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  1. Kepa. f**king hell. Honest to God. The final piece in Marina's plan comes to pass. Tuchel knows how to play the game. If we lose because of sh*t keeping and miss out on the top 4 we'll know who to blame.
  2. That guy bullied JT at his peak. Here's hoping he's had about 10 pints last night or did something else stupid to blunt him a bit.
  3. Yup. Big match in the context of our season. Everton loss is a big one too. I think their other game in hand is against City so that will be tough for them to pass us (noting we play them in a few weeks).
  4. No one has said Mikel yet! Played his best game for us in a Champions League final. He was such a visionary that he was a misunderstood regista ten years before Jorginho, plus he could defend!
  5. Haha I'm already imagining ADL offering about 5p to have him back during the negotiations. You can see him in the press now. "For Napoli he was world class, worth 100m. But since his move, he's becomes slow, unable to defend and has lost his passing range which now is limited to 5m sideways before getting it back in the same spot. We would need to have Chelsea subsidise his wages substantially if he were to return."
  6. Explain that to me. I don't spy anything about passing direction in the laws of the game around offside?
  7. I'm interested in how Tammy was offside. Looked to be behind or level with James when he passed it. Is there some bizarre technicality I've missed? In any case, we were denied a clear penalty so I'll take it as a square up if they got it wrong.
  8. What a half. An awful lineup and then an equally awful performance. I've still got no idea who is playing RWB. I think we need Dave to come on here for one of the back three to make this system work. The short passes to move them around wont work on this pitch. Need to be a bit more direct.
  9. Is anyone playing RWB without the ball? This is bizarre.
  10. Exactly. This isn't the f**king Coupe de France. How are you picking Alonso and Emerson in the same team?
  11. Who is playing RWB, Ziyech? That seems a recipe for disaster. Another foreign coach not understanding the cup and it's importance. This could be a long night.
  12. I agree. I must be honest and say I was a bit surprised when this was an apparent reason he was moved on. A number of these players we were trying to move on over the summer, so it hardly makes sense to sack a club legend to keep them happy. That said it was clearly a key failure of Marina et al in the summer, that we continued to carry players that weren't in the managers plans and so had this huge and bloated squad which always breeds resentment. If I were to be ultracynical, knowing the way we have done this sort of thing in the past (particularly to Conte) it wouldn't surprise m
  13. I thought I was praising Jorginho? Perhaps I wasn't praising hard enough. As for not being countered because of our approach, I think that we have improved our workrate up front for sure. I think there is a first mover advantage at the moment where teams haven't quite cracked us. Will be interesting to see against United and Atletico with more video available what happens.
  14. Thought he would have been a good alternative to Silva last year. He'd be on huge wages and depending on whether we keep Silva I'm not convinced we want to be paying 300k+ a week for two defenders over 30.
  15. Haha. I was trying to make some sort of Chilwell Alonso Stone of Shame/Stone of Triumph thing in response but it didn't quite work. I must admit when he was subbed last night i was thinking that if we pissed away 60m on Chilwell only for the new manager to just play Alonso that would be the most Chelsea thing ever. I reckon the price was steep but he has done much better than I thought he would. He'll play a role but he won't be a guaranteed first choice. I'd suspect that Emerson may be the big loser out of all of this.
  16. Possibly. I've always said that he'd be a good defender in a less physical league where you can be more reactive and still win a challenge. I think in a top physical league he is quite passive as a defender and lets strikers do as they would without pressuring and shaping the play enough. Those two incidents demonstrate that, first one probably better than the second one. He neither aims to show him down the line or block the passing lane he just sort of stands there in no man's land. I'm not saying jump in rashly David Luiz style, but at least close down an option and force the striker t
  17. Yeah I think he is quite flexible. I think he is one of the modern managers who tries to stay one week ahead of the opposition's video analysts by having multiple options up his sleeve. A back four will be part of that at some stage before the end of the year.
  18. Bit too early to be judging after two games in a new system under a new coach. I do imagine that Chilwell will also have been shaken up by Lampard's departure more than most given he was the one player Lampard asked for in the summer. I think there will be times we play with a four as well and he'll get more a showing then. No doubting it'll be challenging for him though given Alonso is a specialist at the role.
  19. We have some very good delivers of a football at the club now. Not least Ziyech and James. For whatever reason at the moment we seem to have three strikers that would make a top striker if you put all their attributes together. Hopefully we address this over the summer if we've got any money left!
  20. Jeez we tried everything to get him to score a goal. Including hiring Rafa and buying Benayoun because they were apparently close. I wonder if Werner will be the same. Just on Owen's comments on Werner I think his comment on his first touch were pretty well spot on. You see it in build up. He has a bit of a loose first touch that means he doesn't work well in tight spaces. It's not quite Lukakuesque but it's not great. Same for the penalty. He has a bad first touch and gets lucky that Ramsdale makes a bad call and brings him down. The more I watch (and this confirms why Bayern didn't
  21. He pressed well with Ten Hag and Ajax. Part of the reason why we bought him. Tuchel's style should suit him and the left foot opens up options that others don't have. Challenge remains that he and Havertz seem to take up the same positions on the field. Makes it hard to play both and I suspect that Tuchel will be under strict instructions to play and get the best out of the rapidly depreciating 80m asset rather than picking on merit.
  22. I agree. He had a couple of very good headers away and shut down that chance right at the end. This remains the key issue for him. He doesn't strike me as the most serious bloke and occasionally his more laissez-faire approach to football means he loses concentration and makes a mistake. He is imperious when switched on and has all the attributes, but let's himself down with silliness like today. That is not to excuse Mendy for the own goal. There was no crowd and therefore no excuse not to give a shout and just claim it. My question is what has big Kurt done wrong to get dumpe
  23. I think there are elements of truth to this noting Sheffield United have been much better recently. We didn't create lots but we took our one big chance which we hadn't been doing recently. Giroud wasn't as involved but did his usual things well off the ball. Note his run taking the defenders away for Mounts goal. I actually like the combination of Werner running beyond with Giroud coming short, Giroud is very good at creating opportunities for his team mates with his movement so I wouldn't bin this combination just yet. As with all tactical setups, teams watch and react and setup t
  24. I think he has looked 100percent better recently. The more fluid style with greater movement around him has helped him to play the more natural role he had under Sarri. Kovacic has also looked better with more a free role to run in midfield. That said we are yet to be seriously challenged on the counter which as we all know is where Jorginho's weaknesses lie. Be interesting to see how the current approach goes, particularly against a ruthless countering team like Atletico in a few weeks.
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