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  1. I went with Havertz too. Hope it earns him a start in the final.
  2. I'm looking at this game as a blessing. TT must surely see his only chance is to go with Kante/Billy in the middle in the final
  3. Got 1. Nice pass from Pulisic, glad TT kept him on.
  4. Probably better to park the bus and pray for Kane. Another Villa goal and we lose GD with the Leicester draw.
  5. I think we need to give Kante the day off. Hope Kova plays well enough with Jorgie what we win comfortably, but not so incredible that TT over-thinks playing anything but Jorgie/Kante in the middle for the final. It would be nice to give Dave and Mount a rest also, but I personally wouldn't chance it. Hope JT lets us get 3 quick ones so we can at least get those 2 off at halftime.
  6. 2-0 that should do it. We're gonna need to beat Villa
  7. @nonotnowjim I see what you mean 🙂
  8. Wolves miss Raul Jimenez more than Liverpool miss VDV, Gomes and Henderson combined. Probably the most important player to any team in the league. Hope he can come back 100%
  9. If he ends up working as hard as Brazillian Willian, I'll be one proud papa
  10. Another good example of a Chelsea player whose hard work didn't go unnoticed. Voted Chelsea POTY by his teammates in 2016.
  11. Anyone besides me have a good feeling about Burnley today?
  12. Not sure where the "amazing" narrative comes from - maybe confusing it with the Jorginho thread? Also not sure why we need to compare him with Costa's 1st season? But I'll be willing to bet his numbers next year will be favourable to Diego's 2nd season (16 goals/11assists). If he ends up netting the winner vs Citeh, his 1st year numbers are right up there with the King himself. Drogba had 16 goals/ 8 assists leading us to the prem title. Werner is sitting on 12 goals/ 14 assists right now without mentioning winning that key penalty yesterday.
  13. Does anyone honestly think we'd be in 3rd place and in a CL final without Werner this season?
  14. MotM were the fans. They seemed to make sure the right fans got the tickets - They were LOUD!
  15. Dean is gonna send off 10 of our players - just Mendy left
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