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  1. Behave yourself there Plokkers... For all the hyperventilating from some in here, I thought we played quite well, particularly in a new system with a number of players who have been on the periphery. We created chances but didn't really have the ruthlessness to take them. Leeds were clever to block out Jorginho, but I don't think that actually made much difference. We had no issues building up from the back and it's not really his job to do more than that. I thought Kante and Mendy and Dave all played well.
  2. Was it an American journalist who asked it? Any time that Pulisic doesn't play every game they throw a tantrum
  3. Pretty much the story of Chelsea since about 2012! I think the key thing is that the football we're playing isn't the easiest on the eye and when you spend so much money on attacking players only to have three on the pitch then that is probably not going to change or be sustainable. But it's Roman so who knows? I'm honestly not sure the money or the opportunity cost of our approach really bother him.
  4. Its a decent question. Thinking about it I think even under Frank we almost did better in a three. For me it's about flexibility. Teams will eventually work out the three same as they did under Conte. Question at that point is whether we have the right combos to move to a 4 when needed depending on the opposition. Challenge for Sarri (and Frank this season) was we became a bit one note and reliant on certain personnel. I also think we've spent loads of cash in the last two seasons on Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Pulisic and Chilwell. There are questions about whether it works best to h
  5. You were gutted Zouma wasn't injured? Perhaps you may want to rephrase. Guy has had terrible knee injuries. I felt sick for 5 minutes after he went down.
  6. I think Thiago won't be rushed back with Andreas doing well. I imagine we'll see him against Atleti for his big match experience.
  7. Very good performance. Negated their counter well. Havertz and Alonso particularly good going forward. Only criticism was that we wasted a few chances at the end to really put the game to bed. Werner, Mount and Kante all guilty. Onwards with a 4 point gap to 5th! Two games in this big run to go. Bin Dirty Leeds on the weekend and then hold off Atleti and I'd say we'd had a pretty solid couple of months!
  8. Well a couple of points to be made on that. My point was not financial. It's about clubs that will compete at the highest table for CL wins. We are currently not among that group. Bayern, PSG, Juve, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City and Liverpool are at a level above us in terms of attracting top players. If you're the best young striker in Europe you're going to a club where you can win everything not one who yo-yo in and out of the top 4 like us recently. That's before we start talking about FFP and our ability to comply noting our huge summer last year and the fact that Raiola will want as m
  9. All depends on what we're offering of course. I agree he works well in a three but is frequently exposed in a back 4 both physically and in terms of his decision-making. I think we've got some interesting decisions to make with the backline. Tomori has done well on loan. Rudiger and Dave come off contract next year and Silva has been immense.
  10. If we're honest, noting that Haaland is a level above us and will be going to a club of that ilk (unless we pull off a miracle and win the Big Ears). There isn't much else that is really an upgrade on what we have. For me Giroud is still making a contribution and Tammy is doing all that can be asked of him. If we were seeking a replacement for Giroud, then we'd probably be looking at the likes of Daka from Salzburg or (cover your eyes Rangers fans) maybe even Edouard from Celtic, who seems to have a good all round game and is scoring in Europe as well as Scotland.
  11. Yeah, Carlo's teams are always a threat. But I think that our style probably combats them reasonably well. We just have to avoid giving space to James between the lines. It wouldn't abolsutely surprise me to see us play three in midfield with someone deeper to cover that space.
  12. Always nice to have a little help from other teams, but in the end if we want to make it we have to be beating the likes of Everton. We can't rely on other teams falling over every season like we have the last two seasons! I said they were a litmus test before we played them at the start of December. We lost and 6 weeks later Frank was gone after being top before that game I see them the same this time around. They've been a bogey team for us over the last decade or so. It's a big game in a series of big games. A must win or else they'll go ahead of us with their game in hand.
  13. Loving your references to Shed End Hansard recently just.
  14. Another big test, seems like we've played 4 or 5 big games in a row with this one and Atleti still to come in the current run. We've got a tough end to the season with Leicester, Arsenal and Man City and in our last four games so points at this stage are critical. Interested to see how we approach James in this one. He seems to have been their catalyst all season. Could be a threat between the lines for them.
  15. Same age as Lampard was when we signed him. From memory, Frank was a bit behind him development wise.
  16. Only in the team because he's Lampard's pet tho...
  17. A big win. Well done to everyone. Mount was instrumental. What a cracking finish but he covered every blade of grass as well.
  18. Safe to say that Liverpool without Van Dijk are a bit of disaster. If only we'd listened to Conte and signed him.
  19. What a cracking finish from Mount. Great ball from Kante too. Should be 2-0!
  20. There is a huuuge issue with how the technology is used. I've said before that the cricket approach where there is a benefit of the doubt given to the on field decision is much better. The law is probably 150 years old and was designed to stop someone gaining an advantage. An arm hanging a mm offside is not an advantage in any sense.
  21. Can we get rid of VAR right now? I mean honestly what a disgrace. That is not f**king offside.
  22. I don't recall Pirlo ever being misunderstood. Mikel on the other hand, definitely.
  23. Nah we had good performances but we rarely won. FA Cup final against Arsenal comes to mind also.
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