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  1. Uno

    2028/19 kit?

    I think it’s awful. The only nice one is the yellow away kit this season.
  2. Uno

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I wish we had kept him and let Morata go out on loan but I’m guessing wage wise it’s easier to get a club to take Bats than Morata
  3. Uno

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Dennis Wise was my hero growing up and then I would say Frank Lampard.
  4. Uno

    We've got a new Kepa

    Knock me down with a feather, clever Kepa
  5. Uno

    Eden Hazard

    You would think that if you have a new manager you would want to come back on time/even a day or two early and certainly in shape. Not ask for an extra day off and return a little chubby. Maybe that just the way I think.
  6. If I’m honest I think we will miss out on top 4. I feel it will take time to adjust and the board so far haven’t really backed the manager. Nothing new there tho. 1st City 2nd Liverpool 3rd United 4th Spurs 5th Us 6th Arsenal
  7. Uno


    I’m not saying he is going to do that. It was more of a what if statement. I don’t get why our transfer window closes 2 weeks earlier. Surely it makes sense for every transfer window to close on the same day
  8. Uno


    What is a little worrying is the Spanish transfer window closes about 2 weeks after ours. So we could lose our first choice keeper and hazard and not be allowed to replace them. Now I know we don’t have to accept any offers but what if Hazard downs tools because he doesn’t get his dream move to Madrid?
  9. Wouldn’t it be great if Zola took over from Sarri as manager at some point.
  10. Uno

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Young guys who have just won the league and cup double probably thought it would just be easy again. A short pre season wouldn't have helped either. Hopefully the players and the club have learnt a lesson by this and it won't happen again.
  11. Uno

    Our New Stadium

    lol nice! showing sky sports news so we can keep one eye on the other scores at the time! Maybe they could split screen so we can see replays of our game and sky sports news on the other half.
  12. Uno

    Our New Stadium

    Where are the big tv screens going?