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  1. I'd love to give it to Kai, but it's gotta be Mr. Big Hands small ears.
  2. It's safe unless we end up somewhere between 5th and 8th and win the CL. If so, would we rather knock out Spuds, Dippers, or Hammers?
  3. Please get up and walk off on your own, superstar.
  4. He didn't score, but what a pass! Meet Timo. Not the 1st menber of the fam to be named after a Chelsea player. The 1st grader holding Timo goes by Willian. I wanted Didier, but the wife wouldn't have it. Luckily she was still too groggy to notice I spelled William with an 'n' on the birth certificate 🙂
  5. Thought I was gonna get a chance to post a pic of my new pup Timo for a second there. Gotta latch on to that ball!
  6. Thought we were the better side and could have scored more, but we're a clean sheet at the Bridge away from a CL Final. KTBFFH
  7. The Leeds-Manu draw wasn't good enough. Only way Citeh truely clinch before we play them is if the dippers take all 3 from ManU. Can't really afford that so it pains me to say I'll be pulling for Manu to beat Liverpool next weekend. Liverpool could still get hot and win all 5 to finish with 69. If that happens we need 12 points for 70. If Hammers win out we need 4 wins and a draw or at least 4 wins and get them on GD at 70. Same with Everton who can still somehow finish on 70. Can't even count out the Spurs who can finish on 68. We'd need 3 wins and 2 draws to stay above them. Or 3 wins and a draw and hope to get them on GD. So, yes we probably can get in with 3 wins, but if dippers, hammers or everton run the table we'll need 4 wins or a total collapse from Leicester. But the ultimate would be to win the double and finish between 5th & 8th with Arse beating Manu in the Euro final to bump Spurs or Dippers in 4th 🙂 Biggest week of the season (so far) coming up. C'mon Chelsea!
  8. With a Crystal Palace win tomorrow, this could end up being a great weekend for us with the dippers drawing. It would also be nice if ManU could lose to in-form Leeds tomorrow then draw Liverpool. Then Citeh can clinch the league with a win over Crystal Palace before we see them. Still have my sights set on 3rd and a trophy or two.
  9. He's a shih tzu. Runs with short choppy steps just like Timo. I'll try to upload a pic once my nerves start to settle down hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. Edit: He hits the pee-pad with about the same regularity that Timo finds the open net.
  10. I'd be nice if Tammy could actually get his head on one of those long balls
  11. Looked like that follow-through was on purpose
  12. Nice needed defense from Christensen and Dave there
  13. We just got a new puppy today, think I'll name him Timo. He started barking like crazy when that went it. Still going nuts.
  14. I admit I'm still up on my feet yelling. We need these 3 points bad
  15. We managed to slow it down on the break again, very disappointing...
  16. CP should put that in the corner, Nice work from Timo
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