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  1. Three very bad give-aways by my count. Now of course he is still young, but others with a tenth of his price tag would have been slaughtered for similar errors. Imagine the carry on if Mount or CHO made those mistakes. Needs to cut that out of his game and learn that this isn't Germany. On another day against a better team that's how we concede cheap goals.
  2. Yeah. But honestly social media in general is pretty much 95% people who'd have nothing to say if they were in the same room with you but enjoy abusing others behind a keyboard. Who cares what Twitter has to say about anything.
  3. Last time he played there was in July when we beat Watford 3-0. He anchored Barkley and Mount and we played the best football we played after lockdown. This is just about the best we have played since then. I won't say that was just down to Kante, but the role he played helped.
  4. Showed his class today. Chased every ball, pressed well and in unison with others, scored a goal and laid on a peach of an assist. Can't ask for more. The extra left footed option makes such a difference as well. Who was it slagging him off in here last week?
  5. Tip top performance from Mason, capped with a great corner for Kurt's goal. You can see why Frank wants him on the pitch each game. His energy and workrate are superb and he can just make a yard of space in a tight spot when it matters. Not a good day for the footballing hipsters though. Mount and Kante just about the best two on the pitch against a very tough team to break down.
  6. Superb today. Put paid to the Kante can't play the anchor role rubbish again, just as he does every time he plays there. He did it with aplomb against a team who are very organised and press well. Shut down every chance Burnley had to counter and his distribution was great. Some of his cross field passing in the 40m/h winds was a joy to watch. Between he and Mount for MoM.
  7. He got it right today. Picked a mobile team to stop Burnley playing. Mount and Kante were superb. I'd like to see more of this and less Arsenal style tippy tappy nonsense with 80 percent of the ball, no cutthrough and vulnerability to the counter. Couple of bad give-aways from Havertz who was less impressive but credit to everyone else. We played well after a big European trip and we weren't complacent at all.
  8. He has always been a volume shooter rather than clinical. His touch in a few moments today was poor and yet when Ziyech played that pass in, his touch to control and then shoot were excellent. The bizarre thing is I don't think he has had a really top game yet and he still has 6 goals and 2 assists in 10 games. I wouldn't underestimate the space he makes for the midfield either. Teams are worried about his pace so drop off meaning we sometimes have a pocket to play in behind the midfield line.
  9. Please don't use David Luiz and top class CB in the same post! Silva was imperious today. He complements Zouma so well. Hard to believe that of all the investment we made this summer a 36 year old CB and a 20m goalkeeper may be the most important of the lot.
  10. Good performance. Stable but clinical in the big moments. We have struggled recently on the back of European games. Away at Burnley is a tough game especially in those conditions and we handled it well. Have to say I loved the mobility of the team today. Chased everything, I include Ziyech and Werner in that. Led by Kante and Mount of course, who were superb. Just shutting down any possibility of a counter with early pressure on the ball. Forcing Burnley to hold the ball up or go backwards. Mount was superb as well in the first half when we were trying to break them down. His abilit
  11. Good away win. Frank ringing the changes as well to make sure we can freshen a little before the trip home and away trip to Burnley. Well done to Ziyech for his first goal for the club. First of many hopefully.
  12. I think he could go one of two ways. He could be seen as a luxury player ghosting around with the occassional nice touch or as a player who can really take a game by the scruff and dominate start to finish. Someone to be feared. I saw a couple of moments where he realised he is 6'3 and a big guy and that he can bully players physically if he wants to. Tonight was a tough and tight game against a very defensive team. In two or three years time I think these will be the games that Havertz has the potential to own and make the difference in. But he has some filling out to do physically and p
  13. It's so nice to see isn't it. We've been conditioned for two years that those just go in.
  14. Zero duels! Yet another example of Whoscored.com ruining a generation of football fans. Kante was everywhere all across the pitch harrying and challenging. Not always winning the ball but stopping United playing through midfield. But the stats say zero duels! Meanwhile I'm sure Jorginho won five such duels with his featherduster.
  15. I think it's partially experience that helps but so many defenders get caught ball watching and aren't aware. Sometimes I think you either have judgement and can read the play or you can't. That block on Cavani is a perfect example. Zero percent chance Christensen is in that same position. Physically he was good too. Zouma is a good complement for him in that regard.
  16. Funny what happens when you pick a goalkeeper who has height. Turns out they can reach and save things. Signing of the season so far. 50m less than Kepa. 🤦
  17. Have to agree with @loz on this one Nibs. Kante isnt the one who should be stepping out for Kovacic. Games like tonight are built for Kante. Challenge remains Jorginho. I personally would have liked to have seen Kovacic come on after about 65 minutes. Was clear we couldn't pass through them, so Kova's ability to carry the ball would have been valuable.
  18. This is a very poor take. He came on for 10 minutes at the end in driving rain when we barely had the ball and were under pressure away from home. Honestly the rush to judgement on here sometimes is appalling. What you missed was his huge effort off the ball, tracked runners on both sides, pressured the ball in wide areas and was leading the press. He definitely has ability on the ball but tonight we saw graft and effort as well. Yes the two corners hit the front man. He doesn't float corners, he hits them low and flat which means he is always likely to hit the first man but when h
  19. What was worse is that two seconds after this, Kante and Rashford clipped ankles in the most innocuous way and VAR spent 5 minutes trying to work out if that was a penalty. It really is a disaster. No wonder they are Penalty FC.
  20. 1 point and 4 goals difference from last year. I'd say that's an improvement. First things first - Best value signing of the summer was Mendy. Saved our bacon multiple times. Save at the end was a peach. Credit to the rest of the backline, particularly Silva, James and Chilwell who didn't have an easy night but were up for it. Good to see us develop a little spine in defence. I'd also like to pay a little credit to Ziyech in his cameo. Came on in a tough spot, chased every ball, was shouting instructions at others to get into position. I think he's going to be a real asset not
  21. Worst bit with Giroud is that the same happened last season. It took us 6 months to work out that he was the best striker to fit the team style and when we did he turned it all around for us. Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz working in and around Giroud could be a sight to behold. I'd like to see it soon.
  22. Happy to see him doing well, particularly going forward. I was a chief sceptic of this deal, but always happy to see someone exceed expectations. We will know more about him after the next few weeks when potentially we are challenged a bit more defensively, but so far so good.
  23. Helps everyone when the goalkeeper makes rudimentary saves and takes in the air. Even when we made some stuff ups I felt confident.
  24. Physicality was the big thing i noticed. We rarely won balls in the air going forward. Havertz and Timo looked very waifish. Unable to compete physically in the air at best and unwilling to compete at worst. Werner's engine looks a few ccs short at the minute too. What Giroud has to do to play I have no idea. On the positive side, I liked the glimpses of Ziyech when he came on. My instinct is that he may well end up replacing Havertz for a bit more energy rather than Mount as the season goes on.
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