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  1. Wouldn't concern yourself too much 'u know it makes sense'. The whole scouting team has been revamped this summer. Johnson is a quality target, as many have said we should have bought him when we had the chance. But he does fit the mould of what I have been after in about 5 other threads in the last week. Makes you wonder why we didn't try for Young then who was infinitely more gettable. Never mind, a right wing link even if it is from twitter is better than nothing. That said there are plenty more fish in the sea who are just as good and more gettable if this doesn't work out.
  2. Is that Robbie D with Bates at the end of that video in a pimping white suit?
  3. Haha sorry about that. I broke my television remote when they scored the last goal. I never knew they were so hard to replace. Here's those two hattricks we were talking about. Consider that my apology. Wolves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHvxoCoeSso Spuds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DoYY3LlLSY
  4. He was never one for a pass that required him to move in any direction other than forwards. I swear 30cm either side and he'd be turned around abusing whomever had passed it. That hattrick against Spuds was better than the one against Wolves, two absolute stunners from outside the box I think. But I think the Wolves one was in about 20 minutes after he came off the bench. The first one that day was a rocket as well. Selfish to a tee but f**k could he finish. I still wonder how he ended up playing right midfield that horrible night in Monaco.
  5. JFH a coach? I never would have thought that'd be an interest of his. One of my favourite players we've had here, I was always Jimmy when we used to play at lunchtime at school back in the day, 25 yards offside having a yarn to the keeper poking one away when the opportunity came. His second-half hattrick against Wolves is a very fond memory of mine, might have even been the first game I watched in a bar. God I feel old now that was nigh on 10 years ago.
  6. It was Tevez who missed. Let's be honest and say Argentina just can't work out their best system or best team and that's why they didn't win. They've got 80 million strikers and no passing midfielders of any real quality. Gago and Banega are rubbish. Also as much as I enjoyed it the Mascherano red card was a little harsh.
  7. Kalou certainly shouldn't be allowed to leave. He scored more than ever last season and probably would have scored more if Torres wasn't in his way. He gets a bad rap and we'd be mad to sell him.
  8. I had an odd feeling that the Essien injury would mean a link to Scott Parker. The People (who else) have obliged. http://www.people.co.uk/sport/football/football-hotline/2011/07/10/essien-injury-paves-way-for-scott-parker-shock-return-102039-23259965/ Tell you what, it may not be just the Family Guy writers who use manatees to work out their stories. This one is classic formula. 1 Player injured or wants out of club + 2. Other player in same position is available = 3. Transfer rumour with a bit of window dressing to make it sound 5% credible. That said I'd welcome a return for Parker as I
  9. He was up and down again at the end of the year. I think it was in the Spuds match he was voted MOM on here and then when we went to OT and he was horrid, not tracking Rooney well at all. Each manager seems to play him when they first start here though. He's obviously got something but it just doesn't come consistently. I agree with you that there is an argument for getting rid of the DM fullstop and moving to more of a 'double pivot' situation. I think that is certainly plausible if Modric signs, with he and Essien sitting in behind Frank in a freer role a little like he had under Hiddink.
  10. I can't believe there isn't a section of the forum shouting this from the hilltops, they've wanted this day to come for a long time. I still can't make up my mind to be honest, he is the only purely defensive midfielder in the team. It'd be a shame to see Essien or Ramires shackled with that responsibility.
  11. Well let's be honest and say we didn't really require him here anyway. Left side is covered. I'd love it if we were linked to some right sided chaps.
  12. That pic really shows just how ridiculous this time of year is.
  13. Perhaps not, The Kun scores brilliantly and it's 1-1. That'll see his value go up a little more.
  14. This is more than moderately amusing. Argentina down 1-0 in the second half.
  15. The selfishness is the only thing that annoys me. I think we'd be mad to sell him. We need a player like him on the other side to take the pressure of him a little bit. I have heard before that the French and African players are a separate entity from the other players within the team. Ballack was apparently the only crossover when he was here.
  16. Good to see Malouda getting his due. I still really don't see why we are ridding ourselves of players like Malouda. Signing replacements takes money away from areas we need to spend it. He might be inconsistent but if we actually filled some of the holes in the team and didn't rely on the left hand side so much it might help just a bit.
  17. Has anyone been following what's going on with Ballack and Germany? Low has offered him a farewell against Brazil next month and then won't be considering him. Ballack has rejected the idea. I think if it had of been his 100th and last cap he would have said yes, getting a farewell on 99 seems empty. I actually think it's silly not considering him anymore anyway. I realise he has created some discord with Lahm in recent times but I reckon he still has a lot to offer. I'd take him to EURO2012 just in case they got into a shootout. I think that pen at Blackburn last season was the first one he
  18. He's not bad, the main reason QPR got promoted in my view. But his attitude his horrid. Kalou was out yesterday saying we needed solid personalities not prima donnas, people who sulk upset the team dynamic. (I thought this might be a shot at Torres) Anyway I agree with Kalou and Taarabt is absolutely in that category.
  19. There's nothing threatening just yet. I'll be disappointed to miss out on Young who is quality, versatile and English which I think is important with our three main Englishmen all on the wrong side of 30. But nothing too much to worry about. Guus will be appointed in the next week or so barring some calamity and then we will be active big time in the market you feel. Though whether there are any actual improvements to areas that have been weaknesses remains to be seen.
  20. Here's a couple of sneaky ones from Sabah in the Turkish Press. Hiddink is intent on bringing Arda Turan and Fenerbahce's right back Gokhan Gonul to the club with him. Not entirely unexpected I suppose. Their best player and their national right back would seem to be obvious targets for the press to latch onto. Still I'd take Turan for sure. He is class and in the age bracket we're after.
  21. Spot on Mike. He ticks a lot of boxes that we could do with ticking. But of course we have no manager and no director of football, so we'll be racing around August 31 trying to buy someone exactly the same for 10m more because we can't get our arse into gear to have things ready to buy players when we should be.
  22. So noone seems interested but he scored twice on debut for France yesterday and got an assist as well.
  23. This is a little article about the guy I mentioned a few days ago Marvin Martin. It's a goal.com but it's not a bad piece. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2011/06/06/2519743/introducing-little-xavi-marvin-martin-is-frances-new
  24. He didn't get a run, shame, Turan was good for Turkey though
  25. Big night of international friendlies tonight. Not just because of the outcome with Guus. Some good players on show. A player to take a look at if you get the chance is Marvin Martin (that's his actual name) from Sochaux if he gets a go for France. He's a passing midfielders who'll be cheapish and might be a better show than the likes of Montolivo. Martin had 17 assists in the very defensive Ligue 1 this season. He's 23 and getting his first callup tonight. 'Little Xavi' isn't a bad moniker to have either. I'll also be interested to have a peak at the likes of Arda Turan and Defour in Guus'
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