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  1. Here's a couple of sneaky ones from Sabah in the Turkish Press. Hiddink is intent on bringing Arda Turan and Fenerbahce's right back Gokhan Gonul to the club with him. Not entirely unexpected I suppose. Their best player and their national right back would seem to be obvious targets for the press to latch onto. Still I'd take Turan for sure. He is class and in the age bracket we're after.
  2. Spot on Mike. He ticks a lot of boxes that we could do with ticking. But of course we have no manager and no director of football, so we'll be racing around August 31 trying to buy someone exactly the same for 10m more because we can't get our arse into gear to have things ready to buy players when we should be.
  3. So noone seems interested but he scored twice on debut for France yesterday and got an assist as well.
  4. This is a little article about the guy I mentioned a few days ago Marvin Martin. It's a goal.com but it's not a bad piece. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2011/06/06/2519743/introducing-little-xavi-marvin-martin-is-frances-new
  5. He didn't get a run, shame, Turan was good for Turkey though
  6. Big night of international friendlies tonight. Not just because of the outcome with Guus. Some good players on show. A player to take a look at if you get the chance is Marvin Martin (that's his actual name) from Sochaux if he gets a go for France. He's a passing midfielders who'll be cheapish and might be a better show than the likes of Montolivo. Martin had 17 assists in the very defensive Ligue 1 this season. He's 23 and getting his first callup tonight. 'Little Xavi' isn't a bad moniker to have either. I'll also be interested to have a peak at the likes of Arda Turan and Defour in Guus'
  7. Pastore is another one of these guys who isn't half as good as his price tag suggests. Illicic at Palermo is near as good and probably half the price. He plays alongside Pastore behind the striker in a Christmas Tree. There are targets who play around who could be just as effective for less than Illicic even. Honda from CSKA, Kagawa from Dortmund, Ashley Young, Arda Turan, Renato Augusto, even someone like Arshavin who seems to be one the outer is just as good (or just as inconsistent I should say) and would cost less than the kings ransom Palermo will charge for Pastore. TheWestawayWonder (
  8. deg0ey have you learnt none of the lessons of the first six months of last season? People said the same thing after Carvalho left, we'd be alright with only 3 and Bruma. Wrong, we weren't. Bruma wasn't up to it as many suggested he wouldn't have been and Paulo played centre-half. You remember how that worked out? Brit is also spot on. The only reason Luiz got as much time as he did was Alex's injury. I firmly believe Alex will start as first choice again next season, particularly if Hiddink becomes manager. Luiz has become a cult favourite very quickly, but let's not assume for a second he is
  9. Another one who I wouldn't let go for all the tea in China: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1391713/Zenit-St-Petersburg-target-Chelsea-defender-Alex.html
  10. Young can play on both sides. For example he has played on the right for England successfully in recent matches. He's also right footed which means his crossing ability is useful on that side.
  11. Zhirkov is all well and good when he is fit. However, I am looking for someone to play on the other side as well. Neymar is another player who likes to cut in from the left. Young and Arda Turan for example play both sides.
  12. Plenty of other players are younger and would cost less as well, but that doesn't mean we should buy them. From what I've watched of Shakthar he is immensely right footed, while preferring to play on the left to cut in. Exactly what we don't need. we could do with a winger who could stretch the play a little. Willian 6 goals and 9 assists (2 assists and 1 goal in Europe) Young 10 goals and 12 assists (4 pens) Those stats look similar but given that Young's were achieved in a far superior league not to mention the one we play in, you start to see his superiority as a player and why he will c
  13. See that's just the thing. Udinese's president was out yesterday and said they'd had an offer of 35 million Euros. He rejected this because he thought it too little. They've also just made the CL and have him under contract for sometime so there is no incentive to sell. Young has one year left on his contract and Villa have to sell or lose him for nothing essentially. That means he'll probably go 15-20. For me that's a good price for a player who ticks almost all of the boxs that I want ticked
  14. Can I say that I think we're making a mistake in not making a play for Ashley Young. I'm aware plenty on here don't like him, but I have a feeling he is going to be one of these players 'who isn't good enough for Chelsea' who ends up being a success somewhere else. I thought he was one of the players of the season. With the ability to play behind the striker, on either wing possibly alternating between the two, with a great crossing ability and lightning speed he is exactly the kind of player we need. The fact that he is English and a proven Premier League performer says he can be a great addi
  15. Damn Kristofferson could write a quality lyric. I realise a lot of people aren't big country fans and I'm not really either, but he is right up there with the likes of Neil Young as one of the great songwriters. Sunday Morning Coming Down is a brilliant example as well.
  16. Epic, Frank is old and he is declining, but just quietly a guy named Ryan Giggs who has been in this league for 20 years set up all three goals against us in the CL. Frank is going to need to be slowly phased out over the next few years and saved for matches like those in the past week, but I believe it will be Josh McEachran who will be taking his place not Sahin.
  17. Watched a little bit of Dortmund this season. He's just the kind of player we need, good creative midfielder. But the problem with a midfield that needs Josh McEachran, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, John Obi Mikel, and Ramires to get gametime is that we don't have room for him. Hiddink might know a little about him if he returns given their Turkish connection.
  18. Winter's Bone is indeed very good, but it's more Sundance than Academy sadly. I'm not really getting all the criticism of the King's Speech. For me it is all about the performances. Firth in particular is magnificent. His stutter is so believable, made me think of Pacino being blind in Scent of a Woman. Period drama's have been a bit of a thing recently and I think this is easily up there with Bright Star as one of the best of the genre. It won't win 12 Oscars but if Firth doesn't win it'll be the biggest travesty since Dances with Wolves beat Goodfellas for Best Picture.
  19. Rediscovered these guys again this afternoon in the depths of my Ipod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whSYTSXm8wo
  20. Prefer the original Stooges version, but not too bad. I read somewhere that Manitoba is frontman for MC5 now, another of those early proto-punk bands. Anyone know if they've done anything new worth listening too?
  21. Wayne, how far you've fallen. That goal against Arsenal would qualify anybody for a lifetime in Chelsea supporters' hearts. From the handshake to this, it's only taken him a year to end up in the bin.
  22. So I'm hearing that Steve Clarke is going to be Dalglish's number two at Liverpool. Sad news. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/222230/Kenny-Dalglish-What-a-joke-
  23. Had a look at Toy Story 3 last night. Terribly sad film, made me feel all nostalgic.
  24. Tell you what between Brendan, Sinclair and Eidur we'd have had a fair bit to do with Swansea's promotion if they can make it up.
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