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  1. Bit too early to be judging after two games in a new system under a new coach. I do imagine that Chilwell will also have been shaken up by Lampard's departure more than most given he was the one player Lampard asked for in the summer. I think there will be times we play with a four as well and he'll get more a showing then. No doubting it'll be challenging for him though given Alonso is a specialist at the role.
  2. We have some very good delivers of a football at the club now. Not least Ziyech and James. For whatever reason at the moment we seem to have three strikers that would make a top striker if you put all their attributes together. Hopefully we address this over the summer if we've got any money left!
  3. Jeez we tried everything to get him to score a goal. Including hiring Rafa and buying Benayoun because they were apparently close. I wonder if Werner will be the same. Just on Owen's comments on Werner I think his comment on his first touch were pretty well spot on. You see it in build up. He has a bit of a loose first touch that means he doesn't work well in tight spaces. It's not quite Lukakuesque but it's not great. Same for the penalty. He has a bad first touch and gets lucky that Ramsdale makes a bad call and brings him down. The more I watch (and this confirms why Bayern didn't
  4. He pressed well with Ten Hag and Ajax. Part of the reason why we bought him. Tuchel's style should suit him and the left foot opens up options that others don't have. Challenge remains that he and Havertz seem to take up the same positions on the field. Makes it hard to play both and I suspect that Tuchel will be under strict instructions to play and get the best out of the rapidly depreciating 80m asset rather than picking on merit.
  5. I agree. He had a couple of very good headers away and shut down that chance right at the end. This remains the key issue for him. He doesn't strike me as the most serious bloke and occasionally his more laissez-faire approach to football means he loses concentration and makes a mistake. He is imperious when switched on and has all the attributes, but let's himself down with silliness like today. That is not to excuse Mendy for the own goal. There was no crowd and therefore no excuse not to give a shout and just claim it. My question is what has big Kurt done wrong to get dumpe
  6. I think there are elements of truth to this noting Sheffield United have been much better recently. We didn't create lots but we took our one big chance which we hadn't been doing recently. Giroud wasn't as involved but did his usual things well off the ball. Note his run taking the defenders away for Mounts goal. I actually like the combination of Werner running beyond with Giroud coming short, Giroud is very good at creating opportunities for his team mates with his movement so I wouldn't bin this combination just yet. As with all tactical setups, teams watch and react and setup t
  7. I think he has looked 100percent better recently. The more fluid style with greater movement around him has helped him to play the more natural role he had under Sarri. Kovacic has also looked better with more a free role to run in midfield. That said we are yet to be seriously challenged on the counter which as we all know is where Jorginho's weaknesses lie. Be interesting to see how the current approach goes, particularly against a ruthless countering team like Atletico in a few weeks.
  8. Perhaps I am more critical of him than others. For me it is the lack of physicality and a slightly passive approach that bothers me and I think creates uncertainty in other defenders. He doesn't take control of the situation often enough and is too reactive. The early shot (I think it was Norwood) is a good example. Be active and take control and show him down the line. Instead Christensen just sort of stands there in no man's land and lets him play the ball inside him, neither making a challenge or really having any impact on the attackers decision. Same at end with Sharp. Stick your head in
  9. Great save from Mendy at the end. Again looking shakey with Christensen at the centre of the back 3 with no physical presence. Happy for 3 points. Both teams gifted the other a goal but the run by Werner and the finish by Mount were the moments of quality that mattered. Interesting that for all the carry on about Mount only playing because of Lampard favouritism, here he is getting picked by the new manager and winning us the game again. Maybe he's just a good hard-working player who doesn't need Twitter hype and a 50m pricetag?
  10. Absolutely silly 5 minutes. We're losing control now. Not having Silva is an issue.
  11. New manager bump for sure, particularly the guys who were frozen out playing again. Although I'm unsure why Frank didn't revert to the 3 at the back like we did last season when in trouble. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks when teams start matching the 3-4-3 again and what answers Tuchel has.
  12. I wouldn't say that is all he is missing. His defensive work can be a bit lazy too, particularly his recovery runs. Not always great when he is in a midfield two, particularly alongside Jorginho. Someone said a minute ago that he is a classic version of what happens when you spend your early 20s on the bench on big wages. Nearly is good enough.
  13. I think our strongest lineup was probably the Moscow CL final lineup Maka, Lamps and Ballack with Essien marauding from right back. We've fallen a long way since then. I think Kante is the only one of our current team that makes the midfield squad fullstop.
  14. No. No. No. No. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but there's a reason we binned him first time around. Another guy with all the tricks and zero end product when it mattered. Was also part of that toxic little Brazilian clique. It remains Jose's greatest sin (and I include joining United and Spuds in this) that he dumped and then sold Juan Mata to put Oscar in his spot.
  15. Spot on yb. Huge money spent, again not on results, but on potential, and Twatter hype. I think he might yet be a good player, but at the moment he looks like a poor man's Ruben.
  16. Has all the technical aspects, his turn and carry under pressure is amazing. Problem is he never finds the pass at the end of it. Witness the run against Spurs. Could have played Werner into acres of space instead held it too long and ended up scuffing his shot wide.
  17. Yup. He makes the saves he is supposed to, which is more than Kepa. The save at full stretch against Spurs would have gone in if Kepa was in goal, because he is too short. Our defence at set pieces has improved a lot with Mendy too.
  18. Finally caught the replay. I thought we were solid without creating too much against a Spurs team without their main outlet. The back three seems to have given us some more fluidity, which makes me wonder why Frank didn't use it as things got challenging. I thought we gave Werner more of a sniff too. A couple of moments Mount and Kovacic needed to release slightly earlier and he was away. Slowly sliding up the table only 4 points off the top 4 now.
  19. Played his best game in a year last night. Much more purposeful with his passing and movement.
  20. Much more fluid today, less passing for the sake of it. Jorginho and Kovacic did very well and CHO was excellent. Burnley are very difficult to break down, probably a nice preview of what we'll see with Jose on Thursday, so good to see us get a couple of goals and create opportunities. Good to see Alonso get a goal on return. Much like I never forgave Willian for the Conte incident I won't forgive Alonso for being a snake to Lampard, but he can certainly play a positive role in a 3-4-3 system. Six points off fourth which is very doable with the games left. Need to go to the next le
  21. Fine in theory but doesn't really exist in practice. Wenger and Mourinho comes to mind as a very high profile example of that not being the case. I'm very happy for Harry to stand up for his family (noting that no one much cares what he thinks). Media were always going to have a field day with "favourite son is brutally sacked after 18 months in charge". You'd be naive not to think that, particularly given Frank seems to be pretty much universally liked among the pundit class. We deserve what we get for our stupidity and Tuchel is collateral damage. Tuchel's a professional. He
  22. Harry is standing up for his nephew. No surprises there.
  23. Those people dislike Lampard for other management decisions and took to using Havertz and Werner as a stick to beat him with as if we'd bought two perfect players instead of a pair with some obvious development areas that nobody wanted to see when we bought them. Probably because they'd not watched them play beyond YouTube highlights.
  24. I think people want to have hope that he can be okay, I think he has showed some glimpses pre-covid but he's been dirt awful since. Tuchel will put some more structure around him I suspect coordinate the movement of the front attacking players more to provide more space, we might see a bit one from him. I said earlier in the year that Bosz is very structured in his play and as players in set movement patterns. Lampard almost gave too much freedom and he wasn't sure what to do.
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