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  1. I think dominated is perhaps a bit unfair. Let's also acknowledge that we've rotated against weaker teams but largely played our best squad against the top sides. Tuchel has made us predictable but he has also made us stable. For me you're in a better position to win when you know you only have to pinch a goal knowing you're less likely to concede, rather than Frank's defence when we often had to score 2 or 3 goals to win because our defence was at times appalling. The key i think is about ruthlessness on the counter. I'd like to see us when the moment is right go quick to try and co
  2. We've got to beat them at some point if we want to win.
  3. Just a different style being pursued currently. He suits a system with more traditional wingers and we're not using them. He was without doubt key to us making top four last season (along with Giroud) so I have faith he can adapt to the new way of playing.
  4. Well we've always known his end product wasn't that great...
  5. Barring a bit of a miracle it really does seem like a race to finish second to Bayern doesn't it? They are a monster.
  6. Agree on the manager part. But Ronaldo and Dybala alone put them on another plane to us. Their mistake has been in the managerial choices recently. If they had have taken Conte back they'd be winning the league.
  7. Porto aren't to be taken lightly given they just tossed out Juve who have a much better squad than us. They are I think quite a similar team to Atleti, which means the Tuchel style matches up well against them. Hoping for a Hazard homecoming in the semi if we both make it that far. Shame that there will be no fans. He'd get. A rousing reception at the Bridge.
  8. No doubt Savic was naive or frustrated. Same as JT when that sook Sanchez was carrying on.
  9. Not a worry. Little prick deserved a straight red practically every game he played
  10. Fair point. I'm unsure whether anything would have happened if Rudiger hadn't crumpled like a House of Cards. I was more angry at Sanchez for falling over at the slightest contact and then rolling around as if he'd be shot. Anyway I know I'm asking for something that no longer exists but simulation and exaggeration infuriates me. It shouldn't be encouraged at our club.
  11. It's a long way from Zouma smashing them in from practically every corner at the start of the season. Ziyech's delivery is better than Mount by a distance. I suspect James' might be as well.
  12. Yeah he pressed well for sure. I think with our struggle for creativity he is needed. Sure the pass doesn't ways come off but he has great vision if others make the runs. I also thought his corners were a huge improvement over Mounts recent efforts too.
  13. Yeah but that was a second yellow wasn't it? Savic got a straight red for an elbow that wouldn't have felled my 95 year old nan.
  14. I thought it was very soft. Softest red since JT got sent off at Barca.
  15. Always helps having 12 on the pitch. Although I swear it was the triplets tonight so maybe we had 13!
  16. Great performance all round. Well managed second leg. Giroud set it up with that key goal in the first leg and we were patient and waited for our chances tonight. Kante was superb. I thought Havertz and Ziyech did well also always moving and looking for the killer play. Such a cool finish from Emerson at the end too. Well done to Tuchel and the squad. Huge result with the players out injured and suspended.
  17. Get in Ziyech! Havertz release, Werner cross, and Ziyech goal. 160m well spent on those three then haha
  18. We underestimate Atleti at our peril although Tuchel's style will manage some of the risk. Glad to have Silva back for this one. A huge match in the context of our future as a big European club. A win would put us back among the big guns.
  19. @just mate save yourself the angst. There are those who love Jorginho and seem to want to talk down Kante as a rival for his God(read Sarri)-given spot on the pitch. Evidence means little when confirmation bias abounds. I think we're all better off just talking about something else. Arguing with fanatics is rarely a good use of anyone's time.
  20. Yup. Remains the only genuinely world class player in the squad. Clubs will be lining up to take him off our hands in the summer.
  21. Broadly we defended okay. Mendy made a couple of good saves but we would have been unlucky to concede. I won't pillory our attackers either I have to say. Ziyech popped some neat balls through and Havertz did well also. Biggest issue was we didn't have that player with the strikers instinct to get on the end of them. Of all the attackers I thought Mount had the off game. For me if Tammy starts it felt like the type of game he'd have scored in.
  22. Are we really doing this again? I thought he did his usual good job winning the ball and distributing. There were four attacking players on (three of whom cost us 160m between them) and we're really criticising Kante for us not scoring? Some people will us any opportunity to push an agenda.
  23. Behave yourself there Plokkers... For all the hyperventilating from some in here, I thought we played quite well, particularly in a new system with a number of players who have been on the periphery. We created chances but didn't really have the ruthlessness to take them. Leeds were clever to block out Jorginho, but I don't think that actually made much difference. We had no issues building up from the back and it's not really his job to do more than that. I thought Kante and Mendy and Dave all played well.
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