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  1. Maybe with no fans, Marina thought she would slip it under the radar. The reaction would have been nuclear first game back at the Bridge though. Now of course that could be tabloid nonsense, but it would undermine her credibility significantly if it turned out to be true.
  2. Ah no you'll address him correctly as Herr Tuchel. You'll also genuflect when you say it. Anything else would be offensive.
  3. I agree, superior manager no doubt. That said I think because Conte's work was all based on circuits he always needed to reinvent the wheel a bit to stay competitive. This requires a lot of tactical work. Part of the reason we didn't do so well in our second season when we were back in Europe and had less time to train. But when it works it is beautiful to watch. I still remember his Italian team carving open space so easily at Euro2016 and thinking the guy was a genius.
  4. If we win we'd be 3 points back with 12 to play. Definitely doable.
  5. Me too! Be nice to beat them for the first time in a while. My two criticisms of Frank (don't look now folks, I'm critiquing Frank Lampard FC) was his slightly naive tactical approach and his inability to get a result against the big teams. TT's style is probably better suited to these type of games. It will also be another test against a more robust counter attacking team. A win would go a long way to us making top four and would be a blow to them making top four which would be nice too!
  6. I think if you're a really top team there is no better manager in the world. I still think we played our best ever football when he was here. I'd have him back in a heartbeat.
  7. Amusing that some seem to think supporting the guy who scored the goal that won our first league title in 50 years and captained our first (and possibly last) Champions League victory is somehow a bad thing. Anyway I take great comfort in knowing that "Pointing and 5m passes" FC will have their complete support until we lose a few games and start to look like we'll play Europa League. Then the knives will be back out and the cycle will reset.
  8. I think we saw during post COVID last year that he has it over Tammy. His ability to enable others just brings the best out of Pulisic and will bring the best out of Havertz and Ziyech too. Chronically underrated.
  9. I think that's a fair summation Nibs. Lampard was definitely a bit naive in his approach and the pointless possession tactic has stabilised our defence. United and Everton with their style will be a different challenge. Will be good to see how we go. I for one was surprised at how poor Atleti were last night, I think the second leg will be interesting.
  10. Nah - you're misreading the situation. Tommy Tactics was always a reaction to the brutal sacking of a club legend. The difference between those posters and the hyperventilaters who turned on Lampard 3 weeks after we were top of the league is an even keel. I think we're boring as hell to watch but we've turned our bad form around and that's a good thing, I'm happy to give him a chance without being particularly over invested in him. I'm also not getting carried away. We won last night from a single moment of brilliance from Giroud, I'm not saying we'll win the Champions League or eve
  11. Bottom of the strikers list ever since he got here and yet again he comes up trumps in a big game. Constantly underrated.
  12. I'd take him as our manager in a heartbeat. Reason they are winning La Lisa by 6 points against some pretty good teams. We won thanks to a Giroud masterpiece but let's not get carried away. Similarly they lost thanks to one mistake. Still a long way to go in the tie.
  13. One moment from Giroud. Love that guy! Pretty tepid affair otherwise.
  14. Lots of slooow passing around the Atleti block. We look best with short sharp combos in the final third. Mount and CHO, Giroud and Kova. More of that please.
  15. Atleti forcing us into passing around in the U shape of death. Lots of possession but feels like it could go either way.
  16. We've been over and over this with every failed signing, if only Torres had this, if only Morata had that. Truth is when you keep making excuses for signings by saying things need to adjust to suit them, the game is already over. We ended up buying Benayoun and signing Benitez to be the silver bullets to fix Torres. Neither made a difference.
  17. I think he has definitely contributed. Just not convinced of a 60m contribution. On Klopp, again it's about fit. Liverpool play a style that tends to create space in behind for Salah etc. Werner works well with that. For us where we tend to be very slow in our build up so there is less space for Werner to use his pace and he has less shooting chances. Which links back to my point about recruitment trying to just buy good potential instead of really considering how the team is trying to play. That said it's a bit challenging when we tend to totally change the direction of our style o
  18. Scouts are paid to identify individuals who aren't duds and who will adapt to our team. I hope they come good too but I won't hold my breath. Issue with our recruitment has been consistently identifying young foreign players with hype who haven't adapted to the Premier League. We have paid huuuuge money for many of these players. We need a total change in our approach in my view. More focus needs to be placed on ability to adapt in England and suit our style of play. I dont think anyone who watched Werner regularly last year or with Germany is surprised he has struggled against deep
  19. Hard to know what Frank thought. The reports seem to say he asked for Chilwell and Rice, Werner and Havertz were club buys, but I'm sure he didn't say no. I for one thought it was a huge amount to spend on a largely unproven player, but I had more concerns about Werner than Havertz. Turns out neither have been great. I think the lesson here is always be very sceptical of German players who Bayern aren't fighting tooth and nail to sign. Havertz may yet come good (he's still very young) but he doesn't look like an 80m player. Once again it feels like we got carried away on Twatter hy
  20. He's the real deal alright. Shame about the agent. The chance to get him was when he went to Dortmund not now. He's going to a Madrid level club, sadly we're not at that level anymore.
  21. Now we get to have a real test against one of the best teams in the world. I expect it to be a very low scoring affair with maybe one or two goals in it either way over the tie. Big night for Tuchel. I suspect this tie will have a big impact on his future prospects with us. I actually can't recall us beating anyone of substance in the CL since PSG when Demba scored. Feels like we've not won a knock out game since then either. Would be nice to change that.
  22. Also wouldn't have mattered if he didn't want them. They were club buys not for the manager. Only players Lampard wanted according to the reports were Rice and Chilwell.
  23. Careful mate. Midfielders are graded on pointing and 5 yard passes around here. Don't bring defending into it, that's so 2016.
  24. Well he had moved across as Rudiger moved over to where Alonso was. Dave hadn't and so a gap opened up. Issue is as much that there was no pressure on the ball in midfield. Not absolving Zouma just saying he wasn't the only one to blame. Similar tactic that has bought us undone for years. If it was an individual mistake then the pattern wouldn't have been repeated with multiple different defenders over the years. And as for only chances we conceded, our issue for about 3 seasons is we don't concede many chances but the ones we do concede are big chances and we normally let a goal in. Comb
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