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    Lane reacted to SydneyChelsea in Victor Moses   
    He's sh*t and stops a youth player from coming through, that's why.
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    Lane got a reaction from Celery1989 in Cesc Fabregas   
    I posted this before the freekick goal
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    Lane reacted to big blue in Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread   
    20 league goals in 110 games.
    If u are trying to find any positive with torres, it's probably best if you don't use stats!
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    Lane reacted to footballoholic in Eden Hazard   
    You make it sound like he had a terrible last season. There's only so much he could do on his own every time.


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    Lane reacted to Mod Stark in Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread   
    It's a pity that Malouda isn't still around to not pass to him!
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    Lane got a reaction from SeanWB in Cesc Fabregas   
    I posted this before the freekick goal
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    Lane got a reaction from 1905. in Cesc Fabregas   
    I posted this before the freekick goal
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    Lane reacted to big blue in Cesc Fabregas   
    He's averaged 50 appearances per season over the last 3 years. Not really sure where your argument is coming from.
    Veron struggled with the pace of the premier league, which accounted for his poor form, more than a serious decline. After he left he looked very good again and was a regular for Argentina.
    Fabregas won't struggle with the premier league as he has had 8 years experience. I think he is a better player now, than he was at Arsenal. Certainly more end product, and there's no shame in struggled to keep xavi or iniesta out the team.
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    Lane got a reaction from Jonty in Didier Drogba Returns!   
    Fixed that for you
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    Lane reacted to Sparkz in Eden Hazard   
    "Obviously the fans enjoy and respect people like Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry - people that are so stable during the season and do an incredible job for the team - but people like Eden bring the magic and win matches in one action," said Mourinho on Chelsea's season-review DVD. "They have the flair and the artist's touch of the football.

    "At the same time, he was not just that. He had a big evolution and he scored more goals than before. His work-rate for the team improved a lot too so, for a player like him, he deserved it and the fact he was recognised by the fans gives him for sure more appetite for the next season to be even better." 
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    Lane reacted to Xfaxtor in Cesc Fabregas   
    He didnt. He scored the same as as six others, one of them didnt even reach the playoff rounds. He won it due to his one assist on the fifth goal. Lets not act like he was terrific at the Euros. He was the same old Torres
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    Lane reacted to Xfaxtor in Cesc Fabregas   
    He won the golden boot by scoring 3 goals. 2 against Ireland and one of the last Ina route against Italy. It was a joke
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    Lane got a reaction from Uno in Random Rumours   
    So hes basically Mikel but he can add something to our attack
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    Lane reacted to FLYMJ in Cesc Fabregas   
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    Lane reacted to abramovich in Cesc Fabregas   
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    Lane got a reaction from RichardCFC in Cesc Fabregas   
    kind of surprising they put his dive against us in the video
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    Lane reacted to ForeverCarefree in Cesc Fabregas   
    Chuffed to bits with this signing, huge first signing of the summer.
    If Costa joins too as expected we really are going to be pushing for the title next season.
    Shaping up to be a fantastic transfer window already. 
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    Lane reacted to ForeverCarefree in Cesc Fabregas   
    Fabregas! Confirmed!

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    Lane reacted to Xfaxtor in Cesc Fabregas   
    Might as well offer Mikel for Pogba while we are at it
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    Lane reacted to Zola in Cesc Fabregas   
    And now the Telegraph are pushing it out beyond Friday, like the others when it doesnt happen, on friday
    nothing new, same olf BS constantly refreshed into 'new' articles.They know nothing.
    D'oh just seen the above post!
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    Lane reacted to Zola in Cesc Fabregas   
    People are just spinning fresh crap every day, no one has a clue.
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    Lane reacted to jack_super_class in Cesc Fabregas   
    Yes but he is 25 and wasn't fully fit coming from the Russian league plus he had alot more competition to fight for his place. If we buy a younger leftback then yeah i agree thats fine but when your buying a 29 year old for £20M he should pretty much go straight into the side otherwise theres no point in buying him.
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    Lane reacted in Cesc Fabregas   
    I don't think he's anything like Mata tbh.
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    Lane reacted to dkw in Cesc Fabregas   
    He isn't anything like mata, no idea how anyone can say he's a carbon copy.
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    Lane got a reaction from 1905 in Cesc Fabregas   
    Pat yourselves on the back City fans, your levels of delusion have hit scouse proportions.
    Its true, everyone is against you and everyone is out to get you.
    I bet right this minute theres a secret conference where all managers and chairmen are plotting conspiracies against city. Just went through the channels on my TV, Jose was nowhere to be found, probably thinking of ways to screw with CIty.
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