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  1. Just superb. He kept receiving the ball and turning to dribble and progress despite the press. None of this pass it back to the centre back despite being under zero pressure. He was one of two who actually tried to take the game on. Shame that others couldn't follow his lead.
  2. I said before the game that this fixture is normally a good barometer of where we are at. I think it probably showed that we're not real title contenders at the moment, notwithstanding the injuries to all of our wide men. Once again the lack of impetus to really get on the ball and take it by the scruff showed same as during the week. Only Kante and James really showed they wanted it and tried to take Everton on. The rest were harried and without time and space struggled. I thought Carlo used Iwobi cleverly behind Chilwell to try and create an out ball and DCL is the first striker I
  3. Slow and sluggish so far. Deserve to be behind. Need to lift the tempo and impetus.
  4. Comes from being the one man band in a less physical league to being one cog among many.
  5. Everton away has always been a good barometer for how we are travelling as a team. This is a big test, I'm interested to see how we go. Mendy, James, Zouma, Silva, Chilwell, Kante, Mount, Kovacic, Werner, Giroud, Pulisic.
  6. I think this is the point we're making though. They are getting by based on luck, penalties and Fernandes. Now I think VAR has increased the amount of penalties so maybe this is happening across the board but there barely seems to be a game now where they don't win a dubious pen. Frankly I think penalties need to be done away with full stop when it isn't a clear goal scoring opportunity. VAR has just had the slightest of contact a penalty. It's actually silly.
  7. You can be assured they'll be very good penalty takers too right?
  8. I was one who thought it was like last years Chelsea. It just didn't have tempo and spark. It was about safe possession rather than taking the game by the scruff. There was lots of passing back when there was space to turn, no quick combos to get in behind. Lots of U shape passing out to Emerson and then back to Rudiger across to Andreas and then out to Dave rinse and repeat. I thought it was flat and wasn't what I was expecting from a group of guys who should be desperate to get into the first xi.
  9. Finishing aside, my criticism is he's a bit weak. So often he seems to wait for the ball to come to him (particularly in the air) rather than attacking and imposing himself. Just seems like he waits for the game to come to him rather than taking it by the scruff. That's fine if you're Jimmy Floyd and finish every half chances but when you're finishing isn't fantastic you've got to do a bit more to create chances for yourself. That said he is still young, Didier was still struggling in Ligue 2 at Le Mans at the same age. There is time for him to fill out and become what we all want him to
  10. I've said for a while that whoscored.com has ruined a generation of fans who I feel like don't actually watch anymore they just wait for the stats afterwards. He's been serviceable but I've no doubt we paid for potential, what he might be in 3 seasons time, rather than what he is now. He's got to learn to really assert himself physically before he can really hit his peak. He's 6'3 and plays like he is 5'4. But that will come in time. What's most hilarious is watching Mount doing a Drogba and the competition driving him to another level such that he makes the big money signing seem or
  11. I've called them Penalty FC, they seem to have the most ridiculous run of luck. Fernandes is literally carrying them. I hope they keep Ole for a long time. They won't be winning anything while he is there.
  12. Poor flat performance. Dead rubber aside noone (aside perhaps from Gilmour) really put their best foot forward. This was last year's Chelsea, makes me very happy we have improved a lot. Still top of the group and hopefully an easy draw coming up. Even funnier United are in the Europa League where they belong.
  13. Best news of the night. Notwithstanding the meaningless fixture, there are so many fringe players on show here who you would think would be trying to put their best foot forward. There has been such a low level of intensity - no pressing, no effort to physically challenge opposition players and win the ball. At half time there isn't a single player on the pitch who you would say has pushed a claim to be a starter on the weekend.
  14. Very soft pen. Glad to see us level though. Nice work Jorginho as always. Just on their goal, it's interesting how we stopped conceding those sort of goals when Kepa and Christensen stopped playing and now those goals are back.
  15. See that reads like writing him off to me haha. Maybe we have different views of Ozil!
  16. Bit harsh in my view. Give him a bit of time to settle in and recover from the virus that's killed 1.5m people this year before writing him off. He did well in the opening games, he'll improve as well. I'll also say that Mason Mount has done a great job of lifting his game to deal with the competition. He has gone to another level. The grass isn't always greener.
  17. Regardless of how Frank started the season, same as with last season he will have learned and it won't be a one size fits all solution. Werner played a large portion of Leipzig's CL run on the left and he will continue to play a role there when it makes sense. It's not about first elevens but about having options and flexibility for particular games. I think it's nice to see Giroud playing a role again because he is an important part of the mix against certain opponents. I think that Giroud and Werner could yet be a very powerful combination.
  18. As I said at the time it was the biggest reason not to buy him for the price. The miss from the corner was the worst I've seen since Kalou missed from virtually in the goal in the FA Cup final against Portsmouth. That said I think he has added to our attack significantly. There isn't another player in the team who could have made the run from that Kovacic ball at the end. He is just so quick it gives us an edge on the counter in those tight games with opponents pushing. I think it depends on how the season goes as to whether we chase Haaland or not. If we're in range of a CL or
  19. Again, I've been saying ever since we were first linked with him, this is how he plays. This isn't confidence, he is just a streaky finisher and volume shooter. He scores lots and misses lots. I agree we didn't buy him to play on the wings, but he should have scored at least two easy goals by my count as it was. Playing centrally might help him have more chances but it won't improve his finishing. If we were expecting Sergio Aguero then we were mistaken. Not to say he still isn't a very valuable player, but he isn't the clinical striker who scores every half chance.
  20. I thought Silva just shaded him tonight but he is playing great because we're allowing him to do what he does well: Covering space, making tackles and closing down. We're not asking him to play out of position to shoehorn another player into the team. He's world class, walks into any team in the world. It's embarrassing that some on here were calling for him to be sold. Well embarrassing for them, because surely the club weren't so stupid to entertain such an idea.
  21. Spot on. Mount as usual was everywhere and played well. The ball for Werner in the second half was incredible. Crucially he also actually did his job defensively which Havertz did not. Part of our issue first half was Kante having to pull across behind Havertz to cover leaving space in the centre. Good move from Frank to bring Kovacic on when he did. Gave us more defensive stability to see the game out. We know that COVID has longer term effects in terms of fatigue so I think it will take a while for Havertz to be back to full flight.
  22. That game had late equaliser written all over it, so nice to see us get the win and put it to bed with the third goal. Three superb team goals tonight. We didn't play well but had the quality when it mattered. Well done to Timo for persistence. Would have been easy to be selfish, but he chose to square and Pulisic obliged. Good to beat that mob and go top. One step beyond to rub it in to dirty Leeds as well. Love it!
  23. Superb team goal. The ball to release Havertz from Silva was amazing. Ziyech to James and then the cross was equally superb. We won't score a better team goal this year. Great finish from Giroud. Shame to see Ziyech go off. Has been far and away our best attacking signing this year and looked good everytime he has touched it this game.
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