mitigate it.

    It's happened around this point for the last three seasons. I think Frank is also very clear that he wants players to make decisions for themselves rather than having every movement orchestrated and planned ala Sarri. I think for some of our players that is a challenging transition. Havertz and Werner in particular are used to playing in detailed tactical setups under Nagelsmann and Bosz.

  7. 5 hours ago, ozboy said:

    I don't think Lampard has earned the Board's backing yet for even more big money spending.  If we were first or second in the league it might be another story. Right now its make do.

    I agree certainly not for the fees quoted. I also think he is a good player, but I'm not convinced he transforms us into title contenders. I think longer term he may be a Kante replacement.

  8. 1 hour ago, dkw said:

    All the other managers at the moment will be seeing their points per game drop because of the last few seasons also, Klopp`s Liverpool for example is about 14 points down on last season, so comparing his points per game against an old Liverpool manager will be unfavourable.

    Did the other managers also lose their best player while also having to cope with integrating youth into a side due to having a transfer ban?

    Lampard is making mistakes and needs called out for them, but if you truly believe there arent extenuating circumstances having a big impact on this season then I dont know what to say to you.

    Agreed. I think Frank will continue to learn and shouldn't get a free pass, but at the end of November everyone was flying off the chain saying we were a title chances. A bit of moderation never went astray in the reactions to a run of results either way. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, dkw said:

    I still think if he hadnt been injured last season we would have sold Jorginho and he would definitely have played a bigger part this season, he plays a great role for us.

    Agreed. I think assuming injuries don't hurt him he will at least get to Jorginho's level and perhaps even higher. Scotland should be very exited.

    The one thing I worry about is whether physically he can manage over the long term in a modern midfield. He is a bit short and maybe a bit noodle armed at the minute. Hopefully he gets a bit of a grow on soon. 

  10. 10 hours ago, dansubrosa said:

    If James is fully fit, he starts ahead of Dave. This season he’s been one of our best players and he’s so much better, Dave’s been a really solid defender for us throughout the years but James’ potential is massive and to be honest, he’s not that far off Dave at his peak now.

    I’m not impressed with Azpi this year either, no doubt about the effort and passion but the quality just isn’t quite there. Excellent back up, not that great as a starter in my opinion.

    No doubt Reece has played well but I just sense this is a day for Dave and his pragmatism and solid defending. Perhaps his polish going forward isn't quite the same bit he still has a role to play on certain days.

  11. I think everyone is fit which is fantastic. 

    4-3-3 Mendy, Dave (over James for his experience and leadership), Zouma, Silva, Chilwell, Kante, Havertz, Mount, CHO, Pulisic, Werner. 

    Leaving out Ziyech was probably the toughest call, but I suspect he is still working his way back to fitness and we need to handle all three wingers carefully given their injury troubles. He will be there to bring on for CHO if we need it and Pulisic if the game is won.

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