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  1. That's all well and good but didn't he break his leg two weeks ago?
  2. Here's one from the Mail, that suggests Kakuta to Lille on loan. First refusal on Hazard anyone? Wouldn't be a bad move for him, letting him play in the Champions League and whatnot. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2025749/Chelsea-send-Gael-Kakuta-France-loan.html?
  3. I went and saw Senna tonight. It was absolutely fantastic. Well and truly lived up to the hype.
  4. I think you're right footballoholic, at no point did he play anywhere other than leftback under AVB at Porto (that's according to football-lineups.com, which is a handy little site BTW.) I don't think I've seen an article all summer I'd like more to be wrong than the one Hutch posted earlier from the Mail. The departure of Alex would be very disappointing, and Perreira's signing would seem to be a like for like replacement for a guy who barely played for us for a substantial price that could be spent elsewhere. I hope it's bollocks.
  5. I'd have a bad feeling Perreira would be another Zhirkov waiting to happen. I think it would also be bad for Bertrand and PVA as he'd go in front of them at left back as well.
  6. Yeah a team with an 80 000 seat stadium playing CL football can't be the worst place to play in the world. But you're right Goetze is a gun, he dominated Hamburg last Friday.
  7. The papers just can't possibly believe we won't be signing someone from Porto can they? I wish someone would inform them that we've just let go of a left winger/back because he wasn't getting any game time. Any new wingers that come in, simply must be able to play on both sides.
  8. Had a look at the replay of Ajax's game this afternoon. He missed a pen but was generally good and got an assist as well. I agree about him not being in Josh's way, but I think that midfield is one area where we need a player right now. Whether or not Ericksen can step up straight away I don't know. Also I think he has said in the past he wouldn't come here, because of the experience of other young players not getting much gametime.
  9. It seems that Ganso has quashed anything pretty quickly. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/941208/ganso:-i-guarantee-i-will-not-leave-santos-yet?cc=3436
  10. Marin is a bit all flash, no end product. His final ball is horrid and his finishing is more Mikel-esque than Kalou-esque.
  11. I see where you're coming from, but I was attempting to dispel this suggestion that Modric wasn't creative enough. Adam being regarded as pretty creative, I was just comparing his numbers to Modric's to show there wasn't really much difference. Modric trounces Adam in other areas, notably his passing completion rate, Adam has the reputation for spraying it around but Modric puts in his share of long passes and has an 87% completion rate, compared to Adam's 72% which is schoolboy in comparison. Plus Modric is a better defender with a higher interception rate and giving away approximately a qu
  12. No idea to be honest. I think push might have to come to shove and Luka may have to refuse to play for them next week to move to us. I can't see it getting done otherwise. I think he has to realise that if he leaves Spurs and joins us under any circumstances he'll be hated by them forever. If he wants the move he might as well take the extreme option and force it through. But this is sort of the wrong thread for that.
  13. Couldn't disagree more Ben. I think he is worth every penny of 35m. He is in my mind the best midfielder in Europe not playing for a big club. Here is a blog from whoscored: What Makes Luka Modric So Much In Demand Note the fact that he has the highest passing completion rate yet also the second most long passes per game. The number of key passes he puts in a game is equal to someone to like Charlie Adam. Make no mistake Modric has superb passing range. His small numbers are largely due to the fact that he plays deeper and is regularly the player who plays the ball before the assist rather
  14. Spot on Sparkz. Messers Bertrand and van Aanholt might be a little amused about such speculation. To be fair Jason Burt has been trying to get the Alvaro Perreira rumour going for a month now with no success. I wouldn't worry.
  15. I remember Mancini saying something about it a while ago. Something along the lines of him liking a drink a bit too much, and having let the fame go to his head a bit. Just as a further point, I jumped across to bluemoon to have a peek at what they thought about him possibly moving. Nothing on the potential move, but hails of abuse towards the player about his decision making, perceived selfishness and inability/refusal to ever cross the ball. Now I'm talking abuse of Kalou proportions. Makes you wonder.
  16. What's the story with him being a bit unfocused off the pitch?
  17. Wouldn't concern yourself too much 'u know it makes sense'. The whole scouting team has been revamped this summer. Johnson is a quality target, as many have said we should have bought him when we had the chance. But he does fit the mould of what I have been after in about 5 other threads in the last week. Makes you wonder why we didn't try for Young then who was infinitely more gettable. Never mind, a right wing link even if it is from twitter is better than nothing. That said there are plenty more fish in the sea who are just as good and more gettable if this doesn't work out.
  18. Is that Robbie D with Bates at the end of that video in a pimping white suit?
  19. Haha sorry about that. I broke my television remote when they scored the last goal. I never knew they were so hard to replace. Here's those two hattricks we were talking about. Consider that my apology. Wolves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHvxoCoeSso Spuds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DoYY3LlLSY
  20. He was never one for a pass that required him to move in any direction other than forwards. I swear 30cm either side and he'd be turned around abusing whomever had passed it. That hattrick against Spuds was better than the one against Wolves, two absolute stunners from outside the box I think. But I think the Wolves one was in about 20 minutes after he came off the bench. The first one that day was a rocket as well. Selfish to a tee but f**k could he finish. I still wonder how he ended up playing right midfield that horrible night in Monaco.
  21. JFH a coach? I never would have thought that'd be an interest of his. One of my favourite players we've had here, I was always Jimmy when we used to play at lunchtime at school back in the day, 25 yards offside having a yarn to the keeper poking one away when the opportunity came. His second-half hattrick against Wolves is a very fond memory of mine, might have even been the first game I watched in a bar. God I feel old now that was nigh on 10 years ago.
  22. It was Tevez who missed. Let's be honest and say Argentina just can't work out their best system or best team and that's why they didn't win. They've got 80 million strikers and no passing midfielders of any real quality. Gago and Banega are rubbish. Also as much as I enjoyed it the Mascherano red card was a little harsh.
  23. Kalou certainly shouldn't be allowed to leave. He scored more than ever last season and probably would have scored more if Torres wasn't in his way. He gets a bad rap and we'd be mad to sell him.
  24. I had an odd feeling that the Essien injury would mean a link to Scott Parker. The People (who else) have obliged. http://www.people.co.uk/sport/football/football-hotline/2011/07/10/essien-injury-paves-way-for-scott-parker-shock-return-102039-23259965/ Tell you what, it may not be just the Family Guy writers who use manatees to work out their stories. This one is classic formula. 1 Player injured or wants out of club + 2. Other player in same position is available = 3. Transfer rumour with a bit of window dressing to make it sound 5% credible. That said I'd welcome a return for Parker as I
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