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  1. 2 minutes ago, big blue said:

    Totally his finishing needs to be better, and I think if he was getting 4 or 5 balls through over top per game, not necessarily 1 on 1 chances, but just balls for him the run onto, like Sheffield United away, I think he would get his groove back. It just seems at the moment he maybe gets 1 or 2 decent balls a game, sometimes he doesnt get any. It must be hard to find rytham. Its like playing Giroud and putting 1 or 2 crosses in all game, (which we have also done). 

    Spot on. He's a volume shooter. You can't play slow build up football and expect him to convert the one chance he has. We knew this when we bought him. This is the thing I find so frustrating. Every mug punter and forum poster who watched a few games can see that he wasn't clinical. We spent millions on recruitment. How are the experts not seeing this?

    My new line with players in Germany is if Bayern don't fight you for them, then maybe ask why that's the case.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Strider6003 said:

    Great result for a first leg.

    Nice goal by Mount though haven't seen Chilwell's yet.

    Thought the ref was good for us tonight  James elbowed Marenga and got away with it and later Azpi's push on Marenga again though soft felt it was tempting fate.

    Fate was with it today ::HeAdS:::

    He didn't fall into their diving traps. Neither of the incidents you mention was a foul but worse referees would have been duped. A light breeze knocked them over and then they got up waving around for cards. Actually some of the worst diving I've seen since they bought in the yellow card for simulation.

  3. Another pretty dour performance under Tickle but it got the job done. I think we scrapped it out which is sometimes what you need to do away in Europe.

    Mount's turn and goal changed the game. Up to 8 goals across all competitions now. Some work from a bloke only in the team because he is Frank's favourite...

    Can't be complacent coming into the second leg. Porto won't be giving up. 

  4. 51 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

    I don't know why would Lukaku want to change his club at this moment, he's winning the Serie A with Conte (that didn't take long) that appreciates him and is secured for CL football next season...

    Yup. I'm sure he's getting paid a bomb too.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Bob stark said:

    Drogba and Costa say otherwise 

    I thought etoo was also pretty good

    Eto'o was very good. Class above any striker we've signed in the Roman era bar Drogba and maybe Crespo. He was just old by the time he signed for us. 

    On Werner I think this is where it comes down to how much you really want it. The best players use this as a platform to improve. 11 goals is by no means terrible with plenty of matches still to come. The weak Morata's of the world slunk off to another easier league. 

  6. On 01/04/2021 at 06:00, dkw said:

    No way that's real, it's f**king hideous. 

    Yeah my first reaction was eeeew.

    For mine bar the FA Cup anniversary kit and White polo style one Nike have been awful. The former adidas kits were infinitely better.

  7. Dogsh*t for a good few years? Between them they've won 6 out of the last ten European Cups and 17 out of the last 20 Spanish titles.

    We keep talking about debt. Debt is only ever an issue if it can't be repaid. Madrid and Barca seem to have endless influence with government and banks to get by with huge debt. They also have huge revenue streams.

    Haaland will not be moving to a second tier club. We've got to prove ourselves a first tier team again to sign him. Simple as. If not he'll be off to Barca, Madrid, Bayern, PSG or Juve. 

  8. On 30/03/2021 at 13:01, Argo said:

    I never got the Drogba comparision, he is literally nothing like him.

    Stylistically he's a lot more similar to Torres in the sense he likes through balls in behind and relies on pace and power (and they're both brats).

    I think a lot of it was from Lukaku's own comments about modelling his game on Drogba. 

    You're right though. Didier was much more technically gifted than Lukaku is, capable of creating his own goals from nothing, scoring from free kicks etc. Truth is perhaps only Zlatan and Ronaldo have all of Didier's clubs in their bag. He could hurt you in so many ways. 

    I often found him maddening as a player because he could be brilliant and then other times not bother, but I think at his best he was the best striker to play for us for a very long time. He'll likely remain that way.  

  9. 7 hours ago, SydneyChelsea said:

    In the space of a few months Conte has completely transformed this aspect of his game. He is fitter, faster and more mobile than ever. His ball control and general technique has improved out of sight and tactically he would fit like a glove in our current system, being a perfect player to get the best out of Mount or Havertz. To give credit to Lukaku, he is a changed man and his mentality has shifted.

    But in saying that, Chelsea would be the ultimate test of that mentality. There is no doubt that Lukaku can come to Chelsea and score 20 goals a season in the league, but neither he nor Chelsea want just that. We need him, or whoever we sign, to come in and instantly be a game-changer in the league and in Europe. We don't need another Havertz or Pulisic signed on "potential".

    There are still decent question marks over whether he can be a big-game player and the added difficulty at Chelsea is that he would come with expectations beftting one of the more senior players in the squad and in the shadow of his mentor/idol, Drogba. I'd take a punt on him because I think he's a great player, but not at the expense of signing an actual generational talent who is already at the peak of their powers.


    All fair points. I'm not sure whether he has improved or whether the game is just that bit slower in Italy allowing him more time. I couldn't say either way tbh.

    As you say, there would be a huge weight on his shoulders if he were to come back here. He has unfinished business in the sense that he has never truly been the Drogba successor that everyone assumed. He scores yes, but has never won a major trophy in his career and continues to carry that tag of going missing in the big moments. I actually think the closest he has come thus far to winning a trophy was when he missed his penalty against Bayern in the Super Cup 8 years ago.

    In my view we're not getting Haaland. He could name his price and his club and when you can do that, you're probably not going to choose us, particularly when we are known as a #9 graveyard. If you take him off the table, Lukaku looks as good an option as any. But he isn't a silver bullet by any means.

  10. 2 hours ago, Malcolm9 said:

    Dybala is a no for me, we need players with more physical presence and mobility. Haaland is the first choice for me, but I'd gladly take Lukaku to bully defences and the guy is proven in the Premier League.

    I think this is right. Dybala would be another player who is a bit more cultured for want of a better term that might struggled with the lack of space, more lenient refereeing and more robust approach.

    It's tough to adapt I think particularly given teams sit in against us now. In Zola's day (another very cultured player) it was a bit easier because teams felt they could beat us so were a bit more open. Plus Dybala is no Zola.

  11. 4 hours ago, Ballack & Blu said:

    I think bringing back Lukaku could be immense, at 27 his best years are still to come

    You know what you're getting with him always, which at least removes some of the risk.

    First touch and play outside the box remains the challenge. 

    I do wonder though what might have happened if we had signed him for Conte instead of that sook Morata.

  12. 4 hours ago, ducavis said:

    That doesn’t sit right with me though, and I bet it wouldn’t if Tuchel pulled him for Silva if he hasn’t put a foot wrong. With his contract ending in 2022  we need to tread carefully. The Tomori loan move already looks crazy with Milan now reported to be activating the low clause.  What we don’t need is to lose another defender because of our shortsightedness.

    Many would know I'm not a massive fan of Christensen but think he has done well in a 3. I think his decision-making and lack of physical presence particularly in a 2 makes him too vulnerable to be the rock of our defence for the next decade.

    I wouldn't be too concerned if he moved on. Beyond the homegrown factor there are dozens of defenders at a higher level than him who we could get with the money from he and Tomori.

    For me Andreas' happiness isn't really a factor. We play the team that helps us go as deep as we can into the tournaments we are in and finish in the top four. End of conversation in my view.

  13. Young bloke still learning his trade. I think everyone expected him to emerge fully formed as Mbappe or Messi. Truth is very few players are that. 

    I think he is probably also a bit limited because he was able to do the same things and dominate players much older than him in juniors. Its not the same in the first team, particularly when you lose a yard of pace from injury.

    For mine I think he is a good player who could go to another level again. His shooting and off ball movement are areas of improvement but as an out and out winger i think his crossing is great and he offers something different from the others in the squad.

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